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Create a mutant, white or ereaser the usual stuff just follow the rules. Ok? Please note we are not using the flock to play we are using oc's.
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Vriska Serket- archnidsGrip
Yay!And hey Toby!
1/5/2014 #61

Just so you know, we currently arent using the first roleplay...

1/5/2014 #62
Anubis O.o

Name Vickianne Riley Star

Age 14

Gender Female

DNA 2% Black Panther/Puma/Cougar/Moutain Lion/Whateveryouwanttocallitcausethey'reallthesamething

History (as long or short as you want) She doesn't remember. Her memory was altered several times, so her life is just several fragments, visions, and dreams.

Personality: She's "nice" and "considerate of others feelings". She's a "perfect angel" and would never even dream of hurting someone! (Sarcasm intended...) Usually, she seems to be in multiple places at once, and can be found lurking. She's a natural hunter and is very patient, as she would rather take a long time and get the job done right, then hurry and fail. She's very flirty and sometimes uses sex appeal to get the things she need.

Powers: She can stay awake for weeks, with no food or water, as long as she has a focus in mind. She also can hypnotize others, though only for a span of about a minute and one person at a time.

Appearance: Riley is about 5'6" and is only 98 pounds. She is fairly pale, with bright cobalt blue eyes. She has a fairly developed physique and knee-length auburn curls are always pulled back into a ponytail. Riley's basic attire consists of a white tank top, dark denim high-waist shorts, and black pumps, topped with a black jacket. She's muscled enough to not be sickening, but still put up a good fight. Vicky has long legs and a slender build, more so meant for stalking prey than chasing them. She has a tail, though it stays hidden in her jacket.

Other: She's pretty good with a gun. Shotgun, rifle, you name it, she knows it. She keeps a pocket knife

2/23/2014 #63

All right! She is one cool kitty! Accepted...

2/25/2014 #64
Anubis O.o


3/1/2014 #65

I'm not too late, am I?

Name- Stephanie Banister

Nickname- Owl

Age- 16

Gender- Female


Hair: platinum blond, typically spiky, very short, and boyish; when grown out, it's straight

Eyes: large, owl-like (small pupil, monochromic) yellow/gold

Additional looks: 15' white wings with black speckles, pale skin

Height: 5'7"

Figure: curvy, muscular

Clothing- denim shorts, yellow athletic tanktop, black running sneakers. Has a back-up sweatshirt if the temp drops below zero

Personality- light hearted, snarky, sarcastic, makes a lot of jokes, prankster, outgoing, talkative, flirty, did I mention that she makes a lot of jokes?

Personal History: She was born into a rich family, but she was taken away shortly after birth to be tested on at The School

Likes: fleece, cold weather, small animals (to eat, muahahah!), the smell of vanilla, terrible puns

Dislikes: humorless folks, warm to hot weather,

Strengths: withstands extremely cold temperatures, silent flier, enhanced eyesight and hearing

Weaknesses: heat, sexy Canadian men, prefers surprise, hit-and-run attacks opposed to close range

Fears: fire, drowning, exposed wires other electrical mishaps

Species- 97% human, 3% snowy owl

Gifts- withstands extremely cold temperatures,

Additional Information- carnivore, has many owl traits

3/4/2014 . Edited 4/5/2014 #66

Definitely not! She is really cool, start whenever you want...

3/8/2014 #67

Name: Tyler Cozen

Personality: Malevolent and dangerous. He loves causing pain, but only to those who deserve it.

Gender: Male

Age: he thinks he's 18

Description: Shaggy black hair. Luminous green eyes, and usually a wicked grin. Extended molars and fingernails (fangs and claws) Prefers to wear a plain white muscle shirt and jet black leather jacket. Carries a knife for "last resort" situations. Dark blue jeans and gray worn shoes. A watch...just cuz.

History: Like the original flock, Ty was a test tube baby and raised under harsh conditions. However, he was put up to fight and love with Erasers. The constant exposure to them, effected Ty in an unusual way. He grew fangs, claws and an unquenchable blood lust. He broke free from the School the night he found his new powers. It was a massacre. The scientists there now focus on finding, and killing Ty.

Skills: Demolition expert, extended stamina and, on occasion, a rampaging lunatic (if that counts as a skill :D)

3/18/2014 #68

(I hope it's cool if I can jump in...?)

3/18/2014 #69

Totally! Tyler seems.... Different to say the least, just as long as he doesnt go around killing evryone I'm fine!

3/22/2014 #70

(Awesome! Thanks! Don't worry he won't kill everyone.)

