The Society is Back! *gasp* And Fablehaven need new, magical recruits (that's you) to join the Fablehaven Academy. Create an OC, roleplay, chat, and just have fun!
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Hey, do you happen to have a deviantART account?)

5/18/2014 #151
Phoenix Glow


5/18/2014 #152

(REALLY?! What is it??? I have one too!!!)

5/18/2014 #153
Phoenix Glow

((RedPhoenixAsh is my name))

5/18/2014 #154

(Be right back.)

5/18/2014 #155

(I can't find it. Here's my profile, though. Comment or something.

5/18/2014 #156

(Found you!)

5/18/2014 #157
Phoenix Glow


5/18/2014 #158

(Haha, yeah. XD I watched you. Although it really makes me sound like a stalker...)

5/18/2014 #159
Phoenix Glow


5/18/2014 #160

(Haha, all websites make you sound like a stalker... watching... following...)

5/18/2014 #161
Phoenix Glow

(LOL! yup!)

5/18/2014 #162
Amber Lightning

(Why did they do that...?)

5/18/2014 #163
Amber Lightning

(By the way, I'm still here, but this is my friend's account.)

5/18/2014 #164
Banana the DragonGirl

((Sorry, family party... Anyways, you need to choose 4 electives and chose if you want advances core classes. Let me know and I will create a schedule! Check the first post got more info!!))

5/18/2014 . Edited 5/18/2014 #165
That Guy49
(Could you edit Michael's schedule for advanced science?)
5/18/2014 #166
Banana the DragonGirl

((Er, we don't have advanced Science. I kinda figured that because it was a normal human course, I wouldn't make it advanced.

now I do believe it is late, I must use the sleep... Goodnight!))

5/18/2014 . Edited 5/18/2014 #167
That Guy49
5/18/2014 #168
Banana the DragonGirl

((Hi again!))

5/19/2014 #169
Amber Lightning

(Hello! This is TeamLeoOmega, on my friend's account again.)

5/19/2014 #170
That Guy49
(Do we continue the RP?)
5/19/2014 #171

(I don't know...)

5/20/2014 #172

(Gentlemen and Ladies, guess who's back.)

5/20/2014 #173
Banana the DragonGirl

((Hello Everyone!!!! I am going to post this just before school. If you haven't already, read the first post to find out about schedules. YOURE TEACHERS CAN GET SCHEDULES!!! But they will be way different. I will be back in 8ish hours to check up on you guys!))

5/20/2014 #174

(Hey... sorry about not being here... I haven't been feeling up for roleplaying lately. I'm just tired a lot.)

5/29/2014 #175

(Anyone? I'm done with surgeries for a while, so I can be on more.)

6/19/2014 #176

(Guys, this is important.

I won't be online much.

I have cancer.)

7/3/2014 #177
Phoenix Glow

((Is anyone here!?))

9/22/2014 #178

(I am for now, but I have chemotherapy this week, so I won't be on much.

This is SilverJem/TeamLeoOmega/whoever you remember me as.)

9/22/2014 #179
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