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Name: Gabriel, also known as, "Go away you annoying idiot" by his freinds. Age: 200 Creature: Hobgoblin Gender: Male Side: Neutral Appearance: About half a foot tall, black,stubby, has dark gray eyes, REALLY big ears, and wears a brown loincloth. Personality: Completely, and utterly, ANNOYING. Will change his personality in any way to make himself more annoying. Family: UNKNOWN Relationships: Unknown Fears/Weaknesses: Anything acctually physicly demanding. Powers and Abilities: ANNOYINGNESS. He can also change his skin color and turn up in the weirdest places. Weapon: None History: All people know of him is he anoys everybody and always has. Other: In case you didn't catch it, HE IS ANNOYING.
12/5/2013 #91
Everyone went silent when I posted Gabriel. Did he annoy you away already?
12/5/2013 #92
Phoenix Glow
Gabriel......... IS A BL**DY F***ING SH**Y ID***IC NAME OF A PERSON I WANT TO BL**DY KILL!!! accepted by the way.
12/5/2013 #93
Do you want meto change his name? I could use Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve
12/5/2013 #94
Banana the DragonGirl

Name: Shayla Black

Age: 18

Creature: (Ex: shadow charmer or fairy kind. Yes you can make something up) Witch

Gender: Girl

Side: (Society, Knights, or neutral) Neutral

Appearance: Kinda slutty. She is perfectly tan and has a very toned body. She is tall and has big green eyes. She has long black hair that has a purple streak running through it. She usually wears a skin tight, strapless, leather top that stops at the bottom of her rib cage. This is usually accompanied by a very short skirt and fishnet tights.

Personality: Way to nice. Energetic, and a bit annoying.

Family: ?

Relationships: Every guy who happens into her traps

Fears/Weakness: (Must have at least one) Fears isolation and being alone

Powers and Abilities: She can only muster love potions and life sucking spells

Weapon: (Doesn't have to have one!) Her stare

History: She pretty much sucks the life out every guy she meets


12/6/2013 #95
Wolf, can I please make an OC for Flash-Foot? Please please please please please!
12/6/2013 #96
Acctually, no I have enough OC's. He would be good for you to have thoigh wulf.
12/6/2013 #97

Name: Flash-Foot

Age: 213 (In the awkward teenage stage...)

Creature: Great Wolf

Gender: male

Side: Knights, mostly. Favors light.

Appearance: Flash-Foot has steel grey fur. When light filters through, the tips glint the color of the sky. His pelt is thick to guard against the bitter temperatures of the sky. He's rather small -- just six feet in length from nose to tail, only five feet high. Because of a peculiar charm gifted to him by Cadeliah -- the Angel Amulet -- a few stray feathers fleck his mane and two massive wings growing from the nook between his shoulder blades. His feathers are cloudy grey and white, highlighted with streaks of blue. His eyes are a powerful cobalt color, almost navy. Though Flash-Foot is strong, most of his power is focused on both flight and speed rather than brawn.

Personality: Flash-Foot is spunky. He has a noble heart and good intentions, but his meanings can be mangled by harshness. He's a wanderer, hardly ever settling down to do anything permanent, a perk he inherited from his biological father. He's a good parent, like his aunt, but rarely finds himself surrounded by children. Loyal until the end, but flaky when it's not a life-or-death situation. Carries himself proudly; he means business, and he wants everyone else to know it.

Family: Biological - Aladdin (Father), Ceri (Mother/deceased), Jhama and Yetta (Twin cousins), Cadeliah (Aunt), Brach (cousin). Adopted - Thunder-Bolt (step-dad), Sand-Heart (step-mom) NOTE: MOST LIKELY MANY OF THESE ARE NEVER TO APPEAR, JUST LISTING IT.

Relationships: Has a crush on Jhama, his cousin, which is smiled upon in Wolfen society.

Fears/Weakness: Though he practically lives in the sky, Flash-Foot has an immense fear of falling. He hates being left behind. He enjoys solitude, but despises feeling lonely. Flash-Foot isn't the best at face-to-face confrontation.