3/22/2014 #71

I am now scared shitless.

3/25/2014 #72

Sorry I haven't been active lately. Where do you think I could join?

3/29/2014 #73

um...well we're in a forest looking for GPM's character Tyler and really you would join anywhere. last I checked we were heading to the gold coast theme parks to have some fun in our short miserable lives.

3/29/2014 #74

Name (no last name required): Blazing Steel (Prefers her nickname)

NickName: WildFire

Age (no-one over 20 to begin with please): 17

Gender: Female

DNA: 2% Peregrine Falcon and 3% Wolf

History (as long or short as you want): Wildfire doesn't know her parents or who they are. All she remembers is white and more white from her childhood. She was raised in the School, hoping to be a successful eraser with wings. Luckily for her she was able to get out of the school before they went and destroyed her mind so she could be controlled (age 10). But, that also left her with a fear and love of forests. She escaped just as she developed her powers (not to there fullest potential) and accidentally set the school on fire and the forest; where she went to escape to. She learned to fly and what real animals looked like in that forest, but then she also heard the agonizing screams of people being burned alive, and not being able to help them. As she flew away, along with some other escaped mutants, she got her nickname, WildFire. Her new friends where separated from her as they where put into orphanages at the town they choose to live in. She then discovered her passion of sports and running.

Personality: Wildfire is very shy, but once you get to know her and gain her trust she can be an open book at times. She loves running and sports. But, Wildfire pushes herself too hard while playing playing sports or running and is constantly getting herself in trouble or injured from her passion. She is very protective over the people she loves.

Powers: Wildfire has the power of energy, such as lighting, fire, and heat.

Appearance: WildFire stands at the height of 5'8. Her skin is the perfect tan, naturally. Her hair is a dark brown fading into an orangish, redish, fire looking color, her hair is similar to the ombre look. Her hair is usually into a side braid, french braid, or some type of braid; barely anyone has seen her hair down. Her eyes are a light purple-blue, but when shes mad (like really mad) they turn black. She has an oval shaped face and full lips. She has muscular build from constantly running. Wildfire's outfit usually consist of a loose fitting t shirt that is usually black, grey, or blue, dark colored jeans, and black combat boots or converse.

Her wings are similar in appearance to an eagles, and she has a tail and ears that are a mocha reddish color. (Her left ear is more orange and her right ear is more red, with the mocha color).

Other: She carries daggers around with her (In a boot, jacket pocket, belt, or jean pocket)

5/1/2014 . Edited 5/1/2014 #75

Oh, cool!

5/7/2014 #76

Name: Jason

Nicknames: Jace

Age: 14

Gender: Male

DNA: 96% Human, 3% Audubon Shearwater, 1% Black Cat.

History: Jason grew up in a Canadian School. Along with being trained in flight techniques, as the Whitecoats wanted to assess the limits of the flight, they were taught mathematics and other subjects, especially science. Mental capacities were explored in this School. Jason was assigned his own Mother Whitecoat, Laura. She ran most of his tests and handled his day-to-day needs. Jason's larger crate was next to a small crate, where he met Teresa, a small experiment like him. They began bonding, and having conversations when they could. Scientists noted the change in Jason 's demeanour and added Teresa to his training sessions, hoping positive reinforcement could expand his limits. Jason did improve, and so Jason's Mother Whitecoat became Teresa's Mother Whitecoat as well. The two were close and it wasn't until Teresa was taken and put through a particularly gruesome experiment when he realized they had to get out, if for Teresa's sake. They trained their senses and over time, a new power gave Teresa what she and Jason needed to escape. They left, flying off into the sky. They fly at night and rest during the day, usually covering their wings to walk in the city. They travel across forests all over.

Personality: Quiet, prefers to listen to conversations rather than partake in them. Likes curling up with comics from whatever newspaper he can find and tucking his wings around his body to feel cozy and secure. Protective of his "adopted" sister Teresa. Enjoys warm places and soft things.

Powers: See in the dark, can fly, can track things based on scent, enhanced senses, thermal manipulation (can send waves of heat or blasts of fire), telekinesis.

Looks: Dusty brown hair that fringes just below his ears and bangs. (If you've ever watched Supernatural just imagine Sam's hair from season 1), bright green eyes that glow neon at night. Bony shoulders and thin arms with patches of red skin from various healing sunburns. Scars on his neck and arms from past experiments. Plain white t-shirt and dark blue jeans with dirty old red converse. Wears army-style dog tag necklace.

Hybrid looks: Glowing green eyes at night, small cat ears, black and dark brown Audubon Shearwater wings.

