The Society is Back! *gasp* And Fablehaven need new, magical recruits (that's you) to join the Fablehaven Academy. Create an OC, roleplay, chat, and just have fun!
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Banana the DragonGirl

So this is the first roleplay, where we are in the academy. Pretty much all canons are for e everyone.

10/21/2013 . Edited 12/27/2013 #1
Phoenix Glow
Luna was walking in the hall.
10/21/2013 #2
Banana the DragonGirl
(FYI, you can claim a canon or make another OC) Seth slipped down the hall to the training area, which technically was suppust to be off limits for him. To his right snuck Hayden. He grinned, a lot of changes had happened over the last year, wizards and fairies and knights alike had all started to rebuild the sanctuaries . After all that was done they had started to build a falcility in Fablehaven to train young magical people in many ways. Warren, Vanessa, Tanu, Grandpa and even Seth and Kendra had volunteered to teach classes. Hayden had come long ago, a story Seth knew she wasn't willing to tell anyone. As they crept farther down the dark hall they noticed a silhouette of someone. Hayden quickly transformed, her skin boiling and sagging. A clone of grandpa stood in her place. ''I didn't know you could turn into grandpa!'' Seth whispered. Hayden, well grandpa, had a gleam in her purple and green eyes, ''shh'' she teased as they approached the person.
10/24/2013 #3
Phoenix Glow
(Okay) Luna's head snapped to the sound of footsteps, she saw a boy and an old man.
10/24/2013 #4
Banana the DragonGirl
Hayden figured she was one of the new recruits. She figured she would say what grandpa would say, ''Er... Hi there! You must be uhh... One of the new trainees we just got. What your name sweetheart?'' Hayden asked gruffly using her best manly voice. Seth practically toppled over with laughter as he saw his girlfriend try to sound like a dude. He quickly jumped in before she could embarrass herself, ''Hi I am Seth, me and my grandpa can show to the training area while you tell us a bit about yourself.'' He winked at Hayden, telling her that 'I got this'
10/24/2013 #5
Phoenix Glow
Luna blinked owlishly and shrugged "why not?" She said then stare at Hayden "By the way, take of that illusion of Sorensen, your not him," she said with a poker face and turned around.
10/24/2013 #6
Banana the DragonGirl

Hayden huffed, sad to be caught. Her skin boiled and shrunk and sagged and shrunk again. Hayden now stood in her proper form, a petite girl with brown bouncy soft curled hair and her bright sparkling eyes. She scratched the back of her head her purple and green eyes shining. Seth nudged her to say something, "Oh, hi! My name is Hayden!" She decided not to stick out her hand.

"Soo... do you want to go see the training wing?" Seth interjected, breaking the silence. He started to shuffle down the hallway.

10/25/2013 #7
Phoenix Glow
Luna smiled. "Yes, have you seen Raxtus?" She asked "oh, my name is Luna,"
10/25/2013 #8
Banana the DragonGirl

(If you want you can claim Raxtus)

Hayden nodded, "I think Raxtus is coming later today." Seth scooting down the hall.

10/25/2013 #9
Phoenix Glow
(Okay!!!) Luna sigh disappointedly as her right change to a blood red and fire appear on her finger tips.
10/25/2013 #10
Banana the DragonGirl

"Wow! Is that suppose to happen?" Hayden asked Luna, honestly concerned.

10/25/2013 #11
Phoenix Glow
Luna sigh and then her right eye change into a light blue immediately making the fire turn into ice and the wall near her was covered in ice "do you prefer this?"
10/25/2013 #12
Banana the DragonGirl

"Uh, well..." Hayden mumbled.

"I think its cool!" Seth said inspecting the iced over wall, then Luna. He grinned.

10/25/2013 #13
Phoenix Glow
"Hn," she says as her eyes turned a mix of green and light blue causing the wall near them exploded into winter tree branches.
10/25/2013 #14
Banana the DragonGirl

"Well, let's use not destroy things until we get into the arena," Hayden muttered.

"Hi there!" Bronx exclaimed, hugging Hayden. He nodded to Luna.

"Hey Bronx!" Hayden snuggled. She smiled as she and Bronx walked down the hallway. Seth stood there amazed at Luna's powers.

