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Banana the DragonGirl

You guys knew this day would come....

basically someone, lets say Emma, had a spell go wrong and everyone at Fablehaven got swapped genders.

You can have new names if you wish

Emma - Emmet

Hayden - Hayden (it a double gender name)

Seth - Selena

Axle - Ally

12/22/2013 #1
Banana the DragonGirl

((Let the awkwardness begin))

12/22/2013 #2
Stromthil-IMMUNE, Jake-Jessica, Michael-Mikayla, Ronin, Rona. Dont make the new guy do it though. How about bad guys? Do they swap?
12/22/2013 #3
Phoenix Glow
Luna- Luca
12/22/2013 #4
Luca still sounds like a girl, go with Luke I say.
12/22/2013 #5
Phoenix Glow
Okay. It will be funny though everyone the opposite gender.
12/22/2013 #6
The Djinn King


12/23/2013 #7


12/23/2013 #8
I say you do this in an alternate roleplay.
12/23/2013 #9
Banana the DragonGirl

((This does not correspond with what happens in Roleplay one... so we are still our appropriate genders in the normal roleplay. Almost like another dimension.))

Emma sat in the serenity of her lair, without distractions to finish her spell. She was attempting one of the hardest spells known to witchkind, Reverstile. This spell allowed the caster to change a dark creature to a light creature and vice a versa. Emma was sure she wouldn't fail, she practically specialized in the changing of sides. Emma sat in-front of her brew as it turned a sickly green. She chanted a bit and added strange ingredients. She was so caught up in her chanting, she didn't notice a small lock of her hair dip into the solution.

The concoction exploded in a fiery light as a slightly burned Emma stared dumbfounded at the scorched cauldron. She sadly picked up her things and got ready for bed. Casting spells, especially hard ones that fail, is extremely tiring. She settling in bed, but didn't notice the small wisps of smoke rising into the air, spreading over all of Fablehaven.

12/23/2013 . Edited 12/23/2013 #10
Phoenix Glow
((But witches can't be boys))
12/23/2013 #11

Jake slept, dreaming of some of the favorite things he had destroyed. Something disturbed his sleep...

12/23/2013 #12
Banana the DragonGirl

((Witches can be boys...Rarely, but it happens))

12/23/2013 . Edited 12/23/2013 #13
Phoenix Glow
((Okay.......) Luna was asleep when a horrible smell hit her nose.
12/23/2013 #14
Banana the DragonGirl

Emma woke up to an awful rotten egg smell. She gasped as a green smoke rose in the air. It clogged her sinuses and made her feel very s l e e p y. She passed out on the floor as the fog continued to spread

((They will become opposites when they wake, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!))

12/23/2013 . Edited 12/23/2013 #15
Phoenix Glow
Luna woke up and when the smell hit her nose she fainted.
12/23/2013 #16
Jake gasped at the sudden stench, he fell to the floor completely out cold.
12/23/2013 #17
Banana the DragonGirl

Emma rubbed her eyes, the blinding morning light stretching across the floor. She jumped to her feet as she remembered last night's events. Something felt odd, her weight was a bit different. She turned to the mirror to see if there was any green smoke on her. A scream escaped her lips, well his lips. A tall pale boy with wispy white hair looked back at her. She looked down at herself and screamed to find out she was a he.

Hayden, upon hearing the scream lept out of bed and rushed into Emma's room. A white haired male was standing there, in Emma's clothes, "INTRUDER!!" she cried in a deep gruff voice. She held a hand up to her neck in surprise, "Testing, testing." she looked down at her hairy legs. An earsplitting scream ripped through Fablehaven. She rushed to the mirror, a curly haired boy with voilet and green eyes gasped. "Were guys," The two said in unison.

12/23/2013 #18
Phoenix Glow

When Luna woke up she yawn and comb her short hair-----wait, short? She looks in the mirror a boy with pitch black hair and duo colour eyes stare back at her. "GGGGGGAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" She yell. She was now a he.

12/23/2013 . Edited 12/23/2013 #19
(The female version of Jake will retain his tendancy to sleep in) Jake snored loudly.
12/23/2013 #20
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden looked again at himself in the mirror. "Is it weird that I think I am hot." He asked. Emma looked at him with the most concern anyone could have, "You feeling ok, or did you get guy brains along with the body?" He laughed, "Hmm. I need a guy name." He thought long and hard, "Emmet, that sound guyey."

Hayden shook his head, "Keeping this name, it is too cool."

A startled Seth jumped out of bed and reached for his sword at the screams. A pare of slender finger and a petite hand. Seth gasped and looked at his girly hands. He looked at the rest of himself. A girly scream slipped out of his mouth. "I have bo-" she was cut short by a pair of boys bursting through.

12/23/2013 #21
Phoenix Glow
Luna frown and glare at her reflection "I need a name," she grumbles. "Luke," he said and stomp off searching for his cousin.
12/23/2013 #22
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden stared as Ex-seth and started to laugh uncontrollably. He stared at the girl that used to be his boyfriend. Hayden thought about it. Wouldn't liking Seth as a girl mean that she had gay feelings. Hayden shook off the thought, too weird.

"You look great, Selena." Emmet grinned, oh so evilly. A very red faced girl glared at Emmet. Her bouncy curls shook with the finger she shoved in Emmet's face, "Mark my words," And she stormed out.

"I'm going to borrow your clothes," Hayden shouted down the hall.

12/23/2013 #23
Phoenix Glow
Thank god Luna had boy clothes though they were a bit small, he use the blood connection he and his cousin have and found him also a boy..
12/23/2013 #24
Jake continued to snore; thunder outside echoing the sound.
12/23/2013 #25
Banana the DragonGirl

"Luna? You too?" Emmett gruffed. A deafening snore echoed through the house. "What in the bloody-" Emmett and Hayden rushed to Jake's room.

"I'MM BLIIINNNDDD!!!!" Hayden shouted as he raced down the hall. "AHHHHHHHH!" Emmett just grinned smugly.

12/23/2013 #26
Phoenix Glow
"Oh my god Jake?!" Cried Luke.
12/23/2013 #27
Jake gave a loud snort, the corosponding noise outside was deafening.
12/23/2013 #28
Banana the DragonGirl

Emmett laughed, "Wake up sunshine!" He shook Jake's shoulders.

12/27/2013 #29
Phoenix Glow
Luke then notice something. "Em... We are boys right? And the boys became girls...... How are we going to shower?" She mumbles covering her face.
12/27/2013 #30
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