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Banana the DragonGirl

Is there a species you like, but someone already made it up, thats ok, just check here to find the species and use it. Make sure the owner is OK with it though.

Basically, I don't want two species or creatures with the same powers but called different things

For those of you with original species, please post your species and their powers below...

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Banana the DragonGirl


Niormorphix: Creature that can morph into a person/animal with a bite from the teeth. Energy sap every transformation. The original form can be anything from human to dragon.

Detromat: rare specialty that allows creature possessing this power to make false realities, like a virtual reality. They usually find you greatest fear or highest wishes and make a dream like state for you. Once you stop believing it is real, nothing they make can hurt you.

Guardian: The Guardian trait is a trait that runs in certain families. They have immense strength. Their instinct is to protect all innocence. Either on a huge scale like Winston Curchil, or just fighting for the ones around you.

Drakonian Shades: Very rare. A source DS can only be created by world changing destructive phenomena. Only three have ever been created in this way. First, Dread, the oldest and first. He was created by a magical plague that ravaged Pangaea (The huge land mass that existed before modern continents). Secound, Bubo, created by the bubonic plague, also known as black death. Third, there is Desolate, born from the 1st and 2nd world wars. They reproduce with eggs. A source DS creates eggs by destroying things that are massive, like mountains. Drakonian Shades are pebbled with short blunt spikes and have black skin. They are massive and look like dragons but with no wings, a broader build, and shorter neck. They have four eyes, Two primary ones and two smaller secondary ones. Their claws are blunt but large. DS's can live for a very, very long time. No max age has been pinpointed since the very first one is still alive. DS's spend most of their time hibernating for centuries. All DS's can shadow walk, and use an anti light creature roar. But every DS has an ability unique to itself. DS's are capable of being good just as unicorns can be bad.

Great Wolf: Gigantic Wolf-like creatures. The goodest of good guys, keeping order and piece in the universe. The keep the balance of good and evil in check. Have many abilities among healing spells, great strength, great wisdom, and tearing claws and teeth.

Light Witch: The complete opposite of a black blood. They tend to be on the good side of history, supporting the light. They are powerful, tending to be able to command fairies and bending the light to their will. They are only created when a witch is around fairies a lot or touched by two different unicorn horns. There is two ways to kill a light witch, one is for a black blood witch to give herself up to destroy her or a demons kiss. Really the demon has to kiss her. EWW

Pheonix: A large bird like creature that wields fire. Can be reborn out of ashes. The woman form is extremely seductive. Falls easily to flattery.

Pegusus: A horse like creature with a pair of huge wings. Stay towards the light an very noble.

Hobgoblin: Annoying little Sh*ts.

Mood Wolf: A species of wolf that thrives in the hidden sanctuary of Manticula. Mermaids make the water magic and the animals around it have adapted and have been created to do some cool things. Mood wolf turn certain colors to show certain moods. Pink swirls- friendly, gray smudges- uneasy, completely black- hatred, red ears and face- angry, yellow spots- happy and more.

Dragon Breed: Children who are raised by dragons, developing dragon like senses and skills and powers, the younger they are raised the more likely there are more like a dragon, minus the winbs and the claws of a dragon. How Dragon Breeds are created are by being influenced by the Dragon's strong presence causing the human brain to think that it too is a dragon and the dragon's presence too making the child able to gain its powers.

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Banana the DragonGirl

got him...

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Banana the DragonGirl

Any please add their weakness to the species...

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Naiad kind: a little more overpowered than a naiads usally raised by naiads, same abilities as naiads, but is a human. Generally nice
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