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Create a mutant, white or ereaser the usual stuff just follow the rules. Ok? Please note we are not using the flock to play we are using oc's.
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Because we kind of lost the first one lets start fresh...

11/27/2013 #1

(OK. But Do we Know each-other and where are we. I'd like to still be in AUS 'cause it's nice to know where I am)

11/27/2013 #2

(Dont know each other{but you characters can if you want} and still in Aus)

11/28/2013 #3

Shadow landed on a stone ledge soon followed by Star who was holding Flair.

11/29/2013 #4

Cat was walking along the mountain with Amber when they came across a ledge...

11/29/2013 #5

The three sat down hanging their legs over the side. The twins had their wings out and they were unpacking some food.

12/2/2013 #6

Cat and Amber noticed the twins and Amber snuch up behind the twins then sniffing their wings.

12/2/2013 #7

The Twins Jumped and tuned around to see Cat and Amber.

"Who are you?" Shadow asked.

12/4/2013 #8

"Well, AMBER! Get away from that ledge, and over here!" Amber whined then shifted back into normal form and said "Im Amber, and this bundle of joy is Cat" Cat flicked her tail from side to side in annoyance.

12/4/2013 #9

"Hi this is Star and I'm Shad..."He was interrupted.

"Do you have any food?" Star asked.

"I'm shadow and the cat's Flair." he finshed

12/4/2013 #10

"Sorry, no food over here" Amber answered, she sat down on the ledgeand began cleaning her wings.

12/5/2013 #11

"so what's your story anyway?" Shadow asked

12/5/2013 #12

Amber started "I was taken when I was 7 , injected with bird DNA to give me wings, then more powerful dog DNA. I can shape shift into a dog, and it changed the colour of my wings"

Cat then told her story "Kidnapped when I was 6, injected with cat and bird, hence the wings and tail. I can feel emotions"

Amber added "I'll tell you how we met sometime"

12/6/2013 #13

"We think that our parents sold us to the White Coats when we were babies then we got injected with animal DNA Star got bird and cat and I got bird and rabbit. Star can turn into cat and I can turn into a rabbit. Flair here is somewhat of a shape shifting cat and she's telepathic." Shadow said.

We escaped with a bunch of other mutants but we think they dead now. Flair said/thought.

12/7/2013 #14

"Wow, well yeah so"

12/8/2013 #15

"So where were you guiys headed?" Shadow asked

12/10/2013 #16

"just wherever it takes to not get caught" Cat replied pulling leaves out of her tail.

12/11/2013 #17

That's no way to live. Flair said.

"we're headed to the gold coast." Shadow said "so we can go to the theam parks"

12/11/2013 #18

"That's pretty col" Amber said looking up, Cat mumbled "We don't live, we survive"

12/13/2013 #19

Shadow's ears twitched, "good point" he said.

you guys wanna come too? Flair asked

12/19/2013 #20

"Can we please Cat?" Amber asked, and Cat groaned then said "ok, but seriously-" she was cut off by Amber hugging her...

12/19/2013 #21

Shadow and Star both smiled at the thought of having two new traveling companions

Seriously what? flair asked.

12/20/2013 #22

"Cats seriously serious, don't worry" Amber answered.

12/21/2013 #23

The twins chuckled.

12/23/2013 #24

"Are we just going to sit here or what?" Amber asked

12/23/2013 #25

"You're right!" the Twins said as the stood up and unfurled their wings. "Lets get going"

12/24/2013 #26

Cat stood and unfurled her wings, Amber doing the same.

12/25/2013 #27

Star picked up Flair and took off followed by Shadow.

12/25/2013 #28

The girls took off behind the trio.

12/27/2013 #29

(Time skip until night or something?)

1/1/2014 #30
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