RWBY: Resurgence
Welcome to a fantasy world of monsters and magic. For the first time in centuries, it is experiencing an age of peace, mankind progressing at an unprecedented rate. Yet, dangers abound, and dark forces lurk behind every corner, patiently waiting for their chance to plunge man back into the primordial chaos from whence he came. Welcome to a world of new solutions. Welcome to a world of bloody evolution. Welcome... to Vytal.
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"Darkness is brittle. It shies away from light, as many of you have no doubt noticed. Shine a bright torch into a dark corner, and the shadows shrink, recede, and vanish.

But one must always remember that the darkness is tenacious, and patient. Let a light off for a scant second, and darkness rushes in to fill the void.

Remember this. No single light can hope to hold the darkness back by itself. Even the sun and moons have their cycles, each fading with the passage of time. Only by the force of numbers can light push the dark back, relighting new flames as old ones flicker and die.

The Grimm are exactly that. They are the darkness, and we are the light. The Hunters have to hold the line. If they don't, there will be nothing left to defend, and man will sink back into the Dust from which we were born.

Now, at the end of your graduation, you have mastered the skills necessary to defend others from the encroaching darkness.

So I say, go forth.

And let there be light."

-Excerpt of a larger graduation speech made at Beacon Academy

"Thousands of lien in property damage, and even more from the raids you've made on Armada Corporation's Dust convoys." A stack of reports hit the metal desk in front of him. "Do you have any idea how much trouble you've caused?"

Ran remained silent, still and unmoving in the illumination from the bright light dangling from the ceiling. His head was bowed, concealing his eyes and expression.

"One thing I don't get, though. Why'd a criminal like you save those kids from getting eaten? And the rest of the civilians from dying a horrible death?" The Huntress planted the butt of her spear into the floor and eyed him.

"Go on. Answer me."

"...Innocent lives are worth more to me than any of Armada's goods." his voice was low, barely above a whisper.

"Guess you're not feeling that way anymore, huh? If you'd just made a run for it, you could have gotten away. Instead, you're paying the price for playing the hero, waiting for your sentence in this cell."

"Don't regret it." Ran spoke shortly, his voice now a small growl.

"Why not?"

"...Having the means to help is in and of itself a reason to help. Innocent lives are always worth protecting."

The Huntress remained silent for a while, before she finally cracked it with a grin.

"Well since you feel that way..."

For the first time, Ran blinked in genuine surprise as his shackles were unlocked. He looked up in time to catch the Huntress flipping open her cell phone and punching in a number.

"Hey, Ozpin! Think you might want to see this one!"

Ran's eyes flickered open. Slowly, he winced and reached for his neck, massaging it slowly to relieve the stiffness. It'd been a long trip from Sanctum; a train ride followed by a boat ride, then now the tiltjet. He'd apparently fallen asleep in his seat, leaning against the glass of the window.

Huh. He looked around, seeing the rest of the to-be students chatting merrily with each other, regaling others with (no doubt exaggerated) tales of their exploits, or even simply announcing they were going to be their town/village's local leader in loud voices.

In other words, it was a hell lot noiser than when he'd boarded.

With a sigh, he rose, grabbing his bag and brushing past the rest of the students seated in his aisle. He'd head to the common room in the middle of the tiltjet; perhaps it would be quieter there and he could read a book in peace for the rest of the trip.

"So, what about you, big guy?"

"Me?" Adrian jerked a thumb at himself, then chuckled and shook his head. "Nah. Haven't fought many Grimm, to be honest." The group of gathered assorted students made disbelieving noises.

"It's true!" He stuck out his tongue childishly, which triggered off a laughing fit among some of his compatriots.

"Eh. As interesting as this is, I got a better idea." One of the girls pulled out a battered and old set of playing cards with a wink. "Who's up for poker?"

"Blackjack." Adrian interjected before anyone else; the girl made a face.

"I can't remember the patterns in poker worth a damn." he protested, triggering another round of laughter.

"Hey, what's so funny?!"

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Treads the Trees

"Deal the cards, lass," an enthusiastic voice sounded, the large individual reaching out toward the centre of the round table setting down a twenty lien bill.

No doubt quick to jump at the chance of a short round gambling, convincing himself it'd be the last before he was officially part of Beacon, Agmundr was ready to win himself a few credits worth if luck permitted.

When all conversation died down into silence for a brief moment, he frowned. "What? You guys don't play with money?"

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"Not quite in the first round, no." Adrian laughed as he rummaged in his pocket and pulled out four five-lien coins, earning a few chuckles from the rest of the students and breaking the silence. "I think I'll follow suit, though." He stacked it neatly on the bill, the rest quickly following suit as the girl began to deal out cards.

