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Cat walked down the busy Western Sydney Streets trying not to be noticed

8/24/2013 #1

Saturday morning foot traffic made it is easy to blend into the crowd as she walked towards the shops.

8/24/2013 #2
xXStars of FireXx

Dark was leaning against a tree at the edge of a large wooded area

8/24/2013 #3

Cat stopped and sniffed the air checking for erasers not finding any but finding the smell of foxes instead what would foxes be doing out here? she thought heading towards the smell

8/24/2013 #4
xXStars of FireXx

(foxes? unless i gave Dark a fox the ok... if i did then wow i ave a bad memory)

Dark heard short little yips and whines

8/24/2013 #5

(yeah you did I just checked and why is she hearing yips and whines? oh well I will just say that Amber is with her)

"Amber will you be quiet I'm looking for someone" Cat said patience wearing thin.

8/24/2013 #6
xXStars of FireXx

(oops sorry.... ok yea she hears Amber i guess....)

Dark mutters to herself, a habit she made when she was abandoned

8/24/2013 #7

Cat hears and takes this opportunity to run towards the sound while she hears it and runs into someone knocking them over in the process

8/24/2013 #8
xXStars of FireXx

Dark, out of habit, barks like her fox at the person who ran into her. Her fox yips loudly

8/24/2013 #9

Amber growls at the fox then changes to human form

Cat apologises and asks "who are you?" she then tells Amber off for scaring the persons fox.

8/24/2013 #10
xXStars of FireXx

Dark stares in their direction, unsure of what to say

"uuummmmm..... im not sure...... i think my name is Dark...."

8/24/2013 #11

Amber after being told off says "sorry if we scared you" before pouting and changing back into a kelpie

"Amber stop sulking" Cat says obviously disappointed in her friend "I'm Cat" *offers out hand*

8/24/2013 #12
xXStars of FireXx

Dark (being blind) didnt know she was holdin gout her hand. Her fox, (going with Ferox, his name on a different forum) jumped at Dark and upon feeling him, she folded her arms around him and then adjusted how she held him

"umm... nice to meet you?"

8/24/2013 #13

Cat shakes it off and was about to dismiss it as rude before she saw Dark's eyes. "You're blind aren't you?" she asks

8/24/2013 #14
xXStars of FireXx

Dark stiffened then forced herslef to nod

8/24/2013 #15

" Don't worry" Cat told her as should could sense that Dark was retreating into herself because she is scared "I'm different to I have wings and ears and a tail, I can also read peoples emotions and Amber can transform into a kelpie but in human form she still has ears and a tail but she also has wings unlike in kelpie form. Just then Amber barked as if to agree.

8/24/2013 #16
xXStars of FireXx

Dark looked up, surprised. then slowly unfolded a tiny bit of her wings, Ferox yipped as if trying to discourage her (she can communticat ewith him sinse they pretty much grew up together) "its fine Ferox..." she whispers

8/24/2013 #17

Amber unfortunately took that moment to change back into a human and was knocked over by Darks wings

8/24/2013 #18
xXStars of FireXx

Dark yelped when Amber knocked into her wings and quickly folded them back against her back, Ferox however started to growl at AMber

8/24/2013 #19

(I am changing to have Amber only escaped last month)

Amber having only escaped last month quickly changed into a dog and whimpered laying on her belly scared.

8/24/2013 #20
xXStars of FireXx

(ok) Ferox lept down from Dark's arms and sniffed at Amber, Dark just stood still it seemed like she was starting to camouflage into the background

8/24/2013 #21

"Amber ,you can get up now" Cat said noticing she was still a dog. "Hey where did Dark go I mean I know she's still here I can sense her but I cant see her. Cats tail flicked anxiously as she tried to pick up the slightest sound of breathing.

8/24/2013 #22
xXStars of FireXx

Dark was starting to zone out, conversing with herself in her head (not little voices.... just herself)

8/24/2013 #23

"Dark, Dark I know you're still here" but Cat was starting to doubt herself.

(I think you should add another character this is getting a little bit boring)

8/24/2013 #24

(maybe a little kid?)

8/24/2013 #25
xXStars of FireXx

(ok will do!)

Dark heard her name and jerked, becoming visible again "Huh? what did i do??" she was extremely confused

8/24/2013 #26

"You were zoned out and disappeared if I couldn't read emotions I would have thought you left" I actually worried Cat that she could do that

"whoa that is awesome how did you do that?" Amber asked curiously.

8/24/2013 #27
xXStars of FireXx

"i disappeared?" Dark had no idea she could d tht because she had spent the last several years alone with a fox

8/24/2013 #28

"Well yeah" Amber stated as if it should be obvious. "Amber don't be rude" Cat scolded as if Amber were a young child.

8/24/2013 #29
xXStars of FireXx

Dark stiffened slightly hearing clumsy footsteps and a child's yelp

8/24/2013 #30
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