Powers and Abilities: Flash-Foot isn't magical; he relies on crossing the speed of sound at flight, a trait he picked up from his step-dad, and his quick wit. Flash-Foot is intelligent. From his years among the clouds, he can read weather patterns accurately. He doesn't have much in the way of a conscious.

Weapon: Just the wind beneath his wings.

History: Flash-Foot was born into the world underneath the metaphorical wing of Aladdin, one of the world's most accomplished wolves. He lived a happy life with his mother and father, until a pack of human hunters started to track them down. Ceri was shot and killed. In his grief, Aladdin faked his own death and left his beloved child behind. Flash-Foot was taken to Caelum Amplexu, home of his aunt, Cadeliah. There, he was adopted by barren Sand-Heart and her feisty mate Thunder-Bolt, the fastest wolf alive. Flash-Foot, still a young pup, took to his new family easily. They bonded and became inseparable. However, when Caelum Amplexu fell to a disease called the Titanium Plague, Flash-Foot studied under Brach in the ways of flying. He still maintained a close attachment to his new family, and began to despise his father for leaving him alone. In his adolescence, Flash-Foot struck out on his own like all young wolves do. He's been wandering ever since, causing mischief and seeing the world for himself.

Other: From Time and Time Again and Jumping at Shadows, except older.

12/7/2013 #98
Phoenix Glow
12/7/2013 #99
Name: Ronin Age: (Whatever age the pups the pet store had were) Creature: Great Wolf Gender: Male Side: Neutral Appearance: Large for his age, but not particularly broad. Thick grey fur. Intelligent molten gold eyes. Personality: Wary, Alert, Smart, and has a will of steel. Family: The other pups in his litter. Relationships: None Fears/Weaknesses: Losing what little family he has left. Has a strong aversion to the words, Mortuus Ciphra. Powers and Abilities: Standard Great wolf stuff. Weapon: None History: Currently still stuck in that pet shop. Other: Associates the words, Odire Solias, with safety.
12/8/2013 #100

Name: Clip

Age: 26 (Still a child)

Creature: Great Wolf

Gender: Female

Side: neutral

Appearance: Barely two feet in length, Clip is still a child, and a young one at that. Her fur is fluffy as any pup's. The rich color of her silky pelt is Clydesdale brown, contrasted greatly by snowy white speckles infringing her eyes and peppering over her spine. The wild splatters give her a free appearance. A sable brown feather is always intertwined in the long hairs ringing her ears, a gift from her mother before she'd died. She's broad-shouldered, and her wide paws illustrate a future of large size. Her eyes are sparkling blue.

Personality: Clip is fierce and easy to set off. She's friendly and protective of anyone that gains her trust, but her trust is difficult to earn. Fiery as a firecracker, she'll explode for no precise reason. She's been singled out as the leader so many times she assumes dominance always, even over those older than herself. Her mind -- though sometimes clouded by irrational ferocity -- is sharp as a razor and practical. Her heart is made of gold underneath her layers of hardness.

Family: Deceased mother and father, the additional pups

Relationships: none

Fears/Weakness: She's afraid of failing. It frightens her to even give someone less than what they'd asked for. Failing her friends sends prickles of unease down her spine. She acts as though she's twice her size, and her overconfidence is killing.

Powers and Abilities: She dreams of one day being able to manipulate fire, but for the time being, she struggles with basic Great Wolf trickery.

Weapon: Claws and fangs

History: She had a happy home until the fire nation attacked. No, just kidding. Her mother and father were slaughtered on the steps of their ornate den, one that had been in the family for generations. The human hunters had pillaged her home and sold her siblings to the witches.

Other: A pup in a litter.

12/8/2013 #101
Phoenix Glow
All Accepted
12/8/2013 #102
Phoenix Glow

Name: Tia

Age: (same as the pups)

Creature: Great wolf

Gender: female

Side: neutral

Appearance: Smallest of the litter.

Personality: Shy, kind, curious and etc.

Family: The litter of pups.

Relationships: -------

Fears/Weakness: losing her family

Powers and Abilities: the normal wolf

Weapon: --------

History: same as the rest of the litter

Other. The youngest in the litter.

