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Phoenix Glow

Name: Darkrai

Age: Thousands of years old

Creature: Dragon

Gender: male

Side: neutral

Appearance: he has silver eyes, his scales are black in color and his scales can't reflect the light.

Personality: he is distant and aloof. he doesn't care much about people, though he likes to beat up people.

Family: Luna's dragon parents

Relationships: Lyria (mate/also Luna's Light dragon parent)

Fears/Weakness: Lyria getting hurt as well as his family.

Powers and Abilities: Darkness and Shadows

Weapon: ----

History: He once serve Dread before but that was a long time ago, when Dread was sealed Lyria found him and nursed him back to health. After meeting the other dragons he decided to abandon the path of evil. When Luna came he was disgust at her at first, but after seeing her powerful potential at magic he decided to train her as well.

Other: He kinda hates Dread now.

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Name: Michael Stone Age: 14 Creature: Magician Gender: Male Side: Neutral Appearance: Tall. Built like the ideal basketball player, with strong muscles but not exceptionaly big ones. He has sea green eyes. On his left ankle he has a scar showing a star. It was the societies attempt to brand him as theirs. He has dark brown hair and tan skin. Always wears running shoes and shorts with an adidas or nike T-shirt. On each palm he has a silver mark with Three spheres conected by a triangle. Personality: Cautios when others are doing dangerous things but is reckless with his own life. He is very freindly. Family: His parents are high up members of the knights of dawn, his older brother died in an accident fighting a cocatrice. Relationships: None Fears/Weaknesses: His mind jumps from one idea to another so fast he often anoys the wrong people with his constant questions and theories. Hates applesauce. Powers and abilities: Can use sme spells a wizard can, but without as much raw power and more delacacy and detail. When he works magic his eyes fill with a lumenescant green. Weapon: A curved golden dagger called Sol. History: At a youg age was captured by the Evening star but was quickly brought back. Has been training with various physical and magical teachers his whole life. Other: Is protected by a natural spell called the Kinderviel. It hides him from his enemies until he is 18.
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Phoenix Glow
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Name: Ecstasy

Age: 300,000

Creature: Risen Drakonian Shade (like how fairies fall, he rose)

Gender: male

Side: (Society, Knights, or neutral)

Appearance: A magnificent beast, his scales glitter with all the shades of a blue opal. Set in a cobalt backdrop, chips of green, purple, and gold dance inside his scales. He was originally as corrupted as his brethren, but quickly discovered that he favored light over darkness. Long as a freight train, the size of Ecstasy's eyes are roughly the diameter of a house, almost abnormally large for his scaled face. Ecstasy's voice undulates like a Great Wolf's, but is much thicker than any other sound. His spines are also long to a fault, the spikes along his back occasionally impaling his own wings. Long and skinny, like a snake instead of an alligator, Ecstasy can often outwit his enemies.

Personality: Guided by the Library's teachings, a sacred place of learning from the Great Scribe Cadeliah, he became a well-rounded Drakonian after centuries of pillaging. A close friend of Cassandra's and the Dragon Mother's (who is fully recognized as the most powerful being in all of existence in my fanfic), Ecstasy has risen above the petty ways of his kind. He revels in joy, always seeming to be dancing or frolicking. The Guardian of Laughter, he mostly hangs in the sky, rarely interfering with life below him.

Family: The Drakonian Shades were like his family.

Relationships: He has a lingering crush on Chaos. (That's right, folks. Chaos.)

Fears/Weakness: He does not wish to kill his brethren.

Powers and Abilities: Light manipulation and spiritual abilities. He can dream walk, and quite literally turn into mist.

Weapon: Fricking huge claws and fire breath.

History: Was one of the most feared Drakonians until he discovered a different path. He follows Cadeliah, and sings the stars to sleep every night. It's rumored that he has a sister, though nothing has been confirmed. In the time of the angels, he was mostly just a pitiful sage. Nowadays, he ignores the world below him, lapsing into occasional depressions.

Other: Is mostly for my use but others can control him.... FEEL FREE!

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Just for info on how Dread and Desolate treat him, What event sparked his creation, has he done anything largeto thwart any attacks, and does he have a favorite cobtenent. Desolate likes North america. Dread likes Asia, and even though his character doesnt exist in the physical sense, the other DS's will talk about him so Bubo likes Europe
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Erm, how about he was born from the laugh of a murderer, but then he eventually grew to be the guardian of laughs and not the patron. He rats others out, but he rarely involves himself in fights. He doesn't really have a continent, but rather he floats about.

PS: I hope you read my note at the top. You're one of my best readers, supercell, and I would never go against you, but this isn't my forum. Maybe we should let the others help shape the story as well. Chaos is taking a step back, and so is Cassandra. This is a battle for the students; they're just mentors.

PS PS: I personally love the idea of Ds. That is really cool.

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Phoenix Glow
Accepted. Please do control how many OC's you have....
11/23/2013 #69
Of course.
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Phoenix Glow
For me I still have to make all the dragon parents of Luna OC's.
11/23/2013 #71

I try to keep it in tabs by letting anyone control them. You could make Cassandra fly off a cliff and kill herself and I'd be as okay with it as possible. When I do leave this forum, I want to make sure that I'll be able to leave behind something.

