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Name: Lydia

Age: roughly 6,000

Creature: Chimera

Gender: Female

Side: Society

Appearance: Everything on Lydia is differing shades off green except her golden lion head and thick mane. She has the dark eyes of a crocodile with a cream rhino horn sprouting above directly about her nose. It has a goat's body, but a rooster's front feet and the talons of an eagle. Saber-tooth fangs curl from either side of her mouth. Deer antlers protrude behind her leonine ears. Two batlike wings grow from her goatlike shoulders. Its tail is a highly poisonous

Personality: Spiteful and hateful. She blames other any other creature for the lacking in her race. She inflicts pain willingly, and doesn't hold back. Her vocabulary is quite limited, as well as her brain cells. She is cunning on the hunt but nowhere else. Lydia prefers to be alone.

Family: none

Relationships: none

Fears/Weakness: She hates spiders. Her intelligence is not great, and her ideas are tainted with bloodlust. She is a tool of the society, one they exploit often and unnecessarily.

Powers and Abilities: She has no abilities other than her multi-language tongue and her claws.

Weapon: Two pairs of fangs, two hooves, and two sets of talons.

History: She ran into Seth once in a surprise meeting. Like most chimera, she lives a solitary life. Nothing important has really happened since her birth other than the Society's offer.

Other: Lydia is insane.

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Wait, scratch the ice dude, the BBM is sending another kid to help... Name:Jason Age: 13 Creature: 1/4 Wolf on his mothers side Gender: Male Side: Neutral appearance: Brown short hair, semi tan skin, 5' 11'' (or is it 5'' 11' ? wiry corded muscle, always carries his magic dagger with him. Deep cobalt blue eyes. Personality: Laughing, confident, freindly and noble. Family: He can trace his lineage back to a beta wolf on his mothers side. His whole family was murdered whrn he was a baby. Relationships: None Fears weaknesses: Is magnetic and will fly towards large magnets if they are strong enough. Fears EMP's, there is no telling what that would do to him because of his powers. Powers and abilities: Can run faster jump higher and hit harder than any human. Can control and create lightning. Weapon: A magic silver dagger called VOLT with an anti magnatism charm in the hilt. History: Chaos found him with a paper tracing his lineageback to great wolves and a note saying he was a shadow charmer. Chaos put him in a NY safehouse and sent trainers to him in secret. He is just old enough to be one of Chaos's soldiers.
11/9/2013 #32
Events with this character in this story do not corospond with events in wulfs forum.
11/9/2013 #33
Banana the DragonGirl

Both accepted...

Supercell- what is EMP?

11/9/2013 #34
A bomb that knocks out electricity.
11/9/2013 #35

EMP is abbreviation for electromagnetic pulse. It's a short burst of electromagnetic energy. It may occur in the form of a radiated, electric or magnetic field or conducted electrical current depending on the source. EMP is generally damaging to electronic equipment. At higher energy levels, an EMP event such as a lightning strike can cause more widespread damage to aircraft structures and other objects

11/9/2013 #36
Banana the DragonGirl

OK Cool

11/9/2013 #37
Name: Robert Savage Age:25 Creature: Gaurdian Gender: Male Side: Knights Appearance: Tall, sturdy with dusty brown hair. Is built like a boxer. Has a look in his golden eyes that make you feel like you are being hunted. Personality: Light and joking. But whe irs game time it all boils down to buissenes. Family: He sometimes talks of his fathers redneck style schooling but thats it. Relationships: None Fears Weaknesses: The magic of his race foces him to protect innocence, no matter the cost. Powers and abilities: Ultimate fighter. Weapon: Anything from an Atomic bomb to a flower pot History: Was raised by hid dad redneck style in the west. He learned the gaurdian ways. Joined knights at age 20. Other: All gaurdians once they turn 20 must choose a creature to adpt some qualities from. Robert chose a gryphon.
11/9/2013 #38
...Hoping he could be the PE teacher. You know, capture the time bomb, toxic wastebascket ball, ect.
11/10/2013 #39
Banana the DragonGirl
Hahaha he is cool--- accept-amundo
11/10/2013 #40
Name: Dread Age: First entered the world 200,000,000 years ago. Creature: Drakonian Shade Gender: A/N Side: Society Appearance: Max size is as long as the Brooklin bridge. Porportions are like that of a dragon but brauder and burlier. Pitch black skin with silver scars from Dinosaurs ages ago and dragons more recently. Is pebbled with short spikes. Has four eyes, two main ones, and two smaller secondaries behind the first. Has huge blunt claws on each of its four paws. Unlike dragons, it doesn't have wings. Has large sharp teeth. Personality: Doesn't care about honor, or good in the slightest. Works with whoever it thinks has the biggest chance of causing mass destruction. Family: Was the first of his race. Kills the ones of its young that aren't evil. When Zyzzx was opened his surviving children were caught in the trap forthe demons. Being older, he just now stirred. Relationships: Really, like this guy could even feel attraction. Fears/Weaknesses: Cant hear very well. Can be slain by touching his forehead with a unicorn horn, must hold the horn for 90 secounds. Lightning annoys him greatly. Powers and abilities: Can hibernate for millenia on end. Can shade walk. Has a roar that can drive creatures of light to their knee's. Can shrink but cant grow past his max without waiting for natural growth. Weapon: None History: Was created when a massive plauge ravaged Pangea 200,000,000 years ago. Has lived on creating horror and fear for centuries before falling ino hibernation for centuries more. This cycle reapeated endlessly for many millenia. His last awakening was during the greek and romans reign. They called him Tarturous and built legends around him. Other: None that I can think of.
11/12/2013 #41
11/13/2013 #42
Phoenix Glow
Well Banana said that I can accept OC's so then accepted!
11/13/2013 #43
Banana the DragonGirl
He's accepted--- please go to the species topic and tell me about him.
11/13/2013 #44
Phoenix Glow

