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Phoenix Glow
Luna was a deep sleeper and usually her dragon parents have to do crazy thing to wake her up, like throwing her into a volcano, drop her from high in the sky, throw her into a ocean, and etc...
11/2/2013 #61

(ERMAGERSH! Are you a fan of the Doctor's and all that wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff? :D )

"Erh..." Vixen woke up with a groan, rubbing her eyes, and sitting up. "Ugh, where am I?" When she looked around she realized she had gotten jumbled up in the covers and rolled down onto the floor. Letting out a puff of air she got up, threw the blankets back onto the bed and made it. Afterwards, she lazily walked into the bathroom and readied herself by taking a quick shower, getting dressed, brushing her hair, brushing her teeth, and putting her hair in a braid down her back.

11/2/2013 #62
Banana the DragonGirl

((Got to go to bed.... and yes, I am a fan...))

11/2/2013 #63

(Kay, g'night.)

11/2/2013 #64

Chaos smells the crisp Fablehaven air with one distasteful sniff. He growls deep in his throat, the sound rumbling through his long, lupine body. The earth is cold and wet beneath his paws, still damp from the previous night's rain. On aching bones, he lowers himself gingerly to the wet grass directly outside the academy room and sets the iPad in front of his huge muzzle.

"Good," Chaos grunts. "Four bars."

Using the tip of his nose, he taps the play button on the tiny device. Settling down, he sighs, resting his head on the soaked turf and watching the events unfold. Such an interesting plotline. But most people hate this episode. And then, as the two reach the roof, Chaos understands why.

"NO!" he roars, shooting to his feet and snarling at nothing in particular. "GODDAMMIT, MOFFAT! YOU ALREADY SENT MY SHERLOCK PLUMMETING TO HIS DEATH! YOU CAN'T HAVE MY PONDS! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!"

11/5/2013 #65

Vixen gave a final stretch before finally out of her room. She wondered if the new student would be there anytime soon, not like should would really be very friendly unless Hayden threatened her. Hayden was younger than Vixen by two years and at times could be as harmless and sweet as a baby rabbit, but then when it came to some things she could scare even Vixen. But she was an awesome friend, "Thinking of which, where is she?" She walked over to Hayden's bedroom door and knocked lightly on it. "You awake? I'll be getting breakfast." She paused at the distant sound of what sounded like angry shouting, something about what sounded like more fat and ponds.

11/5/2013 #66

"It's okay now." Chaos smiles at the confused student. He jabs his muzzle at the screen. "See, they're fine. It was a paradox thing. Everything okay and --" His eyes widen, and he jumps to his feet again.

"NOOOOOOO!" Chaos roars, staring in disbelief at the scream. He throws his muzzle up to the sky. "I AM COMING FOR YOU, MOFFAT!"

11/5/2013 #67
Phoenix Glow

Luna looked up still a bit sleepy "dar-go-na(dragon)?" She mumbles.

11/5/2013 #68

Chaos cocks an eyebrow sassily. He looks at the dragon woman critically. "Oh, you're the one with wings, right? Might I say: very cool eyes. I host a pair of them myself." He winks with his violently purple irises. "Well, kiddo, stuff's changing around here! I'm the teacher for darkness! You can insert an evil laugh in there if you'd like, but I really don't feel like it. My OTP just got killed..."

And with that, he waddles off.

11/5/2013 #69
Phoenix Glow

Luna blinks her eyes "crazy dragon," she mumbles going back to sleep.

11/5/2013 #70

"A wha?..." Vixen frowned in confusion but then shook her head and headed for the kitchen. "I need somethin' to wake me up."

11/5/2013 #71

Chaos yawns. "Well. So, my most recent form of entertainment has just died on me, thanks to Moffat. Thank you, Moffat. So, I'll either be bored as heck for the rest of the day and have to introduce myself, or --"

A wicked grin spreads over Chaos's face. He cackles like a madman. "Or I could prank Sorenson. I really don't act my age."