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Anyone who wants to can actually take Dread or create Bubo an OC.
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And Savage is probably going to do something incredibly heroic and stupid to get himself killed.
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Phoenix Glow
Name: Igneel Age: thousands of years old Creature: Dragon Gender: male Side: neutral Appearance: red scales and golden eyes, has a scar over his right eye. Personality: leader, courageous, kind, and protective of Luna. Family: Luna's dragon parents. Relationships: Amunia (mate/Luna's Earth dragon parent) Fears/Weakness: Cold stuff and Luna going missing or dead. Powers and Abilities: Fire and Heat Weapon: ----- History: Celebrant banish him and his litter to somewhere, he founded Amunia when she was hurt. He fell in love with her after that. When Luna came he was surprise at first, he thought of making her a normal Dragon Brother, but seeing the huge magic potential in her he taught her his fire magic. Other: When he's sleeping do not mess with him.
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Banana the DragonGirl


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Here is basicly an OC anybody can use. Peace!- Name: Hope Age: 0 Creature: Drakonian Shade that was touched by a fairy as an egg. Gender: Female Side: Neutral Appearance: Looks like a normal DS except with small stars dotting her hide. Has bright saphire blue eyes. She is also more slight and delacate. Personality: Completely and utterly innocent and curious. Family:Daughter of Dread Relationships:None. Fears/Weaknesses: Has absolutely no experience with anything. Powers and Abilities: Standard DS ones, and can inspire hope no matter what the situation. Weapon: None History: Was born when Dread destroyed a pyramid. Just now hatched. As s newly created egg Dread hid her deep in a preserve now known as fablehaven. Was touched by a fairy giving her innocence. Other: Open for anyone to use. Should be interesting to see her character develop with everyones input.
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Phoenix Glow
Name: Aquaria Age: Thousands of years old Creature: dragon Gender: female Side: neutral Appearance: Deep blue scales and Light blue eyes, her forehead has a white teardrop mark on it. Personality: Kind, gentle, motherly and likes to swim. Family: Luna's dragon parents Relationships: Glacé (mate/ Luna's ice dragon parent) Fears/Weakness: Family or Luna getting killed or hurt. Hot things. Powers and Abilities: Water and the weather Weapon:------- History: Igneel's younger sister, she was the one that founded Luna when she was a baby. She always force Luna to call her mother or mommy. She met Glacé when Luna was accidentally sent blasting into the North Pole, that was one thing Aquaria didn't regret happening. Other: She is strong in water combat.
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-----(==========> Look! I made a sword. I am posting here so you will recognise that there are new OC's.
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Phoenix Glow
Your OC is accepted.
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He is already pretty much a character. Just want to make it official. -Name:Stromthil Age: 2,000 Creature: Gryphon Gender: Male Side: Neutral Appearance: 10 Feet long from beak to tail, Gold/red feathers on his front half. Gold lion fur on his back half. Gold furred tufted tail. Has gold eyes. Heavy muscle, especially on the shoulders. Has large hawk wings. Personality: Loyal, intelligent, spiteful, noble. Family: Dead. All killed by dragons. Relationships: None Fears/Weaknesses: Is filled with an uncontrlable need for revenge for Savage's death. Hates dragons. Will never work directly with a full dragon. Powers/Abilities: Very good at flying and arial battle. His feathers contain strong elemental magic. Can do strong magic, but cannot use it himself. Weapon: None History: Was born and raised as a warrior. Faught in the legendary but long forrgotten by most dragon wars. Has killed in his time thirteen dragons. Other: None
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Phoenix Glow
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Phoenix Glow
Name: Amunia Age: thousands of years old Creature: dragon Gender: female Side: neutral Appearance: has brown scales and green eyes, her body is covered with soil. Personality: Calm, kind, shy and etc. Family: Luna's dragon parents. Relationships: Igneel(mate) Fears/Weakness: Places with no trees, Luna getting hurt. Igneel losing control. Powers and Abilities: Earth Weapon: ----- History: Amunia was hurt, she was near the dragons cave. Igneel found her and bring her back to his cave where both fell in love. She taught Luna Earth dragon magic and is protective of her. Other: She is quiet shy.
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Phoenix Glow

Name: Lyria/Frowen/Mixana/Weist/Glace

Age: thousand of years old

Creature: dragons

Gender: female/male/female/male/male

Side: neutral Appearance: White scales and Silver eyes has a small Sapphire gem stone in her forehead/ Green scales and aqua green eyes, his tail is like a tree./ Has grey scales and black eyes, her wings are nearly transparent/ Has yellow scales and red eyes, has a lighting scar on his left eye/ has light blue scales and white eyes, his tail has ice spikes.

Personality: Kind and caring, can be over protective/ Proud and Bossy, doesn't show his emotions much/ Sleepy and clumsy, acts like a sister to Luna/ acts like Igneel except he thinks before doing anything/ can be protective and always calm, cares about Luna.

Family. Luna's dragon family.