12/8/2013 . Edited 12/8/2013 #103
Supercell-ak12/8/2013 #104
Phoenix Glow
12/8/2013 #105
Acctually, I dont want the sun guy. Scratch that.
12/8/2013 #106
DONT WORRY IM NOT TAKING INSANES PUP YOU WILL SEE WHAT I AM DOING AT THE HISTORY Name: Hirum. Age: 50 Creature: Great wolf Gender: Male. Side: Neutral. Appearance: Has light silver sides, with a slightly darker shade on his back. His underbelly is white. His fur is clean and shiny. He has emerald green eyes that are common in many lines of wolves. He is small and fast. Human form is an 8th grade looking teen with a grey shirt and black shorts. Personality: Intensly loyal. Kind, giving, and thoughtful. Family: Clip's litter and their parents. Relationships: None. Fears/Weaknesses: Sometimes too quick to give others secound chances. Powers/Abilities: Standard Great Wolf. Early on in his soltitude he learned how to switch to a human avatar. Weapon: None. History: Was born to the same parents as Ronin, Clip, Tia, and the others, but of a different litter many years before. He was the only one to survive past the winter. He was taught for several happy years before the hunters came. He escaped their clutches, kiling several of their number, but failed to rescue his little brothers and sisters. Yes, there were more than five pups, but the witches were cruel, and some didn't survive. Hirum has survived alone ever since. Other: Is a killer athelete in both of his forms.
12/8/2013 #107
Phoenix Glow


12/8/2013 #108
Banana the DragonGirl

Sorry i have been gone, my new puppy is a piece of work...

Name: Axle

Age: 26 (Still a child)

Creature: Great Wolf

Gender: Male

Side: neutral

Appearance: Barely two feet in length, Axle is a very young one. He has a black pelt, with a white streak down his spine to his tail. This earned the name, skunk, from his litter mates. His ears and feet also sport the white. He has yellow-orange eyes.

Personality: Axle is very friendly. He loves sarcasm and silliness. Very Very wierd.

Family: Deceased mother and father, the additional pups

Relationships: none

Fears/Weakness: Deathly afraid of Dragons and fire.

Powers and Abilities: Nothing really yet, he is just a pup

Weapon: Claws and fangs

History: Her mother and father were slaughtered on the steps of their ornate den, one that had been in the family for generations. The human hunters had pillaged her home and sold her siblings to the witches.

Other: A pup in a litter.

12/10/2013 . Edited 12/10/2013 #109
Phoenix Glow

Name: Cerberus

Age: Very old (human form) Looks 17 has pitch black eyes and his eyes are a deep golden and wolf like.

Creature: fox/wolf hybrid

Gender: male

Side: neutral

Appearance: already explained.

Personality: Protective of his mistress, proud, calm and etc.

Family: none.

Relationships: Luna(third mistress)

Elena(second mistress)

Anna (creator/first master)

Fears/Weakness: If he doesn't have a mistress or master in a week he will die. He is scared of death.

Powers and Abilities: illusions, can change into human form, darkness and shadows.

Weapon: in human form he uses any weapon.

History: made from the first black blood witch, Anna. He was the first of her creations, he was also made from black blood. He was sent to the pet shop to find and become Luna's familiar.

Other: -------

12/17/2013 #110
Banana the DragonGirl

Name: Broody

Age: still a puppy, around 1 in human years

Creature: mood wolf

Gender: male

Side: Knight

Appearance: A pure white wolf puppy. He has large white angle wings and color changing eyes with his mood. When reading a mood colors go down his fur. Pink swirls- friendly, gray smudges- uneasy, completely black- hatred, red ears and face- angry, yellow spots- happy

Personality: very loyal and proud

Family: none mentioned

Relationships: Emma is his owner/best friend

Fears/Weakness: He fears not having a home and being captured again.

Powers and Abilities: as mentioned before, he can display mood or tell if someone is trustworthy. He can fly

Weapon: tooth and claw

History: He is not a hybrid or magically engineered. He lived in a secluded sanctuary full of mermaid. The mermaids made the water magic and over centuries, all of the animals living around there turned into magical versions of normal animals. The creature hunters (the kidnappers of all the pets) attacked the sanctuary and took all the animals.

