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Banana the DragonGirl

Emmett's face went pale. "Wow!" He shouted, looking at his stomach. "I'm ripped. Awesome."

12/27/2013 #31
Phoenix Glow
Luke face palmed.
12/27/2013 #32

(Chaos = Crystal.)

So many parts! Squealing with delight, Crystal shakes her rear end, fascinated by the fluffy tail. Her body, so sculpted! So frail! Lacking her manliness. Realization settles upon her like a boatload of bricks. Crystal's ears go slack with her amazement.

Tossing her head up, Crystal bellows, "GENDERSWAP!"

1/7/2014 #33
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden, who was running from Jake. Heard Crystal. He ran outside and called, "What the-?"

1/7/2014 #34

Crystal cackles, running in circles. Her mouth moves a mile a minute. "Big boys like the Fairy King and the Dragon Mother and such do this all the time! Create alternate universe! They're always fun! Somewhere there's some male idiot by the name of Chaos running around, but call me Crystal!"

1/7/2014 #35
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden just stared at her, "Que?"

1/7/2014 #36
Phoenix Glow
Luke blinked and sigh.
1/7/2014 #37
Banana the DragonGirl

"No hablar englas," Hayden called, "Me llamo Hayden!"

1/7/2014 #38
Phoenix Glow
Luke tilt his head what was she talking about?
1/7/2014 #39

"Me no llama anything." Crystal prances off, head high. "I'm going to go find the unicorn! Be are bee!"

1/7/2014 #40
Banana the DragonGirl

(If any of you speak spanish I first said what, Then i said I don't speak enlish, My name is Hayden. LOL)

"Yo no llamo?" Hayden asked. He shook his head.

1/7/2014 #41
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