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Name: Samantha Victor

Age: 14

Creature: (Ex: shadow charmer or fairy kind. Yes you can make something up) Mermaid

Gender: Girl (Maid not man)

Side: (Society, Knights, or neutral) Neutral

Appearance: She has pitch black silky hair and bright green eyes. She is has dark olive skin and bluish dots on her arms. She has a greenish yellowish mermaid tail when in the water. When out, she has long legs and sports light clothing. She is strikingly beautiful.

Personality: She is a bit of an airhead, well a lot of an airhead. She kinda a dumb blond that has dark hair. She is ditzy but powerful.

Family: Her family is swimming off in the Caribbean.

Relationships: non

Fears/Weakness: (Must have at least one) Heat and dryness

Powers and Abilities: She can control water and when she touches it, her tail forms. She can use echolocation. Marine animals can speak to her. She can control people with her amazing voice.

Weapon: (Doesn't have to have one!) Water can solidify in her hands to make weapons. Usually swords

History: She, like our old friend Lena, fancied a man and came out of her lagoon. Her family scorned her and the man left her. She has been adventuring around the world.

Other: She likes to sing.

1/1/2014 #211
Phoenix Glow

Accepted. Welcome to the family, Forza.

1/1/2014 #212
Banana the DragonGirl

ok, this is really sciency so bear with me....

Name: Harmony

Age: 14

Creature: (Ex: shadow charmer or fairy kind. Yes you can make something up) cophytoanthrop (she is a plant and a human)

Gender: girl

Side: (Society, Knights, or neutral) society

Appearance: she stands at about 5' 5" and has slightly green tinted skin. She has bright green eyes and long blond hair reaching her knees. She has vines crawling up her legs and arms. She usually struts around naked, but in the presence of people, she grows herself a long elegant dress.

Personality: she is honestly a nice person. She wants rider the good in everyone and she loves to help. The only reason she is with the society is because she really believe they will help the world.

Family: the trees and animals (she is kinda like a Native American in the sense that she believes everything is related to her)

Relationships: non

Fears/Weakness: (Must have at least one) fire ( you can see how the Phoenix and her get along real well...)

Powers and Abilities: (this is where we get super sciency) so she is half plant half animal in the sense that she has the ability to give off oxygen and carbon dioxide. She also can make glucose and water. So basically she can survive without food or water if she wishes. She controls plants and has a bond with lots of animals.

Weapon: (Doesn't have to have one!) vines

History: will finish later


4/5/2014 . Edited 4/5/2014 #213

Name: Syrix O'Hell is the name she's been using for the past ten or so years, her true name is unknown.

Age: real age unknown, goes by age seventeen, but everyone knows she's older as she's been for hire for ten years looking the same age.

Creature: A type of Blix, know as a VaritaBlix. They are the basis of the shapeshifter legends. VaritaBlixes can assume the form of any creature they have bitten or taken a taste of blood from, including unicorns, dragons, and almost any other type of creature out there, but they cannot copy abilities, such as the magics that go with their new form.

VaritaBlixes prefer to exist in another form and never forget that form, example, if Syrix bit a fog giant she would always be able to turn into one. And they also age as that form does. If they take on a Dragon's form they'll age very slowly as the original does. Syrix prefers the form of a wolf-kin, a type of person that has sharp 'claws' for fingernails, pointed teeth, pointed ears, long hair, golden eyes with slit pupils, and amazing senses of smell and hearing.

This form of Blix is the rarest and is often confused with another species. They are also the most vulnerable. If any one creature that isn't a Blix of any sort can find out what their true form is, their true name, and their true age they cease to exist.

Gender: female

Side: Syrix goes to whichever side offers her better benefits, earning her a well deserved reputation as both an assassin and an all around mercenary.

Appearance: In her most common form, a Wolf-kin, Syrix has jet black hair and paper white skin. She has bright golden eyes with the typical slit-pupil for a Wolf-kin but it is gray-ish betraying her as a VaritaBlix.

She is rather tall, standing at 5'10" and is very self-conscious of it, going to the point of hunching in occasion just to hide it. She always behaves with a type of shy reservedness with a proud and rebellious streak that is visible when she walks and in the types of clothing she picks.

Syrix generally picks a type of edgy cloths with a basic color scheme of black, gold, silver, red, purple, and a bit of gray. She has fallen in love with leather jackets and is rarely seen without one on.

