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(I see... wow this whole Luna saga is confusing...)

12/24/2013 #1,741
Phoenix Glow
(I think I should give Witch Luna a name..)
12/24/2013 #1,742
(How did the gaurds come back again? And I am about ready to move on from thos Luna stuff)
12/24/2013 #1,743
Phoenix Glow
(Yeah, after this we need some else to do the one that mess up the Society.....)
12/24/2013 #1,744
(Elena needs to be taken out. She seems to be the keystone to all of this.)
12/24/2013 #1,745
Phoenix Glow
(Yup! Any suggestion who will kill her and how?)
12/24/2013 #1,746
(Banana practicly custom made Elena's doom.)
12/24/2013 #1,747
Phoenix Glow
(Actually I was planing to make Luna kill Elena herself, by tearing her heart out....)
12/24/2013 #1,748
(And eating it? According to legends that is how you do it.)
12/24/2013 #1,749
Phoenix Glow
(Haha.... That will be disgusting....

Witch Luna: I don't want to eat my mother! Dragon Luna: Oh shut up, she's not my mother!

Witch Luna:You shut up!

Dragon Luna: Make me...

12/24/2013 #1,750
(So far I have seen stages in the plot. 1. Peaceful Training. 2. Jake rescue/Drakonian Shades. 3.Luna.)
12/24/2013 #1,751
Phoenix Glow
(We seriously need a plot....)
12/24/2013 #1,752

"Merry Christmas!" bellows Flash-Foot, snapping his wing out and snapping the neck of a guard.

Clip giggles. "Its not Christmas!"

Diana's long gown is fashioned from miniscule strips of fabric sewn together in a feathery way. The neckline slopes low to expose her full breasts and sharp collar bones. Twirling the long train behind her, Diana steps out onto her balcony. The sun crests over the sea with the sunset. Diana smiles. Night.

With a birdlike screech, Diana lifts her arms, hailing her army.

12/24/2013 #1,753
(Finish Elena so we can go back to the academy and reset. Our characters havn't slept in days.)
12/24/2013 #1,754
Phoenix Glow
(Okay, until the dragons have seal witch Luna and escape the place were done with the Luna Arc and we can start a new one)
12/24/2013 #1,755
Flashburn sighs, turning away from Luna he looks at the gaurds. "Oi! Anyone want to play with sharp objects!"
12/24/2013 #1,756
Phoenix Glow
"Why am I here again?" Asked a black dragon with slightly blue scales on his forehead "oh shut up I thought we already explain it to you," hissed Aquaria pissed. "Why didn't you asked Aria then?" And the dragons mentally face palmed who could forget the noisy Sound Dragon? Now they have twelve....

Witch Luna growl and disappear into the shadows.

12/24/2013 #1,757
Banana the DragonGirl

((Sorry for disappearing. We need to make a for sure plot. Anyone have any. Cool ideas?))

12/27/2013 #1,758
Phoenix Glow
(Maybe we could do an arc about us switching powers or one of us go to a AU world))
12/27/2013 #1,759
((Step up the scale, go big, as in army big. The Society captures a country, and the Knights of Dawn have to stop them. And I mean this for a long term plot.))
12/27/2013 #1,760
Banana the DragonGirl

((Pheonix- I was thinking doing something like that for another topic.))

((Super- how about all the bad guys band together and start to take over some sanctuaries))

12/27/2013 #1,761
((I just want really big armies. :) ))
12/27/2013 #1,762
Phoenix Glow

(Hey guys?)

1/1/2014 #1,763
1/2/2014 #1,764
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