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Phoenix Glow

Luna looked at her and 'hn'ed walking to class.

11/6/2013 #91
Banana the DragonGirl

((do you have a name you would like us to call you?))

11/6/2013 #92

(who, me? i guess wulf is fine.)

Chaos watches the pair walk right past his classroom, popping a piece of popcorn in his mouth. A grin spreads over his features. "Ah, the wonder of a distraction spell," he mutters around the popcorn, chewing contentedly. "Class one has begun."

11/6/2013 #93
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden wondered what her lesson would be about as she walked into the huge glass area. She noticed the classrooms all around the dome. According to Seth, her teacher was a giant wolf dude. She note to selfed to get his avatar so she could morph into him.

11/6/2013 #94
Phoenix Glow

"Where is the teacher?" Says Luna blankly.

11/6/2013 #95

Chaos grins, shaking his head in self pity. "See, this is why I don't play well with others. I enjoy watching kids go in circles as they try to find me. Terribly childish, but so fun at the same time. Then again, why ever grow up?" He lets out a long sigh, flattening his ears in annoyance. "I'm talking to myself again, aren't I?"

11/6/2013 #96
Phoenix Glow

Luna tilted her head her eye became a grey mixing power of darkness and light, "he's near," she said blankly.

11/6/2013 #97

"You hear that?" Chaos lets loose a high cackle. "I'm near!"

11/6/2013 #98
Banana the DragonGirl

"I have No clue where he is, " said Hayden blankly, "but Seth said he was a jokester. He is probably hiding to make us all confused." Hayden scanned the arena, but couldn't help but skip over one class. She barely even noticed passing over it.

11/6/2013 . Edited 11/6/2013 #99
Phoenix Glow

Luna slowly turn her head to the place he was hiding her eye became a blood red and fire exploded at the place she looked at.

11/6/2013 #100

Chaos rolls on the floor, tears slipping from his eyes. The tears fog the world. He smacks his paw against the ground, quite literally howling with laughter. "Oh, this is too good!"

But then the dragon girl turns to him, and Chaos begins to feel not so pleasant.

With an unholy shriek, Chaos extinguishes the flames that'd burned to life around him. His cloak billows, fading into shadows. The shadows snuff out the hungry tongues of fire. Once they finish the task of setting out the flames, Chaos sends them out, spreading the darkness throughout the room. They smoke along the walls, third dimensional shadows. Twining around Chaos's feet and lapping at the girls', the shadows take forms and fade. The overhead lights flicker.

"You just roasted my buns," growls Chaos with his deepest, most frightening tone, like a sword being dragged over gravel. "That is not cool."

11/6/2013 #101
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden tensed up and became a full grown dragon. It's scales were bright blue and shiny. She believed she stole it from a feisty dragon in Wyrmstroom, Nyxen was her name. She gazed below with her violet and green eyes, sad not to have the ability to make fear. Non the less, she positioned herself in a fighting stance.

11/6/2013 . Edited 11/6/2013 #102
Phoenix Glow

Luna smirk "shall I cool you off then?" She says as her eye became a light blue and ice surround his burned body.

11/6/2013 #103

Chaos cocks an eyebrow. "Hello up there. Are we playing that game?"

Taking a deep breath, Chaos harnesses the turmoil of energy churning in his soul. He binds his anger, his hate, his resentment, and his love together, forming an ancient power source. Wind whips through the room, as mighty as a hurricane. His cloak flaps uncontrollably, and his purple eyes gleam. Slowly, the winds whip Chaos off his feet, raising him in the air, placing him in the center of his own vortex. The shadows scream around him, crowning his head. Eyes blazing purple, Chaos snarls mightily. The ice spell cast at him is deflected off the raging gales.

"I AM CHAOS!" he bellows. "AND YOU WILL LISTEN!" Suddenly, Chaos makes his voice pleasant and even, still hovering in the center of his wind cyclone. "Please, sign the pass in the front of the room for your very own signed copy of 1,000 Ways to Take Down a Demon, Chaos-style."

11/6/2013 #104
Phoenix Glow

Luna eye twitch "can I kill this guy?" She mumbles as her eye became silver color taming the raging winds.

