The Society is Back! *gasp* And Fablehaven need new, magical recruits (that's you) to join the Fablehaven Academy. Create an OC, roleplay, chat, and just have fun!
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Banana the DragonGirl

So, this is the place were we post all of our craziness. Whether it be out the Fablehaven movie or your great aunt getting on your nerves. Post it!!!

8/6/2013 #1
Banana the DragonGirl

sitting here silently in the darkness in the empty chatroom

*tumbleweed rolls by*

10/17/2013 #2
Phoenix Glow
*pokes her* hello?
10/18/2013 #3
Banana the DragonGirl

Oh, Hi! Welcome to my forum!!!! *another tumbleweed rolls by* looks like we are the only ones here, oh well.

10/19/2013 . Edited 10/19/2013 #4
Phoenix Glow
Can we roleplay?
10/19/2013 #5
Banana the DragonGirl
Sure, I was hoping more would come but just us will work
10/21/2013 #6
Phoenix Glow
No many people knows Fableheaven....
10/21/2013 #7
Banana the DragonGirl
True, true
10/24/2013 #8

Hiiiiiii :D

10/31/2013 #9
Dead Zed 5


11/2/2013 #10
Phoenix Glow
Hello, Banana girl is not here yet so please wait....
11/2/2013 #11
Banana the DragonGirl


11/2/2013 #12
Phoenix Glow
......for her.
11/2/2013 #13

Yayz! There be a new person! :D What should we call you?

11/2/2013 #14
Banana the DragonGirl

*Transforms into bat and lands on Zed's face* "Dude, you alive?"

*starts to shake his face*

11/2/2013 #15
Phoenix Glow
He's a dragon...... *right eye turns red* .......a fire dragon that's currently asleep...
11/2/2013 #16
Banana the DragonGirl

Yeah...*looks at giant scaly creature now slumbering in her chatroom* ...I got that

Well, dragons are cool (See name above if any confusion)

11/2/2013 #17
Phoenix Glow
*eye turns back to normal* I was raised by dragons, though this one. *points to the sleeping dragon* was maybe abandon by its parents...
11/2/2013 #18

Insane: O,O *pokes Zed with branch* O.o Hello? *pokes again* Helloooo? *frowns, drops branch, grabs dead tree, lifts above head* OwO HELLOOOOOOOOOOO???

Vixen: Uh....

Insane: A,A *whistles casually*

Vixen: O.O *walks away, scared for Zed, planning to tie Me up*

11/2/2013 . Edited 11/2/2013 #19
Phoenix Glow
*sweat dropped*
11/2/2013 #20
Banana the DragonGirl

Banana: *Heaves boulder over her head and drops it on Zed's tail* Whoops

Hayden: Banana.... O.O He is going to wake up... and eat you...

11/2/2013 . Edited 11/2/2013 #21
Phoenix Glow
*pokes his forehead* oi, can you wake up?
11/2/2013 #22
Banana the DragonGirl

Banana: He might be in a sugar coma from Halloween

*grabs medical equipment and starts to string wires up to him*

11/2/2013 #23
Phoenix Glow
Halloween....... *grabs out a white chocolate bar and wave in front of him*
11/2/2013 #24
Banana the DragonGirl

Banana: Celery! Stat

Hayden: *Brings in giant celery*

Banana: *force feeds giant celery to him*

11/2/2013 #25
Phoenix Glow
*blinks* your gonna choke him....
11/2/2013 #26

Insane: *grins and starts swinging arms to hit dragon with tree*

Vixen: *tackles Insane*

Dead Tree: *landsstanding up when Insane drops tree, starts falling, lands on dragon, snaps in half*

Vixen: O0O *stares in horror and sweat drops*

Insane: OwO *watches intently, gets up, starts walking around and sprinkling Nerd candies everwhere*

Vixen: *facepalms*

11/2/2013 #27
Phoenix Glow
This is getting crazy... *grabs a chair and popcorn & soda* nice movie..
11/2/2013 #28
Banana the DragonGirl

Banana: forgot about breathing... Hayden! go and make sure he doesn't choke...

Hayden: *death glare* No

Banana: I have a delete button for a reason...

Hayden: Yes master... *feeds oxygen tank to him while picking celery out of his open mouth

11/2/2013 . Edited 11/2/2013 #29

Insane: *freezes, watches as dragon is force fed celery, looks to bag of candies, then to Vixen, grins*

Vixen: *freezes* Ah, crap, don't even-

Insane: *starts sprinting towards Vixen* EAT CANDY!!!!!

Vixen: NO!!! STAY AWAY! *starts running around dragon away from Insane* I DON'T WANNA GO INTO DA COMA!!! I WANNA MEET BRONX!!! *freezes, blushes, starts running away again*

Insane: CANDY, EAT, NOW!

11/2/2013 #30
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