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Banana the DragonGirl

So this is an rp where all of our characters get sent on quests. who is one the quest, what kind of quests, when, where is all up to you!

11/8/2013 #1
Banana the DragonGirl

((Adventure for Seth and Hayden (others may join) where they are sent to find a lost wizard in an isolated dragon sanctuary in the Himalayas. He got lost and injured and his magical staff was stollen my a giant who now keeps him prisoner))

11/8/2013 #2
(Jake recieves a message from crimson that chaos has a quest for him) "Chaos!" shouts Jake wondering whats going on.
11/8/2013 #3
(If anyone is confused about who Crimson is you can as wulf. He's one of the characters from wulfluvers Jumping at shadows. characers
11/8/2013 #4

"Thunder-shadow." Chaos' s usual playfulness is gone, and ice seals over his violet irises. Beneath his cloak, the paintball guns begin to whine. "You came quickly. Good. I hate to tear you from your studies, but this is of utmost importance. Gather some friends. There is a new uprising of the Society, and it doesn't look good. I need you to infiltrate the Society with a few of your friends and get out as quickly as possible. This cooperation is all about stealth. You need to steal a large ruby carved in the shape of a lion from the vault of the Chinese sanctuary. Gather your warriors, we haven't got a moment to lose."

11/9/2013 #5
"Yes Chaos" replied Jake. He imediatly summond winds to take him to find some helpers.
11/9/2013 #6
Jake comes back carrying a kid with cobalt eyes and electricity sparking between hes fingers. Jake looks around hping someone else will come and help them.
11/9/2013 #7
(the electric kid is my character in wulfs forum.)
11/9/2013 #8
Jake:"Nowone else is coming, I guess its just you and me Jason. Jason: Nods, "we should keep an eyeout in case they join with us on the way. Jake turns on his tracking beackon and they hea off.
11/9/2013 #9
Jake and Jason look at the gate of the chinese sanctuary that chaos had specified from a nearby mountain. "Yep", says Jason, "We're screwed" finishes Jake. There ws an army surroubdingthe gate.
11/9/2013 #10
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden leaned back in the leather seats of the private jet. Seth slept next to her, his head bobbing up and down. Hayden glanced out the window to the snow covered world below. Stan had promised others would come to help them on their mission, but they were on there own now. Harven, an elite wizard, was trapped by a sky giant in a dragon sanctuary nearby. She scanned the Himalayan mountains and decided to get some rest before they had to attack.

11/9/2013 #11
In China: Jake was on top of a mountain. Creating chaos. No no no the wolf, he was summoning a storm, powerful enough to knock a dragon out of the sky. Next to him, arms raised, was Jason. Jason for his part was making the storm rain lightning on the army. Currently the masses of soldiers were running for cover, but it wouldn't be long until they realized it was magic. "COME ON!" yelled Jake over the storm. The destructive duo began running and flying down the mountain.
11/9/2013 #12
Jake raises his hand, a mist forms under the storm. Held in place by Jake's magic they run through the gates and into an old large chinese building.(Wulf, could you post some description of the building?)
11/10/2013 #13
Phoenix Glow
((This is about Luna going back to her dragon family and the leader of her dragon family, Igneel the fire dragon ask her to go to the other dragon sanitary to find a dragon call Arcnologia the death dragon also Igneel's cousin to train her in death power)) ((others may join))
11/11/2013 #14

The steeply sloped grey roof came down in oriental levels, each gilded by ornate carvings of Chinese dragons at every corner. The immense building is made of houses connected to one another by thin paper stretched over bamboo frames. Reeds and cherry blossom trees grow from every patch of earth that isn't filled with luscious grass. Ruby red columns guard the entrance to the door, each foggy and made of differing shades of scarlet. On either side of the wide set of doors, a coiled dragon sits. One is mottled sapphire blue, clutching a marble scroll in one taloned hand and a quill in the other. It's cobalt tail is twined around an inkpot. The deep, deep color of its intelligent eyes seems to look at you. The other dragon is a mighty beast, as green as the grass surrounding it. In its hands, it holds a sword and a shield. The more you think about it, the more redundant both of those get. He is wrapped around the corpse of an enemy.