Back of wings:

Front of wings:

Name: Teresa

Nickname: Reesa, Reese

Age: 10

Gender: Female

DNA: 96% Human, 3% Barn Owl, 1% Tabby Cat.

History: Teresa grew up in a Canadian School. Along with being trained in flight techniques, as the Whitecoats wanted to assess the limits of the flight, they were taught mathematics and other subjects, especially science. Mental capacities were explored in this School. Teresa's crate was next to a larger crate, where she met Jason, an experiment like her. They began bonding, and having conversations when they could. Scientists soon added Teresa to Jason's training sessions, hoping positive reinforcement could expand his limits. Jason did improve, and so Jason's Mother Whitecoat became Teresa's Mother Whitecoat as well. One day Teresa was taken from her crate and they cut her chest to see her vitals, and if any organs were cat-like or owl-like. Jason told Teresa they had to get out. They trained their senses and over time, Teresa gained a new power that allowed her to break the glass of the training room, giving what she and Jason needed to escape. They left, flying off into the sky. They fly at night and rest during the day, usually covering their wings to walk in the city. They travel across forests all over.

Personality: Shy and bashful. Soft-spoken and kind, fun to be around after getting to know her. Creative and artsy, loves when Jason sneaks her som pencils and paper to draw. Worries often about Jason and herself. Curious.

Powers: See in the dark, can fly, enhanced senses, retractable claws, healing abilities, can emit a high pitched sound from her throat high enough to shatter glass.

Looks: Dirty blonde hair that falls around her shoulder blades. Blue eyes that glow neon at night. Freckles dotting her cheeks and pale pink thin lips. Bony shoulders and thin stomach. White V-neck t-shirt and black shorts that reach mid-thigh. A long scar that runs from her upper chest to 2 inches above her belly button. Simple silver locket with picture of her and Jason from a time they visited a photo booth. Violet high top sneakers.

Hybrid Looks: Glowing blue eyes at night, retractable claws, speckled brown Barn Owl wings.

Back of wings:[email protected]/5377878705/

Front of wings:

7/16/2014 #77

Yeah, you can definitely join in!

7/26/2014 #78
No Longer Broken and Alone

Name: Cleopatra DelRay, she goes by Shadow

Age: 16

Gender: Female

DNA: 93% Human, 2% Eagle, 5% leopard

History: She was born in an Itex base in Cairo, Egypt, and was immediately tested and experimented on to see if she had come out the way the scientists had hoped; They wanted to create an individual with both the instincts and power of a leopard who would be trained to track down, hunt, and kill with no mercy, with the eagle DNA an added bonus. They wanted to create a killing machine, a perfect soldier who could both hunt down and exterminate without any emotions. Unfortunately, she was just what they had hoped for and they were pleased with that. They gave her the codename of Bast, the name of the Egyptian Goddess of cats which seemed to be the perfect name for her, a you could guess why. They trained her through grueling tests that both tested her mental and physical attributes. They wee a little disdained when they discovered her love of books, but quickly used that as a ultimatum. For the first eight years of her life she was taught to kill with no mercy, no emotions, to not feel. She was taught to hunt and track, along with how to hide and how to survive. What they didn't know, and what she kept hidden, was that she did have some humanity in her.

When she was nine she was sent out with teams of Erasers to see what they did, to shadow them. Instead, she showed them up by tracking their prey and managing to catch the prey; A boy a little older than her that had managed to escape earlier that day. Unfortunately for him, he didn't realize exactly what she was until she attacked him with all the ferocity of a wilf animal though she was still in control. They scuffled for a few minutes until she clamped her fangs into his arm which was when an Eraser shot him with a dart. She didn't want to let go of her prey and bit one of the erasers, which resulted in her 'training' with erasers who basically just beat her up. She continued to go on missions, learning right away to contain herself to escape from being severely punished. By the time she turned twelve, she was going out on her own missions which usually resulted in her tracking, hunting, and ultimately killing the who she was sent out for, her targets being mainly those who had evaded capture and to powerful to remain free. She became Itex's trained assassin until her humanity gotthe better of her.

