The Society is Back! *gasp* And Fablehaven need new, magical recruits (that's you) to join the Fablehaven Academy. Create an OC, roleplay, chat, and just have fun!
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Banana the DragonGirl

I believe we need less confusion and firmer rules. I think it should go something like-

  • Our OCs are chilling at their home/ wandering
  • Society takes over a handful of sanctuaries
  • Grandma and Grandpa are worried and send letters to children everywhere to train.
  • Danger strikes sooner than they hoped so they send us to sanctuaries to get the elements
  • Adventure and stuff
  • Fighting over elements
  • Final battle to win back the sanctuaries. YAY

So... here are our classes

Required Classes: Day 1

  1. * Science - Grandpa Sorenson
  2. * Math - Grandma Sorenson
  3. * Battle Tactics or Advanced Battle Tactics - Warren
  4. * History 1 or Advanced History - Grandpa Larson

Electives: Day 2

  1. Magical Strategies and Studies - Chaos (Sounds good right?)
  2. Potions or Advanced Potions - Tanu
  3. Sanctuary Studies - Grandma Larson (Similar to Social Studies)
  4. Magical Creatures - (open)
  5. PE - (open)
  6. Spell casting - Emma

(Any more classes you want to have just let me know)

So, tell me the classes you want, when we have them all, and I will give you a schedule. You can chose 4 electives. You can do one for each OC.

1/3/2014 . Edited 3/3/2014 #1
Michael breathed heavily. This was his game, his court, his team, his shot! Michael stood at the NBA three point line on the free-throw extension. He darted downt towards the block, V cutting and faking out his defender. He called for the ball from the point-gaurd, quickly recieving the pass, Michael took a fast shot, fast, but not rushed. He saw the secounds tick down on the clock as his shot sailed through the air, 3…2…1… swish! Michael cheered! He had just brought up the score to 51-50, at the last socound of the last quarter of the last game of the season for his basketball team. He was attending normal school, with normal sports, not using his powers eccept it be at training. He cllaped the hands of his teamates. After the post-game celabrations Michael prepared to go home.
1/4/2014 #2
Phoenix Glow
Luna swing the dead deer over her shoulder. A black liquid in a small bottle was hanging on her neck. "Father Igneel?" She said entering the cave throwing the deer in a corner.
1/4/2014 #3


Chaos plods down the hall broodingly. His cloak flaps like a flag in the wind. Purple eyes cut through his surroundings with the cold power of bitter steel. His paws barely brush over the cold corridor. Travelling deeper into his den, Chaos rounds a corner. Ethereal starlight glimmers from a chamber to his side, but Chaos dare not look into the heart of the Star in fear of awakening old memories. The darkness is comforting.

1/4/2014 #4
Banana the DragonGirl

((Sorry for not responding. I had to be dragged everywhere for my birthday))

Hayden yawned and stretched awake. She rubbed her eyes and walked down the stairs. "Seth!" She called to his room, "I am going to have breakfast. Feel free to join me!" She called and started to cook.

Emma walked through Raven's Wood, eyeing a fancy cloak she thought was nice. She walked into the shop and stopped. A glowing unicorn horn lay on a shelf. She reached at it. "NO TOUCHING!!" The shop keeper raged.

"Sorry," Emma mumbled.

1/5/2014 . Edited 3/2/2014 #5
Phoenix Glow
Luna shrugged 'maybe their out' she thought as she played with the black liquid vial on her neck. Luna walked outside and lay on the ground, her black blood witch self had been sealed. But her offspring may still have the blood.....
1/5/2014 #6

Sammy splashed around in the Lagoon, singing to herself. She raised her voice when a ship sailed her way. Handfuls of sailors jumped out of their ship and swam towards her as the ship headed for her. Sammy laughed as the big boat smashed into the rocks. "Have at them boys!" She called as hundreds of shark creatures rose from the deep. She shut her eyes are her men attacked and blood curdling screams echoed across the water. One sailor managed to get to her.

