The Society is Back! *gasp* And Fablehaven need new, magical recruits (that's you) to join the Fablehaven Academy. Create an OC, roleplay, chat, and just have fun!
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Banana the DragonGirl

Ok. Here you can make Oc to go to the Academy. Or evil Ocs. Anyway, I dont want 50 shadow charmers, or unicorns, or fairy kind. I strongly suggest you make up your own species or creature that is unique. No Mary sue or copying.



Creature: (Ex: shadow charmer or fairy kind. Yes you can make something up, but not something that's too OverPowered))


Side: (Society, Knights, or neutral)





Fears/Weakness: (Must have at least one)

Powers and Abilities: (Can't be too Overpowered))

Weapon: (Doesn't have to have one!)



8/6/2013 . Edited by Phoenix Glow, 9/12/2015 #1
Banana the DragonGirl

Name: Hayden Sketch

Age: 13

Creature: (Ex: shadow charmer or fairy kind. Yes you can make something up) Niormorphix

Gender: Girl

Side: (Society, Knights, or neutral) She was society, and now she is Knights

Appearance: Hayden is a young girl at about 5'6". She is petite and is thin. She has light brown, bouncy soft curls that go down to the bottom of her rib cage. She has little speckles of freckles, (that rhymed), that dot her nose. She has very interesting eyes, one is dark green and one is a deep purple. She usually wears a pair of jeans and a cream sweater, but when she is training she wears a completely black, leather, skin tight, combat suit.

Personality: Witty, sarcastic, top dog, loves to try new things. She can be pretty sweet when necessary.

Family: None that she knows of

Relationships: Seth and her have a thing

Fears/Weakness: (Must have at least one) THOSE FREAKING SPIDERS!!!! She also fears small spaces

Powers andAbilities: When she bites someone or something, she receives their DNA and she can morph into them. She doesn't have their powers sadly.

Weapon: (Doesn't have to have one!) A sword that is told to be a dragon slayer.

History: The society stole Hayden away as a child. They trained her to be a killer and to hate the Knights. She lived in a cell because they were afraid of her. She was just about to be put into action when the demon prison was opened and closed. Everyone left and she was stuck, locked in a cell. She managed to escape and tried to do what she was told to do. Kill the Sorensons. She was so weak from lack of water, food, and the necessities that she didn't stand a chance. Ruth felt bad for the girl and slowly taught her to change her ways. Now she lives with the Sorensons and trains alongside Seth and Kendra.

Other: She can also turn into animals.

8/6/2013 #2
Banana the DragonGirl

And.... She is excepted, of course!!! Remember to agree to the rules now!

10/19/2013 . Edited 10/19/2013 #3
Banana the DragonGirl

Name: Bronx Jones

Age: 16

Creature: (Ex: shadow charmer or fairy kind. Yes you can make something up) Detromat

Gender: boy

Side: (Society, Knights, or neutral) Knights

Appearance: he has brown short hair and dark hazel eyes. He is a big build and stands about 6'. He is always grinning.

Personality: Bronx is very strait forward and he will always be honest. The only problem is he can't keep a secret and can sometimes appear rude, but he is very nice and friendly. Like a gentle giant.

Family: society killed them all

Relationships: non

Fears/Weakness: (Must have at least one) he fears being left out and his weakness is if someone doesn't believe him.

Powers and Abilities: basically he makes false realities. He can find your dreams, fears, hopes etc. and he can make a 'dream state' as he calls it, for you. It's like he puts you into a dream he can control, but once you stop believing it is real, his powers are useless.

Weapon: (Doesn't have to have one!) he doesn't like to fight, but if he had to he would use pepper spray ( I know, he is a real warrior)

History: Not even he remembers... He was trapped in a world of his own making and woke up outside of fablehaven


10/24/2013 . Edited 11/21/2013 #4

Name: Vixen

Age: 15

Creature: Demishifter

Gender: Female

Side: Mostly knight, but there's some part in her that's been corrupted by the Society.

