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(All righty then! Thanks for lettin' me/us know.)

Vixen sat silently on the couch, sipping from her mug and enjoying as the chocolate rushed over her tongue. The small fairy boy tapping on the window startled her, almost causing her to spill. Looking at him she swore he was familiar, but couldn't remember where from. "Maybe just a figment of my imagination." She whispered.

10/30/2013 . Edited 10/30/2013 #31
Phoenix Glow

Luna smiled at the small fairy boy "hey Raxtus," she says patting his head "stop that Luna," pouted Raxtus earning a laugh from Luna "but you're just so cute when you're like this," she says hugging him squealing "and that's why I hate coming to see you in this form," he mumbles.

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Banana the DragonGirl
Hayden sat surprised at the fairy in front of her. Wasn't Raxtus a dragon, she thought. She brushed it of as Seth set up a fire in the fireplace.
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Phoenix Glow
"Hey lets go and fly," says Raxtus and Luna frown "it's always painful when my wings come out," she says "doesn't matter I'll carry you," he says as they both leap out the window and Raxtus transforms back into a dragon
10/30/2013 #34

Vixen blinked twice and looked around the room to see if Luna was really gone. "Huh, all well, I guess I've seen stranger things." She set her mug aside and turned to Hayden and Seth. "So... you and Seth? When did that happen?" She grinned devilishly, she felt so open around people she knew, especially people that had been in pretty much the same position as her with the Society.

10/30/2013 #35
Banana the DragonGirl
Hayden giggled and rolled her eyes, "Seth was kinda there after I escaped from the society. After all that went down, he was there to talk to." Seth's cheeks turned a rosy color as he contied to coax the fire. (Guess what? We are both utahns)
10/30/2013 #36
Phoenix Glow
Luna sat on Raxtus back her black hair flowing behind her, "hey Raxtus, are the Sorensens trustful?" She asked as Raxtus nodded "yup, even Kendra and Seth are nice," he said as he went faster and Luna didn't even blink "you know that I don't really trust humans," she said as Raxtus sigh "you spent to much time with dragons that you can even fell scared when you see one," he said.
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(*gasp* No way, really?! That's freaking awesome!)

Grinning at Hayden rolling her eyes and Seth blushing, Vixen cooed,"Aw, so sweet! You know," She paused, making a heart shape with her hands and putting it up to one of her eyes so she could see both Seth and Hayden through it, "You two make a cute couple. I mean it." She put her hands down and rested them on her lap as she sat back, her grin was slightly toned down but still played on her lips.

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Banana the DragonGirl
Hayden eyes sparkled as the same grin that danced on Vixen's face moments before leaped on her face. "So, you whipped over any boys?" She leaned on her friend letting her violet and green eyes shine in the 'poor puppy dog' way.
10/30/2013 #39
Banana the DragonGirl
( (whipped: verb; the utter crush on someone, you usually are flustered or get lots of butterflies around them- I was whipped for the hot guy who asked me out.))
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(Aw, okay.)

"Psh, no, are you insane? Do you really think that I, someone barely even smiles at a stranger, could crush on a guy?" Vixen laughed at her self and her friend, though she truly wondered if a guy could actually like her. "Plus," she shrugged and continued, "It's not like Grandpa or Grandma would willingly let any guys near me or you. You'd probably have to turn them into lizards, drug them, chain them up, fold them up into a chest, and bury them in an underwater tomb before they would. You know how protective they can be." She paused and scrunched her nose up in confusion at her own talking before shrugging and smiling again. "Who was that guy though, I didn't recognize him, he was with you earlier when we ran into eachother in the training area. I think he was aboht a foot taller than me and seemed to have a smilemelded onto his features."

10/30/2013 #41
Phoenix Glow
Luna frown "it is because I was raised by dragons that's why I can't feel afraid when I see one," She says "that's why the society wants you, you are a powerful weapon and a useful comrade," says Raxtus "hn," she says touching the clouds.
10/30/2013 #42
Banana the DragonGirl
"Ahhhhhh!!" Hayden exclaimed, " his name is Bronx and he is like my brother and oh he awesome and he skiis and likes girls and he a Detromat, which means he can basically make dreams come true. He is like the Disneyland of awesome powers." Hayden rambled almost too fast for normal comprehension.
10/30/2013 #43

Vixen couldn't help it, she burst out at her friend's rambling, after a minute or so she almost calmed down but her eyes were watering, "A-are you okay there? You s-seemed like you had adrenaline shot into your system with only a millisecond's notice!" She giggled, "Was that supposed to be a a: squeal, b: a scream, c: a surprised sound, or d: two or all of the above?"

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Banana the DragonGirl
Seth, who was utterly confused about all the squealing and boy talk decided to vacate the premise. Hayden looked at her friend through water eyes, she sniffed, as if trying to hold in laughter, "you know me, it's a D." She giggled, "So, how about Bronx" she said eyebrows popping up and down. ((Got to go to bed!! And you should too, you need a foodnight's rest!!))
10/30/2013 #45

(All right. G'night then.)

Vixen waved to Seth, still grinning, "Seeya later lover boy!" She then turned back to Hayden and giggled,"I don't even know him! I only saw him from afar.... but if hat you tell me is true and that he's like a brother to you he must be a good guy? And, he did seem pretty cute." She bit her lip and her cheeks flushed as she released these words. She'd never really spoken about guys very often, and what she said was true.

10/30/2013 #46
Banana the DragonGirl
((*Goodnight's--stupid autocorrect)))
10/30/2013 #47

((XD hahahahaha! True that!))

10/30/2013 #48
Banana the DragonGirl

((Tis it my turn!!))

"I get it, I get it." Hayden grinned, her eyes sparkled mischievously. "Well, I think we best be off to bed, I think a newcomer may be coming soon." She smiled as she gestured to her friend to follow her, after all, their rooms were right next to each other.

11/2/2013 #49
Phoenix Glow
Luna landed through the window.
11/2/2013 #50

Vixen blinked nervously at the mischevious sparkle in Hayden's eyes, but smiled in a friendly manner. "Yeah, I am getting a little tired." She followed Hayden, dragging her feet every once in a while. "I wonder who the new kid is."

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Banana the DragonGirl

"Lou, your room is just down the hall," Hayden greeted, "I can show you if you want?"

11/2/2013 #52
Phoenix Glow
Luna looked around "where's my room or I'll just sleep in the trees," she mumbles.
11/2/2013 #53
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden shook her head slightly, "Here, it is two away from Vix's and one from mine." She walked down the hall and motioned Luna to follow.

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Phoenix Glow
Luna nodded and followed them.
11/2/2013 #55

"Ooh, first night in the academy, joy. Hopefully there're no ghouls n' ghosts." She stopped at her room door and reached for the handle only to miss it and frown. Blinking her eyes, she reached again and grasped the handle and swung the door open. "Night you two." She kept the door a little open due to her tiredness.

11/2/2013 #56
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden reached her door and opened it, "Oh, and this place is protected, nobody is getting in." She flopped on her bed and went to sleep.

11/2/2013 #57
Phoenix Glow
Luna went into her room and slept.
11/2/2013 #58


"Kay..." Vixen closed her door, climbed under the covers from the foot of her bed, and fell asleep almost immediately.

11/2/2013 #59
Banana the DragonGirl

((Cool with me!!))

((jumps into Doctor's Tardis))

--The next morning--

Hayden got up and stretched as the sun crept across her room. She lept out of bed and slid into the bathroom where she got ready for the day.

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