"You're the scrum who ruined my sanctuary?" She spat, "My home?"

"You would be surprised how much your families corpses went for on the black market." He sneared.

Sammy's eyes burned red as she store at the man. The man started to choke and gag, "What are you doing?" He gasped.

"Sucking every ounce of water out of your body." She glared at the man as he shiveled.

"We aren't the only ones you have to worry about." He gasped, "The society wi-" he weezed and stored unblinking at the stars.

1/5/2014 #7
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden and Seth munching their breakfast and talking about sneaking to see the satyrs. Hayden silenced grandpa stormed in, "I am afread I have some bad news."

Seth's eyes widened, "What?"

"The society is back"

1/5/2014 . Edited 3/2/2014 #8
Phoenix Glow
After the disappearance of Luna's mother. Luna has not been using her witch powers anymore though sometimes she needed them. She bit into a cook deer meat, her ears twitched slightly. She frown something was wrong...
1/5/2014 #9
Michael sighed as he stepped into a private gym, training time.
1/5/2014 #10
Banana the DragonGirl

"The so piety has taken many sanctuaries and are moving in on the rest." Grampian explained.

"So, what are we going to do?" Seth asked.

"I am going to send a letter to gifted creatures and people everywhere. Most have been affected my this attack, so will will be providing housing for them. I have asked the most trained specialist to train all these gifted people."

"We are going to have a school here?" Seth grunted.

" The Fablehaven Academy." Hayden smirked.

1/5/2014 #11
Michael was training hard. He was doing a particularly difficult 60 min. amwrap.
1/5/2014 #12
Phoenix Glow
(So we are restarted? Oh well...) Luna sigh as she threw te bones away and stepped into the forest again. This time she was near a river using her water powers.
1/6/2014 #13
Banana the DragonGirl

A large griffon landed on a rock near Luna. It screeched loudly and held out it's front talon. A note was attach to it reading.

Dear Luna Frostheart,

I am writing this letter to inform you that the awful organization, The Society of the Evening Star, is back. This group has already taken over half of the known Sanctuaries and have taken out most of The Knights of Dawn. They are quick and stealthy. I have also caught wind that your home is next. To prevent unnecessary loss of lives, I invite you to Fablehaven to train your body and powers, under protection of many strong and powerful people. I wish you to report to The Fablehaven Academy Monday, January 13.

Please Bring-

Necessary clothes for a few month

Anything to help your powers

Anything you wish to bring from home

-Stan Sorenson

1/6/2014 #14

Whistling to himself, Chaos scavenges through his den. He nudges plastic halloween skeletons from his path. They instantly begin to sing, "The leg bone's connected to the -- thhhhiiiigh bone." He snarls and smashes in one of the small noise boxes, cutting it off with a "The thigh bone's conertjiejdddddddd." His cloak flutters weakly around his paws. Around his neck hangs a recently acquired treasure: the talon of a dragon, plucked from a hatchling. Quite unsavory business in itself, but business is business. Chaos is King of Shadows. He isn't queasy about many things, and young dragons crying over a chipped nail is certainly not one of those things he does worry about.

Bored, Chaos finds himself beat-boxing to pass the time. Lying on a throne of silver Christmas tree tinsel, he rattles and taps away with his mouth in a staccato rhythm. A sudden crash alerts Chaos, and he falls silent.

"You sure that you saw something?" calls someone, their accent despicably American. "This is a holiday warehouse."

Okay, okay, maybe it isn't his den. Chaos dives into the garland.

"You hear that?" whispers another voice loudly, his voice even more tainted by Alabama's touch. "Dirty rotten kids again!"

Making a quick decision, Chaos leaps from the garland again. The long strands stick to his fur, wrapping around his neck. Refusing to be outdone by decorations, Chaos roars and barrels through the men, bolting through the door. The sunlight is warm against his fur. Chaos doesn't stop running until he's far, far from the warehouse, possibly several states over. When he at last does, Chaos collapses with wheezing laughter.