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Create For Monty

Dear Journal,

I am now on the tiltjet. All of my life has been leading up to this moment, going to Beacon! I'm extremely overjoyed and exited to see what adventures and challenges Beacon has for me. I've got Shadow Cordon around my wrist as I am writing this, so you can be sure that I am safe. I can't believe my parents allowed me to come to Beacon, considering our past disagreements and brawls. I made sure to bring everything I need, and my parents promised to send extra Dust, just in case SC needs it.

As far as the tiltjet ride is going, it's awful. I hear lies left and right, tales of slaying great beasts, and eliminating Grimm 24/7. It sickens me to think that some people have to make up lies about themselves because they've never done anything of a sort. And the noise, oh, the awful noise! People speak rather vociferously, and it annoys me to say the least. I have found refuge from the putrid sounds though, in the common room. There are only two people in here, other than myself. I can still here the chatter from the other rooms on the tiltjet, but the noise is faint, and actually quite calming.

I still cannot believe I was invited to Beacon! I didn't think I was good enough, but I guess others thought differently, thank goodness. Oh! I can't believe I forgot to mention the view from the tiltjet! The view is gorgeous, and I saw Signal! It was amazing, to say the least. Now, my hand is starting to cramp up, but I will be writing about my many adventures at Beacon. Farewell for now!

- Kageka

Kageka had just finished one of her many journal entries, and started to read it over and over again, making sure it was perfect. She was picky about her writing, and would constantly make her periods larger, or rounder. A bad habit of hers that she was never able to lose. A habit that she often found odd, do to her liking more simpler things in life, though she did always have an eye for detail. Her dark eyes scanned the page slowly, making sure every word, sentence, and paragraph were perfect.

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Kleine Peng

...Some coffee would be nice right now...

A small pair of orange eyes cracked open from under a sweeping tuft of hair, squinting in the sudden daylight flowing through the window of the tiltjet. The tiny girl let out a groan, shifting on her side. She winced as her muscles protested from being in the same position for so long. Note to self: Don't sleep on a goddamned tiltjet. While she was excited to be going to Beacon, she wasn't particularly expecting such a hellish flight there.

Joints and muscles popped as the girl gingerly sat up, carefully resting her back against the wall. She rubbed her eyes, yawning. How she was able to fall asleep in such a noisy place was a mystery even she wasn't sure of; her ears felt like they would pop any moment. Her legs felt numb, and she rubbed them sorely. How long has it been? The black-haired girl's hand reached behind her back, pulling out a sleek-looking smartphone. She squinted again at the light from the device as it lit up.

Dammit. The screen went black, and the girl sighed, closing her eyes. She had wanted to sleep through the whole flight, but it had only been a few hours, and she had no intention of going into the crowd and getting trampled.

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B.B sat in his seat and stared at the window, trying desperately to get some sleep. He had a headache and he really needed a fix of RRH, but he couldn't go popping pills around all the loudmouths. He tried to pass the time as best he could, sharped his knives, wrote a log in his diary and went to the bathroom about a dozen times. However he couldn't get his mind off the graining voice in his head, demanding a wondrous little bit of RRH to satisfy it.

After his tenth trip to the bathroom he saw someone take out a deck of cards and deal them out. Seeing it as a chance to get his mind off RRH he approached the group. He wasn't really much of a gambler, but it could help him make some friends or at the very least earn him a couple of bucks. All he had was three lien on him, but he didn't see the harm in passing off a thing of sugar pills as painkillers, not like anyone would know the difference thanks to the placebo effect and the fact they were unlabeled.

"Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to have room for another player would you? I'm afraid I don't have much money but I'm sure I have something on me I could use as compensation. May I play?" B.B said in a genuinely polite voice as he took out his money and the 'painkillers'.

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Treads the Trees

"Certainly," Agmundr grinned at the newcomer. "More money in the pool."

He gestured toward the new addition and watched as the dealer slid two extra cards across the table to the gray-haired man. He stole a glance at the pills - plain, unlabeled, almost seemingly harmless, but he had his doubts. Not that it mattered, they were probably worth quite something if it was being bet.

"What're those, man? Don't look like candy to me," Agmundr chuckled, taking a peep at the two cards he was dealt.

An eighteen. He chose to stand.

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Adrian examined his cards. They added up to twelve. He shrugged and drew a card-

"Nuggets." He laughed ruefully, tossing his busted hand of twenty two down onto the center pile. The King had apparently decided to make an early entrance. "Bad draw."

