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Create a mutant, white or ereaser the usual stuff just follow the rules. Ok? Please note we are not using the flock to play we are using oc's.
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Jason screamed as the flames licked at his feathers and clothes. Stumbling around in the smoke, he flapped upward and saw the tips of his wings on fire. Flapping them to put out the fire, his wing muscles screamed, the singed tips straining. Getting as far as he could, he let himself drop and land on his back, arching his back in pain.

12/4/2014 #271

As the people left, Tyler stood firm against the metallic version of himself. It charged and Tyler rolled out of the way. He tried to counter with a punch to the gut, but all he managed to do was scrape his knuckles. He flew back in slight pain, growling. He got on all fours like a wild animal would. The metallic creature fired a metal wire from his wrist at Tyler. He bit the wire and flew into the air. When the wire was out of slack, the creature was taken into the air. Tyler's head jerked downward as he felt the weight, but continued going up, he then flew in a circle, spinning the creature. He went as fast as he could and let go of the wire sending the creature into the fire with a loud thud. Tyler landed on his bad ankle and winced. He fell to the ground, panting, "Not bad for a freak."

12/13/2014 #272

Straining to turn on his side, Jason outstretched his hand towards the metallic thing and sent waves of heat to ripple towards it, causing the insides to melt from it. He held his hand out until he couldn't feel it anymore, and let it drop limply as he struggled to stay awake.

12/28/2014 #273

(Well, im kinda stuck on ideas, anyone else?)

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1/4/2015 #275

(Maybe someone could try to help Jason. His wings just caught on fire technically. He's still in a danger zone.)

1/8/2015 #276
Tyler stands up and wipes the blood and swear from his face. He goes over to Jason, "Hey hot shot, are you dead?" He asked tapping his forehead with his boot. He looked to his right and noticed Malcolm was gone. Tyler let out a string of curse words.
2/6/2015 #277

Jason groggily opened his eyes and his wings stretched slowly, muscles hurt from the strain. Looking up, he attempted a smile. "No, not yet." Propping himself up, he pulled his leg under him and kneeled. "You okay?" Standing, he dusted off his clothing.

2/6/2015 #278
(Please tell me this Rp is still active )
5/6/2015 #279
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