Right before her fourteenth birthday, she was sent out on a mission to track down and kill three individuals, a brother and sister and an older female who was of no relation to them. All three were to dangerous to remain free, thus they let her go out hunting. It took her a little while to find them and rather enjoyed hunting them down until she had them cornered, which was when she got the surprise of her life; The brother and sister were young, the oldest probably seven while the other was only about five years of age, while the girl was only about eleven. This confused her greatly, since she had never had to kill anyone so young before; This was only a baby. The older girl immediately attacked her, yelling at the other two to run. The two siblings took off running while she fought with the girl, quickly overpowering her and killing her by slicing her neck. She immediately turned and raced after the siblings, letting her instincts take over. When she let her instincts take over, the world becomes foggy and she loses herself to her inner beast. Instead of playing with her prey, she tracked them down and cornered them again, this time with no hope of escape. As she prepared to strike, she found that she couldn't. All she could see was the fear in their tear-filled eyes an she just couldn't kill them. She found her humanity in that moment and knew that she couldn't kill them. Instead, she told them to run and that she would cover their tracks before immediately turning and leaving them. She immediately returned to the headquarters, her mind reeling with what she almost did.

What she didn't know was that she had been followed and, when they saw that she hadn't killed them, they did it for her, except that they tortured them, taping it all on camera. She was immediately taken into a room and was forced to watch the tape showing a pack of erasers tearing them apart, listen to their screams and pleas for help. After that she was taken into another room and strapped to a pole as erasers started to whip and cut into her back, which left all of the scars she still has to this day. It was in that moment that she realized two things; that she had caused the deaths of the only two beings that she had ever cared enough to let live and that she had become a monster, a beast, with so much blood on her hands. It was after that that she exacted her revenge on those who had forced her to become who was; She burnt the building down to the ground with every whitecoat and eraser either dead or burned alive in that building and freeing as many experiments as she could. She took her files with her when she left, which is when she found out something else; Those siblings that she had tried to save had been her younger half siblings, which explained why she had been followed. In the file was also a silver locket with the picture of a loving family of four, two being the siblings and the other two who must have been the parents. She has worn the locket ever since then as a reminder of who she once was and the family which she could've saved but didn't.

She's been on the run ever since then, though she takes out erasers whenever she gets a chance without any mercy, with a coldness that she reserves only for them; That is when, and only when, she lets the inner beast take control, even if it's only a little bit.

Personality: She is more of a loner due to being on her own and only relying on herself for so long. She is wary and cautious of others, not really fully trusting anyone but herself. She tries to keep to herself, very secretive. But she will talk if she alone wants to, not if others demand it. She is patient and a very avid listener. She is brave, strong, wise, thoughtful, and she is caring. She will not intentionally set out to hurt you and she is not as unfeeling as she seems. She is friendly in her own sort of way, and she absolutely loves children. She is respectful and trustworthy, but she believes that both respect and trust are earned. She is fiercely protective of those she deems needs her protection and will fight fang and claw for them. She has a temper that can simmer for hours on end and she will wait until the perfect moment to strike, so beware. She has the patience and training of a hunter, it is an instinct, and she knows how and when to enact her revenge. Do not question her about her past, or she will either ignore you or strike; its a 50/50 chance, so would you risk it.

Powers: All of her senses are all heightened; She can hear the tiniest of sounds and can pinpoint where the noise came from up to a few hundred yards away, she can see in the dark, and her sense of smell is 150% more stronger than a regular humans, and she can feel the vibrations of her prey, er, other creatures moving around her. She can move silently and stealthily; Most of this is of the leopard and cat DNA that flows through her veins. She is also agile, flexible, and has great balance. She can control and manipulate shadows; Make them into different shapes, wrap the shadow's around herself to make her disappear. (I'd like to have this power develop more along the way)

Appearance: She has long, thick wavy black hair, large sparkling bright green cat-eyes that are slightly almond-shaped, golden tan skin. Both ears are pierced and her back, shoulders, and chest are covered with what looks like tattoos of leopard spots, but is in all actuality her skin. She stands at 5'6 and is shapely but more in an athletic- sort of way. She is Egyptian, which shows in her black hair and golden skin, and has an exotic, dangerous look about her. She has a pair of15 ft long leopard-spotted black, golden brown, and creamy white wings and the retractable claws and fangs of a leopard, all of which re more easier to hide than her leopard spots. She has scars criss-cross across her back, a particular claw-marked scar that runs along her left side from the back of her shoulder down around to end in the front of her pelvic bone, all of which she keeps hidden. She wears A pure black, skin tight tank top paired under a black leather jacket and a pair of dark colored skinny jeans paired with a pair of black converse, and a backpack that she carries everywhere with her. She wears a silver locket around her neck that she never lets anyone see, let alone touch, along with a pair of earrings that look like a set of claws.

Other: She is deathly afraid of being underground and deep water, afraid of drowning. She keeps her past a secret.

2/10/2015 #79
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