Ran slowly made his way through the doorway, three of his books in tucked neatly under his arm. The Litany on the White Cliff was thicker than The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Mystical Beasts and where to find them combined; the former raider of Armada convoys looked forward to reading that one.

There were a few people already there; some looked up at his arrival and some didn't. Ran ignored them all and settled in an armchair to enjoy his reading.

Thirty pages in, he became aware of a presence in the armchair beside him. He looked up, one eyebrow rising ever so slightly at the sight of a girl staring almost...hungrily at his books. She had long black hair and a large bow atop her head, which he refrained from looking at studiously. He coughed lightly to draw her attention.

"...Sorry. Mind if I borrow one?"

Ran blinked.

"Don't have any of your own?"

"Didn't have much time to pack." The girl seemed downcast for the barest of moments. Ran considered this for a moment, then shrugged.

"Help yourself."

"Thank you."

He settled back into his seat and sank once more into the entrance of the imagination, immersing himself once more in the words that curled along the page.

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Frostmeric Wrought Iron Hero

Alexpheez sighed, their's only so much napping a personcould do, especially on a tiltjet. He opened his bag long enough to pull out his music player, two books, and his journal tha contained the notes on Steelburn. Standing up, Alexpheez started to head towards the common room aiming to do some reading and/or work on a way to upgrade Steelburn's Dust chamber to combined the effects of his Red and Blue Dusts stabily.

(The two books are the legend of King Arthur & the Knight os the Round-table and The Epics of Gilgamesh

8/30/2013 #9

"Painkillers. The good kind too, maybe a little too sugary for people with high blood sugar but they'll knock you on your ass if you take more than one. They're worth about 100 lien or so, useful if you're half-crazy from pain after a Grimm nabs you during the trials." B.B said as he looked at the cards he was dealt. "I consider myself something of a doctor and a chemist. I don't have any official licenses of course, but I had a LOT of time to read and...practice at Signal. So if you need me to look at anything or need something the nurses can't or won't give you, come to me and I'll help you out as best I can."

B.B looked around and smiled, the bunch he was with seemed nice enough. Looking down at his cards he found he had 14. Pretty good number to hit with. If he got a 7 he was set.

"Hit me dealer I'm feeling lucky." B.B stated, rubbing his hands together eagerly. Even if he lost he was only out three bucks and some sugar pills, if he won he'd have some money to put towards better chemistry equipment, which meant more RRH and maybe some other chems to sell on the side.

8/30/2013 #10
Kleine Peng

Kaira slid off the seat onto the ground, staggering a bit after laying down for so long. Her back ached, and she rubbed it sorely. Her backpack slipped behind her back, and she looked at the crowd in front of her, sweatdropping. How am I supposed to get through that...? She sighed, walking into the sea of people. "Excuse me. Ow! Pardon. Sorry. Ack! M'bad."

She stumbled out of the crowd in front of the door to the Commons. She blinked. Huh. She walked-"OW!"-right into the sliding door. She blinked again, rubbing her head sorely. Wait...Why isn't itopening? The girl waved a tiny hand in front of the door. "Hello?" She stood on her toes, still waving her hand. "Hellooooooo?" She began jumping up and down in front of the door. "Open up, dammit!" Am I too short?

A tickmark appeared on her forehead, and she kicked the door angrily, stubbing her toe. "OW!" She rubbed her foot sorely, looking up the door.

8/30/2013 #11
Create For Monty

Kageka raised her head up from her journal at hearing a peculiar noise that did not sound pleasant. She surveyed the common room cautiously until her eyes fell onto the door, and the short girl standing behind it. She closed her journal and placed it into her messenger bag before standing and walking to the door and opening it, head tilted and wordless. Kageka looked the girl up and down, catching her features and stern face.

8/30/2013 #12
Kleine Peng

The black-haired girl looked up as the door slid open in front of her, revealing another girl looking down at her. The girl was at least a foot taller than Kaira, with black hair covering one eye and a confused look on her face. Kaira blinked. She looked up at the girl, head also tilted momentarily before regaining her bearings. "Th-thanks." She mumbled.

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Create For Monty

Kageka continued to study the small girl's features, even after she had spoken. Her orange eyes were full of wisdom, and her hair was that of a rag dolls to her opinion. She said nothing before returning to her arm chair and sitting down, analysis on the stranger complete. She opened her messenger bag and pulled out The Tempest, one of her favorite books. She had left off on page 76 on her seventh time reading it, and she carefully flipped through the thin pages to get to get to the right one.

8/30/2013 #14
Kleine Peng

The other girl said nothing, studying Kaira momentarily before abruptly returning to an arm chair. Kaira blinked for a second, unmoving...which caused the sliding door to shut on her once again. "GODDAMMIT!"