"Oh, boy," he cackles. "I'm going to do that again."

1/6/2014 #15

"I'd like a bird," announces Chaos as he struts into the pet store. His head is held high and erect, his ears squared. The owner looks up at him with surprise, glancing about the store. With a sigh, Chaos remembers the pestering vision of the mortals. He waves his tail about, a shimmer sparkling through the air. "Testing, testing. Can you see me?"

The man squeaks in surprise and stumbles backward. He holds out a hand to ward Chaos off. A new touchpad cellphone rattles down from its perch atop the counter. Chaos eyes it. "Interesting. You can, inevitably. And you're going to break your household appliances if you treat them that way." The man whimpers.

Chaos sighs heavily. "If this were a book, you'd be the most poorly written character. Everybody would be like, 'Oh, I love Chaos because he's so handsome and talent and beautiful and wonderful and the king of my world, but I really hate that petshop dude.' You'd better be thankful we're not in some literary work. Everybody would despise you. So, we start again: I'd like a bird."

"You -- You're a wolf!" stammers the man, his sunglasses toppling.

Chaos sighs. His ears flatten. "From the top."

1/6/2014 #16
Phoenix Glow
Luna reads the letter again and again, she sigh and walked back to the cave. "Eh? A school?" Said Aquaria flattening her wings and enter the cave "well, its a good thing since Lina hardly know any creature except humans and dragon...." Said Darkrai appearing in human form. "Well, pack up," says Amunia smiling and shoving a bag into Luna's hand, Luna sigh as she packed some clothes.
1/6/2014 #17
Savage. That was his name. Savage. It was also what his enemies thought he was. He toyed with a small pistol. He mused over the problem with the Society. Sure there was an academy being developed for magical children, but that's what they were. Children. That, was were he came in. He was the leader of a platoon of soldiers, most of them were mortal, but highly trained. This was ausult team had been put under his charge by a group much older than the Knights of Dawn, but do not ask of them, that is a story for another time. But these soldiers, they would fight to thier last breaths to fight evil. From a cockatrice to a Shade of the highest degree. He wouldstay out of this, as would his team of twenty. But when things got hairy the trainees would need backup. (We need some nameless soldiers in this, our OC's cant fight off the whole society by themselves)
1/6/2014 #18
Michael read the letter. It had come by way of firebird that morning. "I already train!" Complained Michael. Were are all the magical adults? It was always young people, like a storybook.
1/6/2014 #19
Phoenix Glow
"The society is targeting our territory?" Said Igneel curling up near a flame in dragon form, Luna shrugged "seems like it," she mumbles "anyway Luna," said Aquaria turning her head to look at her "don't let them know your a black blood witch," she said and Luna nodded.
1/6/2014 #20

Chaos licks a child's ice cream cone as the girl turns her back. Lapping his lips to lick up the remnants of the sticky dessert, he pads down the lane. The horns of cars and the blares of headlights blind him. Towering buildings loom from the ground. Boredom claims him. There is that thing with the dragons he could do. But that is so cliche. He could always take a chance, and head for that academy thing. Chaos yawns. Children are good young, then they turn into adults, and then they're not young and good anymore. He skips merrily, and anyone with any sort of vision would've seen a canine frolicking down Broadway, causing the traffic to split and cars to go careening into one another. Oblivious to it all, Chaos yawns again.

1/6/2014 #21

Chaos bops to the beat of his own tune. He's not necessarily sure how or why he'd came to be at Fablehaven; the road just seemed to have lead him here, and the magical boundaries apparently weren't that magical. Two satyrs stare at him, tennis rackets in hand, as he cuts across as field. Ignoring their judgmental gazes, he slips back into the woods. The sunlight falls over his forehead. This academy; where on earth could it be? What on earth could it look like?

(Hint, hint: somebody official come up with the appearance.)