Personality: To protect themselves most VaritaBlixes take on a new personality every time they change their name. Syrix does this, but her control over her words is weak and she often reverts back into her true nature.

She is a snarky girl and acts almost nothing like the average teen. She is normally level-headed, but say the wrong word or do the wrong thing...and you have a person with a grudge. She won't forget what you did and will find a way to get back at that person.

Family: Syrix has no real family members still alive in the world. They had been sloppy and let too much information slip about themselves. She is one of the only remaining VaritaBlixes.

Relationships: Syrix is a little...weirded out by most relationships but that is because she has never been in one herself, or at least, not since she took the name and persona of Syrix.

Fears/Weakness: the inheritable weaknesses of the form she takes are always there. As a VaritaBlix Syrix has an instinctive dislike for the light and very pure things, such as the first horn of a unicorn, or Phoenix down. (Not necessarily pure, but fire and light based.)

Syrix has an irrational fear of wasps and bees. She'll run away screaming or just get really edgy and violent when she sees one.

Powers and Abilities: Syrix can change her form by using blood samples and memory. If she knows how the ability of that creature works, such as physical Dragon-fire, she can mimic them.

Weapon: Aside from her teeth and the physical attributes of the form she takes Syrix has always been good with healing herbs and mixing them to make them more potent. She can make a potion to heal almost any injury.

She also wield four small throwing knives that are always on her person.

But her main weapons are her hands. She has always been very flexible, particularly when she's in the Wolf-Kin form. She knows the nervous systems of many creatures and can figure out many other paralyzing pressure points. She can also break bones if she puts enough pressure on it.

History: Syrix's history is very little known as it is one of her weaknesses. (Is it alright if I leave this blank? I could fill it in, but it'd be something almost no body knows.)

Other: Syrix's real name is Akida Sarinque, and she's actually a rather short girl with long black hair and green eyes. She hates her true form though, and hasn't used it since she was three and learned how to use her powers. She doesn't know how she'd look now and frankly, is afraid to find out. She is physically 16, but was actually born in the Victorian era. (No one knows any of this yet!!!)

6/8/2014 #214
Ibis Tenebris

Before you read this I want you to read it all the way through! Just sayin'



Creature: ancient species of shapeshifter (velatos multis face((as you get older the more forms you get the more forms available, and you can mimic their abilities, the oldest of their kind has 70 forms ))and already change into multiple colors can change into different colors. also as is natural, the pheremones they emit changes once they change form, it is, after all only natural. )


Side: knights..... it's complicated

Appearance:(why not?) dark Blue hair that goes to mid back, white bangs that sweep off to the left, light tan, bright green and bright turqoise eyes. her height is 5"9, athletic, caucasian. she wears a elagant blue turtleneck-like sweater, she designed it so she could still be as acrobatic as she pleased, with baggy tan cargo pants, and blue sneakers, she lets her hair flow free.(I might post a picture of her on my deviant art account.)

Personality: paranoid, mischievious(she's toned down a bit), advantageous, is a lot kinder than she used to be.(she's gonna be fun to develop.)

Family:Fathers name is Aurum 90989 yrs old, mother's name is Aqua 90986, and 19 older siblings- goodness gracious! however did she survive?! all their names are latin as well.

Relationships: hates most of her siblings, misses the rest, the ones she hates were either imprisoned in Zyzyx and most likely died in trying to escape, she misses most of her siblings that died in aiding the round up of the demons in the first place(4 of them lived), and they won't even talk to her.(the eldest, the second to youngest, fourth to youngest, third to eldest, they being Thesaurem, Glacius, Spero, and Hibernia,.

Fears/Weakness:her powers being limited further by the wizard that limited them in the first place, fear of being percieved as weak.

Powers and Abilities:since the wizard limited her to her human disguise, and 3 animal forms, the animal forms being, taby cat( dark blue same as hair with white tipped ears, and a white tipped tail the tip looks like a several pointed star that's belly is on the very tip of her tail), chilean blue eagle (all blue with a white crest, the crest is on the center of her face above the beak, and her tail feathers tips are white), panther(dark blue with the same tail detail as the tabby).

