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RP forum. enter the world of sonic the hedgehog, where all aspects of the series (video game, tv shows, and the comic) are in one world. make ocs or play as one of the cannons, and have fun adventures or create relationships. note: THIS FORUM HAS BEEN REVIVED (somewhat)
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note: you can only have five oc's, so chose wisely









8/19/2013 . Edited 1/4/2014 #1

name: lucky

age: 16

gender: male

species: rabbit

appearance: has two pointed ears, shadowy grey fur, wears a white hoodie and white jeans,

personality: hyper active at most time, he tends to be very friendily and tends to bring some luck where ever he is

history: lucky got his name mainly cause it was the first thing his mom said when she saw her son. as he grew up, he always seem to have the wildest luck ever, from avoiding things from above hitting him to finding stray money on the ground

others: has a obsession with carrots

8/19/2013 . Edited 8/19/2013 #2
god of the cyber world

name: zack

age: 16

gender: male

species: wolf

appearance: snow white fur, ice blue eyes, black jeans

personality: kind, protective of his friends, shy around girls

history: do to egg-man wiping out his clan he has been on his own most of his life and has joined sonic on his mission to stop egg-man.


8/19/2013 #3

accepted black

8/19/2013 #4

Name: Daisy

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Fox

Appearance: She has bright red fur, her tips of her ears and tail are white. She has fiery yellow eyes that seem to turn orange when she gets mad or determined and she keeps her hair in two twin pigtails. She wears a pair of jean shorts and a bright orange spaghetti-strapped shirt that has two small bows on the straps along with a pair of white heels.

Personality: Daisy is very caring, loyal and cheerful. She can be sneaky or flirty when she wants to be, and she has very fast reflexes and is great with hand-to-hand combat. She can remain calm in a situation but can be temperamental whenever someone makes fun of her love of gardening.

History: She was born in a field full of daisies, hence her name. When she was young, her parents decided to put her into martial arts so that she could defend herself on her own. She fell in love with it right away, and continues to train herself so she can get stronger.

Others: Loves gardening and secretly adores music.

8/19/2013 #5

accepted, welcome lesha

8/19/2013 #6

Thanks Echo.

8/19/2013 #7

feel free to join me and black in the gym

8/19/2013 #8

Name: Cupcake

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Appearance: Is a purple cat with dark purple eyes. Wears a dark purple headband, black jeans, a silver bracelet and a purple flowy shirt with a big black bow on one of her ears.

Personality: Is usually nice and cheery-ish unless someone insults her precious cake and hot sauce then she gets depressed and kinda defensive.

History: Raised by her mother and father with no siblings, and would usually get lost after going in the opposite direction. Her parents decided to tie a string around her bracelets and follow her almost everywhere she went till two months ago.

Other: Loves cake and hot sauce. However hates apples.

8/20/2013 . Edited 8/28/2013 #9
god of the cyber world

accepted welcome retro

8/20/2013 #10

Name: Stream

Age: Looks 16 but is actually 5


Species: Hedgehog

Appearance: He is bright red fur, his spikes are a combination of both Sonic and Shadow. He has sky blue eyes that glow when he uses his power. Unlike Sonic and Shadow he does wear clothes, he wears an open black coat with no shirt underneath, wears a pair of black jeans and his shoes are like Shadow's, also like Shadow he has gold rings on his wrists and legs.

Personality: Stream is very relaxed and calm in almost any situation but if he needs to be in can be cool and collected. He is also very excitable about seeing new things and very adventurous, and he has very fast reflexes and is great with hand-to-hand combat along with being able to use guns effectively even if he doesn't use them much. He likes Eggman but takes great pleasure in ruining his plans but he will only get in Eggman's way if said plan involves either him or his friends (If he gets some)

History: Stream was an experiment by Eggman by taking D.N.A. from Sonic and Shadow to make a being stronger than both, and thus Stream was born, because of the super speed and chaos energy in his body both fighting for dominance his powers would not be as strong as the those he was made from, in hopes of helping Eggman made him a pair of shoes like Shadow to help him reach speeds similar to Sonic, Eggman also made him gold rings similar to Shadow's in appearance but work differently, the ones he wears absorb chaos energy from around him and stores it inside them, when he takes them off he gains a massive influx of chaos energy that allows him to use chaos type moves without the need for a chaos emerald for a period of time depending on how long he had the rings on. Unfortunately the doctor made a mistake in giving Stream free will as he wished to learn more about the outside world and those that live in it so when he turned 3 he escaped and set of into the world.

Others: While he is only five he is just a smart as shadow thanks to Eggman putting the information directly into his head. while he wears his shoes his speed is close to that of Sonic and when he runs he leaves a stream of red behind thus the reason for his name, he can also use chaos type moves that are only slightly weaker than Shadow with his rings on. He sees Eggman as a father and though he will not help with his schemes he will not get in the way of them unless they involve him or his friends, he sometimes visits Eggman in his secret base to talk and Eggman stopped trying to bring him back after several failed attempts and is content to let him come and go since he is the only thing he made that went rouge and doesn't want him dead.