1/7/2014 #22
Banana the DragonGirl

A large winged hare landed infront of Chaos. "How?" She stutters. Shaking her head she morphed into a girl. Hayden inspected the wolf. "Did Stan call you? I don't remember you on the list." Seth, hidden in the shadows, phoned Grandpa. "I don't know who he is." Seth muttered, "A big stripped wolf. How many big stripped wolves are there!" He said a bit too loudly.

(I think I might draw the academy real quick.)

Emma finished up shop in Raven Wood when a small Griffon landed on her small stall. "Shoo!" She cried, waving her hands like a maniac. The griffon just held out his leg to reveal a letter. Emma skimmed it, "Society... Fablehaven... SCHOOL!" she cried, "No way no school." She skimmed down. She was about to walked out of Raven's Wood when an man jumped her. He shoved a sock in her mouth and blindfolded her. Emma fought but could not break loose. She felt his straining muscles bulge and easily beat her. So, she did what a trained alley witch would do, sit still, listen to plan, burst out, sell the secrets. She felt the man place her on a chair. Emma heard a second pair of light footsteps pacing the floor.

"What do we do with her," The light man asked.

"We bring her to the boss," The larger man stated. Emma used a bit of magic to force her blindfold a touch above her eyes.

The small man shivered, "He scares the begibies out of me. Sometimes I wish that our old boss was back, the Sphinx."

Emma gasped. The men looked at her and grinned menacingly. Emma acted quick and burst out of her bonds and shot ice at the two men. She hit the little guy, but the buff one was still coming for her. She jumped over him and sent a binding spell at him. "Next time you try to attack a witch, remember to bring anti power ropes." She snarled. Maybe this academy wasn't all that bad.

1/7/2014 #23

"A striped wolf?" cries Chaos. His wit, rambunctious as ever, cannot help but asserting himself. Purple eyes gleaming, Chaos "cowers" behind Seth, whimpering sarcastically. "Where? I don't see any striped wolves!" Then, feigning surprise, Chaos gasps with hurt. He looks down at Seth, ears flattening. "You lied to me, Seth?" he cries, heartbroken. "How could you, Sorenson?"

Harrumphing, Chaos sticks his nose up. "It's a good thing that its going down, I'm yelling timber. You'd better move, Sorenson. You'd better dance, dance away! You won't remember this night." Chaos smiles beatifically. "I'll be the one you won't forget."

1/7/2014 #24
Banana the DragonGirl

(What? I thought Chaos was striped like a zebra? BTW- It is January 11 at the Acadamy)

Hayden laughed, "So this is Chaos, The King of Shadows. Well, your Majesty, may I escort you to the Acadamy?" She bowed low and dramatically, flourishing her arm in the direction of the school.

1/7/2014 . Edited 1/7/2014 #25

"I prefer King of Sass." Chaos bows his head, pleased by the respect. "Or Sarcasm. Remember, Seth, if a wolf has a weird coat, he doesn't like it being pointed out. Most of the time, they'll blast your head off. I am a nice wolf. So, other words, show his majesty the way. Call me your majesty, by the way. Nice ring."

1/7/2014 #26
Phoenix Glow
"Cerberus!" Yells Luna to her familiar who was in human form chewing on a rabbit..... Raw. "Wanna go to school?" She said and Cerberus raised an eye brow "human school?" He said and Luna shook her head "no, creature school," she said and Cerberus sigh and turn back onto his wolf/fox form.
1/7/2014 #27
(Wulf was using sarcasm I believe)
1/7/2014 #28
Banana the DragonGirl

"Well follow me." Hayden snickered and added, "You Majesty."

Seth rolled his eyes and followed Chaos to the school.

1/7/2014 #29
Phoenix Glow
"Storm ridding?" Says Cerberus in human form on a tree top with Luna who smiled "hell yes!" She said and summon a tornado and both jumped into it and it spinner to the Academy.
1/7/2014 #30
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