Weapon: two daggers, small hidden knives up her sleeves, and a wrist crossbow

History:after Lux being a mischievous little beast for many years, A wizard lost his temper, he hunted her down and restricted her to four forms, with no promises of returning the rest of her 17 to her, one that he took away was the dragon form, much to her displeasure. she has now for 3 thousand years been restricted, and her having many a enemy at the time of when the punishment was dealt (and still some today), you can imagine the sudden increase of danger, the many hunts that naturally followed. the wizard whom had punished her was extremely knowledgeable and etremley powerful, only he, and no one else can undo it, and that includes Lux. so now she is being sent to the academy to help her learn to be more responsible...kind of a probation.

because of what the wizard did she is immune to anything that alters her beyond what she has been allowed to keep- and that includes accidents. her forms can't be altered, not even her hair color be changed, the wizard knew this would be important so she could be identified, she can be forced out a form, or knocked into another, but that takes someone powerful to do so. only the wizard can tinker and alter the spell, as he is responciple for her punishment, and he had the approval of the the wizard council to punish her.(few know this)

she spent her time on the dragon preserve until the dragons kicked her out, they hated her. Lux did much to gain the hatred pf many, including the pilfering of castles and stealing from dragons, and she was a nuisance in general, causing such grief, not even villagers were 'left well enough alone' the problem was, she was difficult to capture twenty forms and more to come? in combination of an ability of coloration alteration?! no she HAD to be caught.

(have the details on how she was caught)

her father and mother are upright, just, good creatures.

Other: she enjoys gymnastics. in her inventory she has picklocks, blow dart gun, first aid kit, pain killers, emergency cash, rations.

(i feel i may have over done-it for the species powers, but considering she starts out pretty weak, and has chance to grow, with power in the future to come like other characters, i think she should seem pretty normal, but i think she will be unique as she will have to change for any progression in her powers, plus i think it should lead to some comedy)

9/6/2015 . Edited 9/8/2015 #215
Ibis Tenebris

This place isn't dead?

9/6/2015 . Edited 9/7/2015 #216
Phoenix Glow

For now it is. Anyway your oc is accepted _

9/12/2015 #217
Ibis Tenebris

Yes! I was so nervous :D

9/12/2015 #218
Phoenix Glow

Name: Luna

Age: 16

Creature: Dragon Breed.

Gender: female

Side: Neutral

Appearance: Black hair until her shoulder blades, she wears a long black jacket with a hood and jeans, her eyes are silver and gold, reptilian like. She wears sunglasses during the day.


Family: human Family Unknown. Dragon Family Killed.

Relationships: None

Fears/Weakness: She fears Isolation, Being betrayed, left alone. Her weakness is her eye sight which seems to be sensitive to light, making her blind. Another weakness is the darkness, her own strength, because without light there cannot be shadows...

Strength and Abilities: Strengths is assassination type of attacks, Abilities as shadow teleportation a short teleportation and shadow weapons

Weapon: Weapons made of shadows.



9/12/2015 #219
ok so..... Name: Katrina Age: 14 Creature: Naiad kind Gender: female Side: neutral now knights Appearence: tall thin and pretty, with brown hair braided with seaweed, and chocolate eyes, plus tan skin. Personality: fierce and vulnerable , would do anything to protect loved ones. Family: a little sister named sophie kidnapped by society. Realationships: kinda likes Bronx. Fears: sister dieing and not being loved. Powers: breath underwater , control water, speaks silvian and sylvian languages, and friends with naiads. Weapon: silver engraved bow History: thrown into pond and raised by naiads when little, then tracked down sister who was raised by faries. Other: will do whatever it takes to get sister back.
1/2/2016 #220

Name: Lilia Roberts

Age: 17

Creature: Dragon Kind

Gender: Female

Side: Knights

Appearance: Fluffy brown hair that is buzz cut on sides and back. Hazel eyes, and tan skin.

Personality: She is firm yet kind, she isn't quick to get angry and looks over every possibility. When she is around new people she is very quiet and shy. She is also a major tomboy and won't take anyone's crap.

Family: Milo(Father)


Only child though very good friends with the Sorensens

Relationships: Kendra and Seth like siblings to her, she also has very good relationship with her parents.

Fears/Weakness: Death, being left(Developed this fear after becoming dragon kind), bugs

Powers and Abilities: Can turn into a half dragon(Human just with horns, tails, and wings), full dragon, and blue fire. Can be in front of dragons without freezing

Weapons: Brass Knuckles and sword

History: Was allowed to go to Fablehaven the first time with Kendra and Seth, after asking and parents discussing and letting her go. Was there all the summers and became Dragon kind at the battle of Zzyzx when blocked a hit to Celebrant. Who then told it would have done nothing and she almost died, but to reward her for her bravery her turned her into Dragon kind. Helps Kendra and Seth at Wrymroost

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