Relationships: Darkrai(Mate)/ Amunia(younger sister)/ Weist(mate)/ Mixana(mate)/ Aquaria(mate)

Fears/Weakness: Darkness and Chaos powers/ Fire/ Always too slept to think/ Always worried about his family when their hurt in battle/ Fire

Powers and Abilities: Light and Illusions/ Plants/ Wind and the weather/ Lightning and the weather/ Ice and summon blizzards.

Weapon: ------

History: Lyria met Darkrai after he was hurt, she brought him back to te cave to heal him. She fell in love with him, when Luna came she was like a sister to her./ Frowen found Amunia in the cave, he join later on. When Luna came he was always bossing her here and there./ Mixana was the one that blow away Luna to the North Pole, she came when Weist found her sleeping near the cave. She is in love with him, she always sleeping but when it comes to Luna she will be wide awake./ Igneel's younger brother and Aquaria's elder brother, he is the one that guards the cave when they went hunting. He takes care of Luna the most./ Glacé meet the other dragons when Aquaria came to bring Luna back. He fell in love with Aquaria and never left.

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Hi, um, is it okay if I join?

Name: Auzurey

Age: Several thousand years

Creature: Pegasus

Gender: Male

Side: Neutral

Appearance: Hunan form: Looks about seventeen years old. Moderately tall, quite thin. Very pale blond (almost white) hair, bicolored eyes (one ice blue, one deep purple). Always has a bow and arrows with him. Wears a leather necklace with a sapphire stone pendant. Pegasus form: Takes the form of a long legged dark grey stallion with a flowing mane and tail and large white feathered wings. Is still wearing the sapphire around his neck. Has a white perfectly diamond-shaped marking on his forehead.

Personality: He is somewhat reserved, liking to keep to himself a lot. His speech is quite proper, and he does not exactly understand modern slang. He is very patient, and extremely underatanding and forgiving. He's definitely not afraid to stand up for himself or his friends/allies, though is not always the first to volunteer as a front line fighter. All in all, he is fiercely loyal and unwilling to give up.

Family: Distantly descended from the first Pegasus; has a sister (Sianne)

Relationships: Is very close to his sister, though he hardly gets to see her. He has never fallen in love, though he has made himself some enemies, in both the Society and the Knights.

Fears/Weakness: (Must have at least one) He is deeply afraid of losing his friends, or going back to his old life (see history). His ability to be forgiving is both a blessing and a curse, as this sometimes clouds his judgement.

Powers and Abilities: Has incredible healing powers, and can speak to any creature in both his forms.

Weapon: He can wield a bow and arrows well; his sapphire is also very powerful, especially since without it, he is stuck in human form.

History: He was born into a hidden world known as Lynatopia, the result of a fairy falling for a unicorn (I 100% made that up...). He and his sister, Sianne, were happy living there until it was invaded by plagued dragons, who took each and every living soul and made them work for them. Many life forces were destroyed, including his and Sianne's parents. Eventually, some good dragons unaffected by the plague heard of this slavery and rescued a few of the enslaved creatures, like Auzurey. He was sent away, and cannot find his way back to Lynatopia.

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Phoenix Glow
11/30/2013 #87

Thank you.

11/30/2013 #88

Name: Diana

Age: 987

Creature: Phoenix

Gender: Female

Side: Society, but a bit of a free-lancer

Appearance: As a bird, her wingspan is nearly twenty feet. Her long neck resembles that of a swan, her head shaped as elegantly as a peacock's, crown and all. Each one of her talons glint silver. Her peacock tail is printed with fine platinum eyes. Her white feathers mottle into pale grey at the tips, like the flakes of ash she represents. As a symbol of her resistance and her desire to be queen, she wears a silver ringlet set with diamonds. As a human, her grey hair coils down her back in thick curls. Her pale face is smooth and sharp with cheekbones. Her lips are blood red and full. Her curves are accentuating and can pull anything off, luring more than one man into her trap. In any form, her eyes smolder slightly, brushed with mascara whether human or bird.

Personality: Flirty to a dangerous level. She's dangerously sexy, the kind that makes you want to run away as fast as your legs will carry you, but also the kind of sexy that draws you closer. Her personality is greedy and selfishly vain. Diana was banished for her ambition when she let her gaze rest on defeating the Fairy Queen to uphold her throne.

Family: None

Relationships: Every guy she meets has his pants off at one time or another.

Fears/Weakness: She falls easily to flattery; she knows she's fabulous, but hearing it repeated only helps her further. Her intelligence is top-notch, but her judgement can be clouded by vanity.

Powers and Abilities: Usual fiery rebirth of phoenixes. Can burst into flames and seduce any man she happens across. Though no more physical powers, she's extremely persuasive and can often talk people into switching sides.

Weapon: She fights with a scimitar

History: Tried to unseat the Fairy Queen. Will probably add as I continue.

Other:Ruler of an island off the coast of California. Has armies under her command, but simply doesn't deem it time to act. Pen pals with Tatiana (only supercell knows what that means.)

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Banana the DragonGirl

Well, she's a *cough* *cough* slut *cough*


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