11/6/2013 #105

"You could try." Chaos shrugs. "Mind you, I've survived through thousands of years of torment, from all sorts of torturers. I've been caught under the sea without oxygen for decades. I've been swimming in starlight, and, let me tell you, not as pleasant as it sounds. I've lived through the Pond's death with maybe one or two tears. I have seen the turn of the unicorn -- uh, I mean universe -- and know the breath of time. Also, I've taught Seth. That's not fun."

11/6/2013 #106
Phoenix Glow

Luna click her tongue "maybe but you have never seen a birth of a dragon did you?" she deadpan.

11/6/2013 #107

Chaos shrugs. "I saw the birth of unicorn. I can think of nothing more terrible, or revolting."

(say, where'd banana go?"

11/6/2013 #108
Phoenix Glow

(No idea....)

Luna sat on air thanks to her wind powers "hm? Really?" She said leaning on her right palm.

11/6/2013 #109
Banana the DragonGirl

((Sorry Internet crash))

"BOTH OF YOU CALM DOWN!!!" Dragon Hayden yelled, her silky stolen voice rumbled through the arena. Her violet and green eyes bore down on both of them.

11/6/2013 #110

Chaos drops to four legs, the winds halting abruptly. "Oh, yes! That little Fairy Prince is so handsome now, of course, but he looked like a potato horse with a brain malfunction. I have to say I barfed, all over the tiles. It blew my cover. I got scolded, and spanked. Haven't been back since." He winks at the dragon girl. "See how much more awesome I am when you're nice? Let's just be friends!" Chaos crosses his eyes and beams. "Like little fairies! Fairy friends! Yay!"

11/6/2013 #111
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden shrunk down too size, "sorry niromorphix defense mode." She took the time to take in the giant wolf. He was huge, and striped like a tiger.

11/6/2013 #112

"It's very impressive," compliments Chaos, studying the girl that'd just shrunk shrewdly. "That talent of yours. Taught a kid once who did that. Very intelligent. But then he sunk Atlantis, and him along with it, forcing me to believe he wasn't as intelligent as I'd originally thought."

11/6/2013 #113
Phoenix Glow

Luna sat on air staring at them

11/6/2013 #114

Vixen walked into the room, wearing a black tank top that had C.S.I on it and the words Can't Stand Idiots below it. Her jeans were still worn at the knees with the same belt, she still wore her fingerless gloves and combat boots but her hair was in a braid down her back and for once she wasn't wearing her jacket, "I'm late, I know, not good for a first lesson..." She trailed off as she noticed the giant striped wolf, "Uh, hi... Are you the teacher?" She walked up and stood next to Hayden.

11/6/2013 #115

Chaos eyes the newcomer. He nods respectfully. "I like you. You have good style. Your tardy is excused. Class in session, let's get this over with. I am your teacher, you may call me Magnificent. I am teaching the shadow unit of your training -- oh, no, Hayden, don't you dare tell her my real name! I see you whispering! Would you like to come up and do a presentation on the five main stages of Ghosting? No? Didn't think so. Anyway, we'll meet here early every morning to start your days with my sunshine. Are we understood?"

Chaos doesn't even wait for an answer.

"So," drawls Chaos, flipping the hood of his cloak up, "now that we've got that settled, let's get this nailed down. You don't want to be here, I don't want to be here. But we're going to be here bright and early anyway. If you aren't here bright in early, like Sorenson at the moment, you will get teased until your ears bleed. That's exactly what's coming for Sorenson. Everyone, when he finally arrives, pretend he doesn't exist. Anyway, are there any questions?"

11/6/2013 #116
Phoenix Glow

Luna roll her eyes "can we kill you?" She deadpan standing up.

11/6/2013 #117

"We've been over this," mumbles Chaos from the corner of his mouth.

11/6/2013 #118
Phoenix Glow

Luna roll her eyes.

11/6/2013 #119

Vixen couldn't help but smile. So far, she liked this teacher and found him amusing. She looked over to Hayden and shrugged, not minding calling him 'Magnificent.' She thought that as long as she followed at least most of the rules, she'd enjoy the class. "Who knew this might actually be an enjoyable class."

11/6/2013 #120
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