11/5/2013 #72
Phoenix Glow

Luna woke up straight away at "OHMYGOSHMYDRAGONFAMILYISGONNAKILLMEIWOKEUPSOLATE! !!!" She spits out at once.

11/5/2013 #73

"Hey," shouts Chaos, lounging on the ground as the dragon girl bustles past, "can you nudge that mug of coffee over to my mouth? I would, but it's SO FAR..."

She continues with her business without so much as casting a glance at Chaos. He sniffs in disapproval, a frown carving his features. "Rude. Youth these days. It's like they don't even know basic ettiquette.

11/5/2013 #74
Phoenix Glow

Luna went down to the table and use her water and fire powers to cook something, she yawned 'I can't believe I mistaken that mad wolf as a dragon' she thought.

11/5/2013 #75

Chaos creeps down the hall like a ghost. His cloak pools around him, fading into billowing shadows at the tips. From underneath the cowl, his eyes glow slightly. Drifting aimlessly, he wanders. It's a nice facility, true, but nothing like what he'd had back in the old days. Chaos's chest tightens. No. He doesn't think about the old days. Rounding the corner, he watches from a window as a fairy floats outside, tapping a leaf and bringing life back to a plant outside on the windowbox. What a horrible power, darkness. Only bringing pain. So much pain. He stares at the fairy enviously, his expression hidden by the cloak.

"Oh, little girl," Chaos whispers, shaking his head. "What I'd give to be so innocent once again."

11/5/2013 #76
Phoenix Glow

Luna looks outside.

11/5/2013 #77

Humming to himself, Chaos continues down the hall. Each step sends an ache through his old bones. He bites his tongue to keep from speaking out loud, easily hearing the soft snores from the cabins. Wearily, he escorts himself to the door. With one last mournful glance at the interior of the Academy, Chaos turns tail and pads off.

11/5/2013 #78
Phoenix Glow

Luna sighs as she continue eating.

11/5/2013 #79

A song thrums in the pit of Chaos's chest as he wanders the Academy grounds. He isn't sure why he'd even come here. As a rule of thumb, Chaos is disliked. And what can a striped wolf with purple eyes expect? The only way he'd been able to get away from the frightening image had been by acting sarcastic and cruel. Not to mention annoying. The fairy he'd been admiring earlier flutters past his ear, glancing at him in fear and making rude gestures as she goes. Smiling, Chaos tips his head respectfully.

"Hello to you too," he calls after her retreating figure.

11/5/2013 #80
Phoenix Glow

Luna walked around the halls nodding when she sees a fairy.

11/5/2013 #81

With a sigh, Chaos heads back inside. "Goodbye, solitude," he whispers. "Hello, reality. Bah. I hate reality."

11/5/2013 #82
Banana the DragonGirl
(( anyone home?))
11/6/2013 #83
Phoenix Glow

(I'm here!)

11/6/2013 #84

(newb's here)

11/6/2013 #85
Banana the DragonGirl
(( hi Phoenix!))(( where is your character, so they can meet up?))
11/6/2013 #86
Phoenix Glow

((She's in the halls near a window))

11/6/2013 #87
Banana the DragonGirl
(( hey wulf!!))
11/6/2013 #88

(bah, don't call me that. i'm not wolf obsessed, i swear. What should happen? There needs to be some action. Chaos came as a teacher. Maybe we could organize some sort of a lesson, or maybe just a meeting.)

11/6/2013 #89
Banana the DragonGirl
Hayden yawned and smacked her lips. she rubbed her face and stared in horror at the clock on the wall that read 8:30. 'Crap' she thought, lessons start in an hour and she had to teach one. Stealth was her class. She raced down the hall when she noticed Luna. " Lou, are you going to come? You are our only real student right now." She grinned hoping to get on Luna's good side
11/6/2013 #90
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