Inside, the carpets are thick and fringed with golden tassels. The walls are adorned with tapestries and paintings. The walls are the color of cream and the wood is painted cherry red. Guards crawl everywhere, with Dobermans straining on the end of every chain leash. Near the center, there is a magnificent courtyard, complete with its own koi pond and a thick bamboo forest, great for hiding. The kitchens are filled with pots so large you could fit a horse and have room to spare.

Stay out of sight!

11/11/2013 #15
Jason gets uneasy as he sees all the gaurd. He fingers his dagger, VOLT. Jake signals him to wait. He searches the area in his mind. He finds one creature. Old, evil, powerful. Not a good combination. Jake whispers, "Its, its..."
11/11/2013 #16
Phoenix Glow
Luna flapped her wings as she landed in her dragon family territory 'finally I'm home' she thought as she walked on the greenest grass and play with glass clear water. She fold her wings back, she walked to a huge cave. "Hello?" She said and was greeted by a tail nearly hacking her head off "for the last time Mixana stopped calling storms are you trying to blast away the forest?" Yelled a green scale dragon with yellow eyes at a grey dragon with black eyes "are you kidding me Frowen, its not my fault that every time I sneeze I have to blow away the forest," she said snapping at the male dragon. Luna chuckle "hello Mama Mixana and Papa Frowen," she said and both dragons turn to her. "Ah? Luna you're back," says Mixana leaning down to her height as Frowen huffed "where's Father Igneel?" She asked as Mixana pointed to the volcano "oh okay see you guys later!" Luna said as she leaped to the sky, wings bursting from her back as she flew to the volcano.
11/11/2013 #17
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden shook awake. Her plane had landed... in the middle of nowhere. She used her trained eyes and found the magically hidden gate. Seth trodden behind her. The gate opened and they were immediately greeted by a pair of dragons. One was emerald green, its eyes were a piercing red. It had a larger build, more muscular. The green one stood tall, puffing out his chest. The other was a light blue, and slender. Its eyes were a dark purple and it stood in a dainty manner.

"What is your business here?" The green dragon pressed. His red eyes shifted from Seth to Hayden.

"We... uh," Hayden shuddered, lost in the beauty in the two dragons, "Are here to save Harven, a wizard." She cursed herself for telling them the truth. She was highly trained in the art of lying, why can two dragons fool her so fast.

The green dragon looked from side to side. The blue one stepped forward, "The human is telling the truth." She crouched at eye level of the two teenagers, "Harven is our friend, we have been planning an attack for a while now."

"They will slow us down." The green dragon stated, "We should just eat them."

"No!" Hayden said, "We have useful powers. I am a niromophix and he is a Shadow Charmer"

The two dragon's nodded, "I am Pillax," The green one stated, "This is my mate Hira"

"Hayden and Seth," Seth replied.

11/12/2013 #18

(Who is Jake whispering about? Is it Lydia? I'm so confused...)

11/12/2013 #19
Phoenix Glow

In the middle of the volcano was a red dragon sleeping "father?" She said landing on his head the dragon eyes opened "ah," he yawned nearly sending Luna flying.

Igneel the fire dragon looked at his human daughter "ah Luna its nice to see you," he said transforming to his human form, "father!" She squeals hugging him and Igneel chuckled.

"Luna my brother in another dragon sanitary is the death dragon, and I want you to go train with him," he said golden eyes gleaming.

11/12/2013 #20
Banana the DragonGirl

"We need to leave," Pillax shouted, "The giant's followers shall be upon us at anytime. Quick get in our mouths"

Seth looked skeptically at the agape jaws of the dragon couple. Hayden morphed into a small purple and red dragon, "I think I got it." Seth climbed into her mouth and she carried him like dead meat, hoping he would like a killed trespasser. She took off along with the couple, a handful of griffons and Drakens at their tails.

11/12/2013 #21
Phoenix Glow

Luna blink "eh? I thought all your brothers and sisters were here?" She said and Igneel sigh "he was something like the black sheep of the family," he said.

Luna nodded "okay Father," she said flying off to the other sanitary.

Igneel sigh and rubbed his face, a woman with blue hair and eyes came from behind him "Igneel why did you senod her to him you know how much he hates humans," she said rubbing his back.

Igneel sigh "shes a dragonling," he said.

11/12/2013 #22
(It depends, if you want lydia to be there yes, if not, no.)
11/12/2013 #23
((You know, Im going to use Dread.) Jake loses his breath, his chest tightens with fear. "It's Dread" A cold fear passes over the two warriors.
11/14/2013 #24
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