Other: -------

12/17/2013 #111

Name: River-Song (haha very funny)

Age: 39,087

Creature: Fairy Wolf; she was once a Great Wolf, but the kiss of a fairykind long long ago altered her -- turning her into something worse than a wolf and worse than a fairy, feared by all.

Gender: Female

Side: On her own side. Despising everything she come across.

Appearance: As a wolf, River-Song has a thick steel grey pelt. She's tall and burly, built with almost masculine muscles. Her tail is long and elegant. Her eyes, no matter the form, are a deep cobalt blue -- saturating the eyes so wholly as you can barely make out the pinpoint pupils. As a human, she is chic and cruel. Tall and slender with a face that belongs to a model, River-Song is beautiful in a cruel way. She has a royal demeanor that often frightens men instead of attracting them. Her wings sprout from her shoulder in either form, lined in a silver scythe-like rim of metal-like material. Her swallowtail butterfly wings are dappled and banded with differing shades of light blue and grey. Her teeth are usually bared.

Personality: Though River-Song yearns for understanding, she has a difficult way of showing it. River-Song rips and tears and claws. She has no respect for the beauty of life, only revering the tug of her feral instincts. Her attitude is gruff and indifferent, even when faced with the death of her little brother, Chaos. She is neither good nor bad, driven only by her monstrous taste for magical blood.

Family: Chaos (brother)

Relationships: n/a

Fears/Weakness: Though she doesn't have a clue on socializing, River-Song is wistful for a companion. She is driven by instincts, and flies into feeding frenzies in which she harms those she loves.

Powers and Abilities: River-Song can Wink (evaporate her body into light particles and magically zap anywhere in the world). She can switch forms between human and wolf. She has a queer hold on her dominion, able to sense things in her dreaded Whiteblood Gardens.

Weapon: Fights with her fangs, even as a human.

History: River-Song was originally Chaos's brother. After the fairykind -- a male rumored to be named Raphael -- kissed her on the forehead and transformed her into the beast she is, she killed the rest of her litter. Chaos was a later litter. Her mother and father watched her disappear, unable to do a thing as their daughter became a monster. A cold-blooded monster. Though she's always harbored an intense hatred of herself, River-Song rarely dwelled on her problems. She wandered and fended off others of her kind, not yet resorting to the awfulness she would later. After she became a kick-butt warrior, River-Song was asked to annihilate all the brutal others of her species, with one reward: her own suffering survival. River-Song followed her instincts and killed every last one of them off, still awakening from nightmares of their screams to this day. River-Song quickly discovered afterwards that the blood of powerful magical creatures -- fairies, dragons, demons -- caused a sort of euphoric high in her systems. Unicorns were the best. To this day she lures them into her inescapable Whiteblood Gardens, devouring them savagely, enticed by the power in their pure blood.

Other: From my Fanfiction, though edited to fit the context better.

12/17/2013 #112
I believe we are in need of mature teachers. MATURE.- Name: Flashburn (who names their kid that?) Age: 57 Creature: Human. Gender: Male. Side: Whoever he thinks is doingthe right thing. Appearance: An old man with a bald head and a white beard. He is about 5'7" and has strong muscles for his age. He is agile, and wears a brown/grey tunic trying to act like he is from ancient times. He always wears a scabbard on his right side. He is amedextris. Personality:Wise, tricky, clever, and funny. It will come out in more detail when I RP as him. Family: One son. Relationships: None. Fears/Weaknesses: Only human. Powers and abilities: VERY good with a sword. Weapon: His sword, known as seperator, for what it does best. History: Not relevant for now, may come out in the roleplay. Other: Likes to sing while fighting.
12/17/2013 #113

I found the edit button :P

12/17/2013 . Edited 12/17/2013 #114


12/17/2013 #115
For your fanfic?
12/17/2013 #116

Haha you can't see it anymore! But yes, for my fanfic

12/17/2013 #117
Ahem, pulls out official paperwork. I have a loophole if you decide to kill Chaos in your fanfic.
12/17/2013 #118

That's the thing: he's not going to die. I'll send you the details over PM... well, some of the details.

12/17/2013 #119
Not too many. At all.
12/17/2013 #120
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