8/20/2013 #11
god of the cyber world


8/20/2013 #12

Thanks I thought you might of said no since you control Eggman

8/20/2013 #13
Thanks Black *late*
8/21/2013 #14

name: Atroyu

age: 16

gender: Male

species: Cyborg Hedgehog.

appearance: Mostly Metal body, But the parts that arent, are his Palms, His left foot and his right eye. His right eye is purple, His fur is Dark Purple, Like an amethyst, He has Yellow markings on the metal And has a blue left eye that Can Let him observe attacks and Copy them, Up to 5 moves at a time.

personality: He is extremely serious. Mainly on the goal of collecting the 7 chaos emeralds to make him more powerful than Hyper metal sonic, And Hyper sonic combined. However, He can bond with others due to part of his brain is still a hedghogs brain.

history: Was a hedgehog who looked up to sonic as a role-model And wanted to be a freedom fighter like him one day. Then He was caught by Robotnick. Robotnick put him in the Robotizizer Himself, But leaving a bit of Hedgehog in him as an experiment, Atroyu was the first Experiment to Become More powerful than Hyper metal sonic. Of course, He is programmed to Kill sonic.

others: None.

8/27/2013 #15
god of the cyber world


8/28/2013 #16

Thank you.

8/28/2013 #17
Name: Zero Age: 20 Gender: male Appearance: White furred hedgehog with streaks of gray. History: After the murder of his mother he joined the freedom fighters. After the war ended he began dating Anyia (An-ni-uh). Other: Electrotecknik (Controls electricity) Name: Anyia Age: 19 Gender: female Appearance: Purple curly haired echidna. Usually wears black vest and jeans. History: Father served in the royal guard, but was killed and she was taken into the Knothole freedom fighters.
8/29/2013 #18

you could have spaced the info out, but other than that, both are accepted

8/29/2013 . Edited 8/29/2013 #19

Aw, i wanted to be a bunny *pouts*

9/4/2013 #20
It's ok sis, there's no dibs on animal species, so you can make your oc, just make sure to sign the rules first,
9/5/2013 #21

Name: Mami

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Species: Rabbit

Appearance: wears a pure black bandanna that she puts around her head with the tie at the back of her head

ger/-BHpMJvyooI/UDUWr0dhT_I/AAAAAAAALM4/sTXxoj63Gj 8/s1600/chibi%2Banime%2Bpictures%2Bthat

%2BI%2Blove%2B5%2Bstars%2Bphistars%2Bhungry%2Bbunn y%2Bby%2Bmishima%2Bkurone%2

Bmangaka.png (since it's a long link,i had to part it so the whole thing starting from the http till the png is the pic you gotta combine taking out the enters)

Personality: Straightfoward, acts without thinking, an airhead, has a second darker personality when she goes into fighting mode, and she puts her friends first and is never selfish. She's loveable, and likes making people smile.

History: When she was 10, her parents died in a fire someone had set on their house. The people who set the house on fire were from a corporation her father was rivals with, with his company. She escaped the fire. Though at the fire, they had only found her mother and father's burnt corpses, and her brother's was missing. She's determined to find her younger brother and protect him.

Others: has a fear of fire, loves sweets and always has a carrot in her hand, can jump really high and has incredible speed.

9/5/2013 . Edited 9/9/2013 #22

accepted, welcome to the world of sonic sis

9/5/2013 #23

Name: Defiance

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Appearance: Brown shoulder blade length hair. Pink hair tips. Has a large bang covering her left eye. Green eyes. Usually wears jeans with sweaters or t-shirts.

Personality: Very tomboyish. She loves video games. Also is quite the nerd. She's kind, but can be very sarcastic at times. Other times, she's hyper.

History: After a tragic fire, a part of her face (the left) was burned terribly, and she was operated. She's blind in her left eye, and she lost her sister in that fire. For a while, she lived undetected by Knuckles on Angel Island. After a while, she started to help him protect (he doesn't do anything but sleep and keep an eye on the Master Chaos. so what help? xD) the Master Emerald.

Others: Did I mention she loves video games? She grows very attached to some people. (including Knuckles xD NO PAIRING HERE!!)

9/7/2013 #24

understood, accepted

9/7/2013 #25


9/7/2013 #26

you can join in the AU if you want

9/7/2013 #27

name: King the Cheetah

age: 5

gender: Male

species: King Cheetah Mobian

appearance: Gold fur, black spots and horizontal stripes running down his back. Wears inhibitor rings on his wrists and ankles. As super King, his color scheme is reversed and he has black fur with yellow spots and horizontal stripes running down his back and his inhibitor rings are removed.

personality: King is cheerful, playful, lovable and energetic. He is close to his adopted mom and big sister cream. However as Super King, he becomes serious, cold, calculating and almost ruthless in battle, but his kind, gentle soul is still there.

history: created by Gerald robotnik along side shadow. King was put into a pod and shot to earth as a baby. Frozen in suspended animation, King was found by Vanilla the rabbit who adopted him.

others: As Super King, he is able to go toe to toe, head to head with older, stronger, more experienced fighters, however as he is still a kid, his Stamina is not as high as shadow's and he cannot maintain his super form for long. In addition, he cannot attain it without the chaos emeralds.

9/18/2013 . Edited 9/18/2013 #28

hmm, it's sort of a stretch but accepted, but one of my mods might oppose on super king, but I wouldn't mind him

9/18/2013 #29


9/18/2013 #30
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