Name: Elena

Age: 35

Creature: Witch

Gender: female

Side: Society

Appearance: She has shoulder length brown hair and deep blue eyes.

Personality: She is cold and evil, but when seeing Luna her personality takes a 180 turn. She doesn't care about her comrades at all, she has a scary glare that can make people cower in fear.

Family: Luna(daughter)

Relationships: Davis(dead husband)

Fears/Weakness: losing her family, society finding out that Luna is her daughter.

Powers and Abilities: Like normal witches she flies on a broom, she is a nature witch and can control anything related to nature

Weapon: Trident

History: After her husband died and he was a Knight, she founded she was pregnant with his child. Davis was actually sent to kill Elena, but he died after she founded out that he was a Knight. The society wanted her child since a witch was rarely given birth to a child, but Elena didn't want her daughter to suffer so she left her in the forest where the dragons founded her.

Other: She has a snake and raven familiar.

11/18/2013 #45

Name: Jackson

Age: 26

Creature: half demon, half shadow charmer

Gender: male

Side: New mastermind of the Society

Appearance: He has closely cropped black hair hanging around his ears, bushy and thick. His nose is broad and his eyebrows are practically non-existent, replaced by patterns of mottled gold and bronze scales. With the tongue of a cobra and the fangs of a viper, he maintains a snakelike elegance. Thin and lithe, he towers at nearly seven feet above. Jackson's eyes are white, as though he were blind, though he can see perfectly.

Personality: Unpredictable and jittery. Intensely ADHD. He must always be doing something with his hands, always by plotting, always be knowing. His mind flies at a speed his hands can't quite reach. He is relatively unkind, but has a soft heart for defenseless animals, especially his Persian cat. Though intelligent, Jackson is generally untried. He's the poster child for trust issues.

Family: Rumored to be the product of the Sphinx's affair with the she-demon of lust.

Relationships: Longs to be loved, kills any female that looks at him twice.

Fears/Weakness: Because of a rough childhood, he has a weak spot for anything innocent and defenseless, like animals. He's so unpredictable sometimes he's unprepared.

Powers and Abilities: Nothing, other than his intelligence.

Weapon: A scythe.

History: Jackson has spent all his life hiding from everyone. The Sphinx sent him away to a remote dragon sanctuary in India to escape the notice of many people. He had control over a small number of Society members when the Sphinx fell and Zzyzx sealed shut. Ever since then, Jackson had been quietly rebuilding the pieces into a newer and better Society of the Evening Star.

Other: He always has a Persian cat by the name of Tom with him.


11/18/2013 #46
Phoenix Glow

Accepted, since Banana is not here yet.

11/18/2013 #47
Could he have convinced Dread to join him? that would make sense.
11/18/2013 #48
Phoenix Glow


11/18/2013 #49

I just created him. He's all of our characters now.


11/18/2013 #50
I know Cassandra. How could I read your stories and not? Anyway, wouldn't her fancying seth conflict with already made pairings?
11/18/2013 #51


Same character, different plotline. She'll be amused, because she knows that she's just trespassing on a dream of Chaos's. She'll know it's a different Seth and a strange other girl.