Appearance: Mid-back length, dirty-blonde hair that falls in soft but somewhat untamable waves, she often braids it to get it out of the way. Her eyes are a deep, leafy green and seems to shimmer silver and gold depending on the light, dark but not very long lashes ring them. She's about 5'1" with a petite build, a flexible and lithe body makes up for her shortness. Her facial features are soft and delicate, always having a doll-like look. Her skin is fair and her lips are a healthy light, reddish-pink. She wears dark-colored tank tops, slightly loose dark blue jeans with holes worn in the knees held up by a black belt adorned with sparkly stars. To add to it she wears black combat boots, black fingerless gloves, and a black leather jacket hoodie.

Personality: Usually very kind and caring, willing to help anyone and anything unless given a reason not too. She tends to beat around the bush when it comes to family, relationships and her past. She has a tender heart, is very empathetic and compassionate, even affectionate at times. She loves drawing and singing, well, really anything musical, and loves the outdoors and it's wildlife. Her smiles usually start out small, but spend enough time with her being kind and patient could earn you a grin and a laugh.

Family: Father, deceased, killed by Society-Mother, deceased, died of lung cancer-Younger brother, deceased, killed by Society.

Relationships: Kind of like family to the Sorenson grandparents, but doesn't know anyone else.

Fears/Weakness: She fears total darkness, not being able to see, and being completely alone. If you want to hit a sore spot her memories and the fact that she has no family are weaknesses.

Powers and Abilities: She can partially (not completely) shapeshift into any creature, or even mix and match animals. But it does take up energy if it's too big or if she holds it for too long. (If she practices more she can hold transformations for longer periods of time and of larger degrees.

Weapon: Her abilities can give her claws, fangs, and poisons. She prefers practicing with bladed weapons such as her dagger. It has a hilt made of obsidian with an oval embedded within it, making the end of the hilt slightly rounded. It's blade is it's strangest characteristic, seeing as it has no exact color but shimmers and flashes each color of the dawn sky. She got it from her mother.

History: She was originally human, seeing as was her family, but her mother was fairykind, putting magical DNA in her blood. Her mother, even though she was fairykind she still fell ill to cancer. Vixen was only eleven months old when her mother finally succumbed to her illness. Her father was in mourning for two years, until he was helped out of his depression by and unlikely source, the Society of the Evening Star. They really only wanted Vixen for her blood properties, but blinded her father with promises of happiness. Her brother wasn't so easily fooled. After only one month, on her third birthday, her father had died of "unknown causes" which put Vixen and her older brother in the hands of the Society. After five years of sleeping in cells, barely ever seeing each other, and going through numerous experiments, the two of them escaped but only one made it. Vixen's older brother was caught in the shoulder by a poisonous dart, after which he used himself as a shield to protect Vixen, allowing her to escape and giving her directions to a place she'd be safe. Following the directions she found herself in front of Fablehaven, being let in because she looked injured and Ruth had known Vixen's mother. At this point, she was eight years old, and had been changed plenty by the experiments. When the Academy was opened she didn't hesitate to join it.

Other: Likes sparkly objects and oddly colored things.

10/29/2013 . Edited 11/23/2013 #5
Banana the DragonGirl
And... Accepted. Welcome to the acadamy!
10/30/2013 #6

Yayah! Thanks!

10/30/2013 #7
Banana the DragonGirl
Do you have a certain name you want to be called, insane randomness is slightly long
10/30/2013 #8
Phoenix Glow
Yay! Another person!
10/30/2013 #9

Most people call me Insane, but Randomness or Random works too! XD


10/30/2013 #10
Banana the DragonGirl
So... If it is all right with the two of you , you can become my forum mods
10/30/2013 #11
Phoenix Glow
10/30/2013 #12
Banana the DragonGirl
Will do, once I on the computer and not a iPod.
10/30/2013 #13


