The Society is Back! *gasp* And Fablehaven need new, magical recruits (that's you) to join the Fablehaven Academy. Create an OC, roleplay, chat, and just have fun!
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Phoenix Glow

Welcome to FableHaven Academy for all gifted young ones, who all have different gifts.

We have class for every subject you need to know to survive the world we all know, be it be black magic or good magic, because each side needs to be balance.

Now then, school is about to start.

I hope you will be comfortable here, treat it as your second home... Or the first one you will have.


Dark Dorm: For Evil Creatures

Light Dorm: For Good Creatures

You can make however you want your dorm room to look like, because the dorm room is made out of magic.

At night the shields are up between dorms so the other side won't get to the other, if students are harmed, the other will be punished, be it execution or so.


Dark Classes: all you need to know about evil and such

Light Classes: All you need to know about good and such.

Special Classes: For neither Dark or Light. A mixture of both.


Both Dark and Light Creatures are eating together please mind what your eating in front of another...


If two Dark and Light or the same students decide to settle it with a battle, a special day would be arrange to fight it out, and No Killing Please.


You are either go with the Society or the Knights, you can also go Neutral if you Pleased.

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Ibis Tenebris

(so should i go first, or do you want to? I just want to make sure, heheh :))

9/12/2015 #2
Phoenix Glow

((I will))

9/12/2015 #3
Ibis Tenebris

(okay )

9/12/2015 #4
Phoenix Glow

It was a new year, a new semester for the newly opened FableHaven academy. One place where both dark and light creatures were able to study together to learn more about the ever developing human world, it was the opening ceremony so the students were able to walked around freely, the older students a mixture of both dark and light creatures stood or floated around the place keeping the chaos in check.

Luna was sitting under a tree, her sunglasses were on as the sunlight shone down on her, her black hair was tied in a low ponytail as her hand clenched over a yellow invitation card which had the seal of FableHaven, an invite to join the school "what am I even doing here," she muttered with a frown. She didn't want to come here at all, the invitation came along when her dragon parent died, she wanted to cry at the thought of it, her only family, even though it wasn't human. Had died.

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Ibis Tenebris

Lux was ready to pounce, she was poised on a tree branch. One of those rare moments where she let her guard down, The target was a little blue bird and her eggs. sure she could pounce now, but where was the fun? Poor Lux was so occupied she didn't hear the eagle screech as it swooped low enough to smack her with the letter. without breaking it's dive it successfully smacked her out of the tree knocking her to the bushes. The shapeshifter landed on her back, pain shooting through her body opening her eyes she saw stars and closed her eyes again and waited for the pain to pass.

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Phoenix Glow

Luna sighed through her nose and stood up, she wondered what class she would be, she was neither good or bad. She is neutral. "Since there's nothing left for me here, might as well joined, at least there's people and food there..." She muttered as she stared at the letter.

In the letter it said

You are invite to join the FableHaven academy, good or evia creature you are able to join, the time of the opening ceremony is insert date here at insert time here. We hope you are able to join us.


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Ibis Tenebris

The pain subsided, the stars disappeared , and Lux noticed a envelope had landed next to her. She stood up and walked over to it, deciding it would be best for her to read in private, when no potentially prying, murderous eyes were watching her.

Lux picked up the letter and ran to her hideout, once she was in her hideout she laid down on her belly while transforming into her human self. She opened envelope and realized there were two letters in it, one from the wizard, and one from the 'FableHaven Academy', she, still bitterly mad at the wizard, opened up the academy one first.

You are invited to join the FableHaven Academy, where good and evil creatures are allowed to join, the time of the opening ceremony is insert date here at insert time here. We hope you are able to join us.


p.s And if you feel inclined to deny we encourage you to read the other letter.

She snorted at this saying, "yeah, right," she started reading the other letter as she was finishing her sentence "like I'm going to some school for kids..."

He, the wizard, did in fact order her to go, he firmly stated that she did not have a choice in the matter, saying that it would be beneficial to her rehabilitation and help her learn other important 'skills' like 'proper socialization' or something.

"AUGGHHGHG!" and next thing she knew she was on an airplane, into a rented car, dropped off with her luggage bag at a nearby location and walking through the gates, and sitting with her back against a rock, Lux spotted another blue bird and groaned.

(now we can meet whenever! :D)

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Phoenix Glow

At the same time Luna was too thrown in by an invisible force through the gates "ah!" She yelled as she landed on the grass, she was rubbing her head "ow, ow," she grumbled "knew I shouldn't have read the other letter."

Luna stood up and dusted the grass from her hair and looking around, she knew she was early for a fact that no one was around and only someone leaning against the rock "I wonder is that how they greet all the new students," she grumbled.

((Short Post))

9/14/2015 #9
Ibis Tenebris

Lux's ears twitched at the new girls muttering and was about to decide to ignore her when she remembered that she was ordered to 'socialize' though she really didn't want to. Caught between orders versus lazy with a dash of rebellious desire, she opened her eyes and nodded acknowledgement at the girl.

((ah, shorter post! :P))

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Phoenix Glow
Luna turned her head and stared at the other creature that was near here, probably one of the other students forced here since the look on her face says it all. She nodded as well to Lux as she dodged in time for more students flying in, most of the dark creatures. "Geez, what a way to get us to school..." She muttered
9/17/2015 #11
Ibis Tenebris

Lux reluctantly stood and dodged out of the way of traveling students so she didn't get trampled. The Velatos multi transformed into a tabby and climbed the closest tree, all the while quietly praying that no one would recognize her from old history books.

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Little Blaze

Hi fellow FableHaven lovers I am new to this site so any guides or anything along this lines would be helpful

4/17/2017 #13
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