11/18/2013 #52
Oh, you're following through with the dream thing?
11/18/2013 #53

Name: Cassandra

Age: 605

Creature: half astrid, half human

Gender: female

Side: neutral, but mostly tranquil in her wanders.

Appearance: Cassandra is literally a girl with white skin and tumbling pale locks clad with a pair of snowy wings, but she rarely is anything but her avatar. Her avatar is a snowy white bird, roughly the size of a normal owl, with dark eyes the color of onyx. A ring of gold circles her barn-owlish head. Her talons are gold, as are little crescents on the edges of her primary feathers.

Personality: Innocent as the first snowflake of winter, Cassandra is the sweetest thing to even walk the earth. Naive to a fault, she always tries to bring out the best in people. Flirty and silly, she pushes back her own pressing matters to deal with the worries of others. She loves hearing happy endings and dreaming up romance for others because she knows she'll have none. Her soul is heavy and yet her heart is light. She dreams of a time when she can fly free.

Family: (This is crossing into fanfic zone) Zia her sister and Tatiana the Owl Queen.

Relationships: Has a crush on a different reality of Seth (despises this reality's) but also is dating an angel. Yeesh. Love triangle.

Fears/Weakness: She's terrified of being alone. It reminds her of her mother's place. She can't fight all that well because her owlish bones are weak and fragile.

Powers and Abilities: She can heal. She can jump through realities. She's intelligent.

Weapon: Occasionally carries a dagger, but doesn't know how to use one.

History: Imprisoned for most of her life, Cassandra didn't know what the sunlight felt like until she was halfway into her life. Once she learned how to fly, there was no going back to her mother's prison. Cassandra flew free, living her life to the fullest alongside Alec the Rogue Astrid and Zia, her twin sister. Cassandra recently met another version of Seth in an alternate reality, and played coy until she became as smitten with him as he'd become with her. She hates any other versions of him.

Other: She's from my fanfic, mostly.


11/18/2013 #54
Banana the DragonGirl

I like her....


11/18/2013 #55
Name: Desolate- Age: 67- Creature: Drakonian Shade- Gender: A/N (Though his personality seems male) Side: Neutral Appearance: Exactly like Dread except he is about as big as Chaos and has gill-like slits in his neck. Personality: Cunning, sly, and planning. Will always have at least three plans. One to beat you, one to escape, and one you never thought about. Is pure evil in its truest form. Family: None Relationships: None Fears/Weaknesses: Can be killed by holding a unicorn horn to his head for 90 secounds. Time travel makes him queasy. Powers and abilities: Can shadow walk, shoot missile-like projectiles out of its neck and has all other standard DS abilities. Weapon: None History: Was creatd by the world wars. Has been hiding and creating mischief since. Other:None that I can think of.
11/18/2013 #56
Banana the DragonGirl

Cool, accepted

11/18/2013 #57
Banana the DragonGirl

Name: Emma Wersland

Age: 14

Creature: Which Child

Gender: girl

Side: (Society, Knights, or neutral) Knights

Appearance: shoulder length dirty blond hair that is usually kept up. She stands about 5' 2" and has a thin, but athletic build. She has sparkly grayish blue eyes that turn an eerie glowing green while she casts a spell. She always has a smile on her slender face. She has a pretty light skin tone with slight freckles. She wears mostly athletic clothes, sweats, basketball shorts, under armor, etc. She wears a black cape over a fitted purple dress and just for fun, a witch hat.

Personality: Funny, sarcastic, witty, hates Seth with a passion, enjoys pranks

Family: One living sister, who lives in the far off reserve in Jamaica

Relationships: She sworn off boys

Fears/Weakness: (Must have at least one) As most witches, she cant stop casting a spell until it is over, often resulting in being put in major danger and can suck too much energy out of her. She seems to never be able to do transformation spells

Powers and Abilities: Casting spells, anything from bringing to life object to poisoning apples. Being a witch child, her powers are limited

Weapon: (Doesn't have to have one!) her amulets... she has several, one turns into a broom

History: Her mother, the great witch Cassandra, was slaughter, during the Salem Witch trials. Emma soon sought out a new life. Hundreds of years later she arrived in Fablehaven and took the craft up again.

Other: She really hates frogs....

11/19/2013 . Edited 11/21/2013 #58
Speaking of "will finish later", you never finished Bronx's history.
11/19/2013 #59
Is there a maximum amount of OC's we're allowed to have?
11/20/2013 #60
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