10/30/2013 #14
Dead Zed 5



Creature: Dragon


Side: Neutral

Appearance: Medeum sized dragon-wise, yellow reptile eyes, black scaled, leathery wings, sharp claws, four legs

Personality:always attentive, curious, and is open minded in many ways

Family:Never had any contact with his father, his mother cared for him until he learned how to fly. he only has a yunger sister, although he doesnt know where she is

Relationships: none

Fears/Weakness: Being in tight spaces, cold areas

Powers and Abilities: Flame breath, can take a human form

Weapon: None

History: Alone for most of his life, Dekan finally took an opportunity to try and immerse himself into the world


11/2/2013 #15
Banana the DragonGirl

YAY more dudes!!!

Accepted.... but does he by chance have a last name? Oh... and Please agree to the rules

11/2/2013 . Edited 11/2/2013 #16
Dead Zed 5

I accept, and nah

11/3/2013 #17




Creature: Great Wolf, Shadow-Charmer

Gender: Male

Side: neutral all the way

Appearance: Chaos is a massive wolf, about ten feet long from nose to tail. He towers above most people. His pelt is told to have once been white and as crisp as fallen snow, but now, he's striped with inky black, like a zebra. His eyes are violet. He always carries a long, wolf-made cloak bound by a blue opal. It's told it was a gift from his dead family.

Personality: Chaos is at first the meanest creature on the face of the planet. His sarcasm is deep and hurtful at times. He's been wounded many times in his long lifetime, and it's caused him so much pain that he doesn't really see the point of even making friendships anymore. However, if you do succeed in becoming near and dear to his heart, you've earned a friend forever. His sketchy personality and strange fur mark him an outcast among most crowds. One of his deepest desires is to be loved as his family had once loved him, and to be forgiven for his wrongdoing.

Family:Clara (dead) Seth (dead, and yes, that's Seth's name. He has a difficult time with Seth for that reason) Swift-Song (dead)

Relationships:Firefly, his Soul Mate (dead). He will never love again.

Fears/Weakness: Chaos has a weakness for innocence. Anything small or anything in need of a home plays themselves right into his crusty heart. He's been played by this before, and he understands it's not a strong point, but he can't resist crying children. He will sacrifice himself for those he loves, and he's got an almost irrational desire for chicken at times. He fears death and facing his family after so long of being separated.

Powers and Abilities: Chaos is a big ball of surprises. He's been around for a while, so he can do the basic Shadow-Charmer voodoo. On occasion, he'll use a human avatar to do annoying things like signing documents. He can sprout wings with much focus, and can fire laser beams from his eyes. Mostly, Chaos uses his claws.

Weapon: Fangs can rip people up as good as any sword, but he's got two massive machine gun paintball rifles.

History: Chaos was hired to teach Seth (not his son). However, for the longest time, their relationship was rocky and based on the hatred Chaos had for Seth. But, finally, they began to respect one another. Seth and Kendra became near and dear to his heart. He considers himself one of their guardians against the cruel world. Before the Sorensons, Chaos was treated like an outcast to all other than his own society of good-hearted Shadow Charmers. He was originally donned to be the Wolf King of the Great Wolves, but gave up the position for his love. That cursed all of his family, and lead them to their deaths in some accounts. He's erased most of his personal history from the records.

Other: Chaos is a character from my fanfictions, Time and Time Again and Jumping at Shadows. I highly advise you go read them, even if you have to struggle a bit through the first one. Thanks guys!