10/25/2013 #15
Phoenix Glow
Luna blink before cancelling her powers and walked to the arena. "Is my power that amazing?" She asked to Seth.
10/25/2013 #16
Banana the DragonGirl

"Yeah, its especially amazing that you have most of it under control," Seth stated, "I still need to learn my powers." He looked at the newly finished arena. To the right was a workout area full of weights and treadmills. To the back was a chemistry-like room fully stocked with potions and ingredients. To the left was a combat room, every angle captured by cameras. It the middle was a large bubble like thing. Seth wasn't quite sure what is was used for, but he guessed it was for very powerful spells or powers. The arena was surrounded by a magical barrier, like the one around the house. He knew that behind the arena was the green house and fairy encloser. The entire area was completely encased in shiny glass. He smiled at all the fun he would have in here.

(I am going to go to bed, NIGHT!!)

10/25/2013 . Edited 10/26/2013 #17
Phoenix Glow
Luna studied the arena "I have them under control well since I was trained since young," she said as her eye became a endless black causing the room to darken.
10/26/2013 #18
Banana the DragonGirl

"Nice," Seth nodded. Hayden and Bronx entered behind them.

"Wow, this place ended up nice!" Hayden marveled the the vast arena in front of her.

"So, there shouldn't be anyone here for a few days." Bronx explained to Luna, "You arrived a bit early."

10/26/2013 #19
Phoenix Glow
"Hn," she says as her eyes turn aqua blue causing some water to float around her.
10/26/2013 #20

(Is this okay?)

Vixen stared into the chemistry-like room, her eyes wandering over all the things that caught her attention when they flashed, sparkled, shimmered or glowed. She couldn't help it, something about such objects just had a habit of catching her attention. Then the sound of other beings interrupted her thoughts, making her look over at the entrance of the training area, wing, place. She heard something about no one being there for a few days, and apparently the other girl was early. "Huh, guess I was ├╝ber early." She mumbled to herself, and thought it was kind of silly that he said that as she was standing just inside the chemistry room. The only reason she was there was because Ruth had decided it would be good for her, of course Vixen didn't refuse. Shaking her head, she breathed in and... cringed. Smelled too much like the laboratories of the Society. As she speedily escaped from the room and the haunting memories, she stayed silent, as to try and not disturb the new inhabitants of the room. She did, however, glance over to the small group.

10/30/2013 #21
Banana the DragonGirl
(I am going to make it so Hayden and vixen are besties, cool? Oh, and your a wonderful writer so you are good) "Vixie!" Hayden said yelling across the large wing. She dashed over to Vixen and flung her into a hug. Seth followed in her wake, happy to see Vix up and about.
10/30/2013 #22
Phoenix Glow
Luna looked at the newcomer her eye turn back to normal.
10/30/2013 #23
Banana the DragonGirl
Hayden turned to Luna, "Luny, no that's weird. hmm, Lou, yes! Lou Lou that's your nickname. It's decided." She shouted. Hayden grinned ear to ear looking to see if Luna approved. "Now, lets go back to the house and have a warm cup of coco."
10/30/2013 #24
Banana the DragonGirl
(( again, feel free to claim a canon!))
10/30/2013 #25
Phoenix Glow

Luna eye twitch controlling herself not to burn Hayden's hair "fine," she mumbles following them.

10/30/2013 #26
Banana the DragonGirl
(( she is feisty, I like her. XD))______________ ------At the Sorenson's House----------- Hayden lounged lazily in a love sack, resting her head on Seth's chest. She sipped out the chocolaty remnants at the bottom of her hot coco cup. She smile softly as she remember this was the place were she turned from CHILD 010 to Hayden.
10/30/2013 #27

(Yeah, cool! And thanks. I'm thinking of claiming a canon, just not sure who.)

"Oof!" Vixen smiled even though she slightly struggled breathing, "Hayden.... too... tight..." She faked some coughs as her bestie, Hayden, hugged her and was only slightly able to wave to Seth

10/30/2013 #28
Phoenix Glow

Luna sat on the couch her hands a bit on fire just to warm the cup, a small boy fairy tapped on the window "Raxtus!" Says Luna opening the window.

10/30/2013 #29
Banana the DragonGirl
( oh and anyone feel free to start dating Bronx or make there own boyfriends, or have th be strong independent woman.)
10/30/2013 #30
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