11/5/2013 . Edited 12/7/2013 #18
Banana the DragonGirl
He is... Accepted. And awesome, which you already knew.
11/5/2013 #19
Name: Jake, AKA , "Thundershadow" Age: 12 Creature: Half great wolf half human. ( I have read wolfluvers fanfics.) Gender: Male Side: Neutral Appearance: About 5'10 with 1 1/2 inch long dark brown hair, semi tan skin with no freckles. Has dark, powerful looking stormy gray eyes. On his left wrist he has a thick, wide black leather braclet with the letters, BBM scrawled on it. He wears dark jeans, with a black T shirt. on his left shoulder he has a silver mark showing a wolf howling at a dark black moon. He is left handed. and on the right side of his jeans is a brown leather scabbard. He is Very fit and atheletic. Hid wolf form is a 5 foot long gray wolf with bright ivory claws and the same shoulder mark, bracelet, and eyes. Personality: Rugged, and dark at first but once you get to know him caring, loyal, and trusting. He is reckless, and will fight to the death to avenge the innocent, and destroy evil. He also loves sarcasm. He thinks that the people he admires are much more powerful than theyreally are. Family: His human mother died in childbirth and his great wolf father died of a particularly nasty plauge in the preserve they were staying on. (The plauge is called the Titanium plauge.) Fears/Weaknesses: His powers deacrease exponentialy when he is seperated from his BBM bracelet. He greatly fears being discovered by unicorns for they would capture him and try him for his "crimes" (that unicorn was killing those people! he had to do it!not all unicorns are so pure you know.) Powers and abilities: In times of great need he can turn into wolf form. But only if he has his bracelet. He can control storms. but this wreaks havoc unintentionaly if he doesn't have his bracelet. He can comunicate telepathicly with all creatures of dark. Weapon: A dark blue crystoline magik sword by the name of "Bluefire" History: When his mother died he an his father moved to a remote preserve in the north. When his dad died by the hand of the titanium plauge he became a loner. Until he was found by a dragon named crimson...(pm me for more details) Other: If you want, ask wolfluvermh if I can use the things from her story that I did.
11/7/2013 #20
and his theme song is Savin'me by Nickelback.
11/7/2013 #21
I claim Nero. You know, the troll. Why? Because he's awesome.
11/7/2013 #22
Phoenix Glow

Please wait for a while since Banana isn't here yet...

11/7/2013 #23

I don't care if you used something from my story (that actually made me happy). This guy is awesome. I like the BBM bracelet.

11/8/2013 #24

Chaos's theme is Viva La Vida by Coldplay. (Am I the only one who still loves that song?)

11/8/2013 #25
Banana the DragonGirl
Accepted... Btw Phoenix , because you are mod you can accept OCs.
11/8/2013 #26
Viva la Viva fits chaos well. Good song.
11/8/2013 #27

My ipod was on shuffle and that song came on and I was like "OMG OMG"

So now whenever I'm writing something serious for Chaos I have that playing in the background.

11/8/2013 #28
Can I have a secound OC. If I can I want this guy Name: Drake Age:1200 Creature: Keeper of the North Gender: Male Side:Neutral Appearance: Black 2 inch long hair with a 1 inch wide cream streak. Pale skin, but not overly so. Roughly 6 feet tall. Skinny but lean. His eyes change to all the colors of the aurora borealis depending on his mood. Often whears aencient Native alaskan clothes but is learning to be modern in his dress. Personality:His mood changes often and without warning like weather in the arctic. He is usually kind, but can be ferocious and mysterious. Almost nowone even knows he exists, let alone his personality. Family: He considers all polar bears, arctic foxes, and any other animal that lives in the arctic his family. Relationships: Has a crush on mother nature. Fears weaknesses: His greatest fear is the polar ice cap melting. His weakness is heat. Powers and Abilities: He can summon creatures from the ice cap at will. I his home turf, he can turn the very snowand ice into an army. Has power over Ice, Snow, and Cold. Can teleport between patches of snow. But only clean, non-polluted snow. He can command the creatures of the north. Weapon: A sword made if ice and a spear with a flint tip. History: Is the 7th keeper of the north. When the old one dies, a new one is born at the north pole. He keeps hunans from destroying the northern ice cap. When one of the Human knights of dawn asks him to train new recruits, he agrees under the condition that they will try to stop oil drilling in th arctic ocean. Other: Polar bears are basicly the elite warriors of the north.
11/8/2013 #29
... waiting...
11/9/2013 #30
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