8/30/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #15

A few seconds later, it slid open again, Ran standing there with an ever so slightly irritated look on his face.

"You know..." he growled softly, fingers white-knuckled on the book he was gripping in his left hand. "This was meant to be a quiet place."

8/30/2013 #16
Tachibana Wish

It was good seeing you the other day. Have fun at the academy and remember to text me. Maybe if we're lucky, we'll end up working for the same outfit after you graduate? Try to be safe.

Love E

Skimming over the words, Martel slipped her phone back into her pocket as the words of a card game behind her caught her attention. One of the guys offering to help out under the table if any of them needed something they couldn't get prescribed. Or that was how she took it at any rate.

"That's not really a good thing to offer, ya know?" Listening to the sugar-coated words of an obvious con was irritating and a little offensive given the subject. Her father's rants about the ill and stupid being taken advantage of came to mind. There wasn't much good telling him off would do though. The blue-eyed girl tried to instill a little lightness in her voice, most likely having started off sounding too tired and condemning to succeed. "When did you guys start playing poker? "

It was probably too late to join. She had intruded with one of the worst greetings too. Still, the money being put into play looked quite a bit like extra sandwiches if you looked at it the right way. It was as good a way as any to start meeting people too.

8/30/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #17
Kleine Peng

"W-wah!" Kaira quickly jerked backwards, startled and intimidated by the sudden appearance of the large male in front of her. "S-s-s-s-sorry!" The boy was at least two heads taller than her, and was glaring down at her menacingly. "D-didn't mean to shout, sorry!" She spoke quickly, shrinking back.

8/30/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #18

A soft sigh escaped his lips as Ran shifted to the side, holding the door open.

"Just... get in." he rubbed at his temple with his other hand.

8/30/2013 #19
Kleine Peng

"Th-thanks." Kaira quickly scurried inside past the boy. She eased herself into a seat, reveling in the quiet.

8/30/2013 #20
Treads the Trees

"It's blackjack," Agmundr directed a smile at yet another interested party who raised a question. When he returned his attention to his table to see his twenty-lien bet and what else was put in the pool swallowed up by a single player who'd scored himself a twenty-one, he shrugged, reaching for his wallet, but upon opening it realized he had but a single five lien note left. "Next round's starting, ain't too late to join if you're eager."

When the cards were going around for the second round, he spoke, directing his words toward the gray-haired individual. "Painkillers, eh? You sound like that shady man down the alleys... You know - trenchcoat and all... Used to see him all the time, 'round sunset, just near ol' Signal, trying to sell us some weird 'candy'... Then papa's gonna come along and tell me not to take candy from strangers... Not that I wasn't old enough..."

He went on rambling, uncaring if the other is even paying attention to him anymore and chuckling to himself, until he had a look at his new pair of cards. A frown crossed his face, but that expression faded just as quickly.

"Hit..." he called.

8/31/2013 . Edited 8/31/2013 #21
Kleine Peng

Kaira slipped her headphones over her head. She'd mix music to pass the time. Maybe make a tune or two. Anything to take her mind off the mind-numbingly boring flight.

8/31/2013 #22
Frostmeric Wrought Iron Hero

Alexpheez stepped into the common room and looked for the nearest chair. After a few seconds he found one near a girl wearing headphones. Shrugging he slipped his own on, sat down in said chair, and opened the notebook on Steelburn. Looking over the various diagrams he knew he couldn't add more Dust chambers, at least not without more money. Mentally sighing he returned to trying to figure out a way to combined dust effects.

(Both pgrades mentioned in this post are a long, long, way off.)

8/31/2013 #23
Kleine Peng

Kaira was vaguely aware of the boy taking a seat next to her, however paid it no mind. Her head bobbed ever so slightly to the music blasting through her head. As she finished her mix, however, she found herself occasionally stealing glances at the peculiar book the boy was observing. Seemed to be some sort of diagram; possibly a weapon of some kind. She felt her technological side wanting to read and analyze those documents for herself, and she turned her music louder.

8/31/2013 #24
Create For Monty

In my false brother, awakened an evil- Kageka was cut off reading in mid sentence by the sound of rather loud music that blared through her ears, though she was some distance away from the source. She looked up from her book, only her midnight blue eyes showing, the rest of her face hidden by one of Shakespeare's greatest. She shot the girl with the music a cold and menacing glare, an obvious sign she wanted the music to not reach her ears and interrupt her reading.

8/31/2013 #25
Kleine Peng

Kaira met eyes with the other girl, hair flowing as she shrugged. Sorry. She turned her music down slightly, hoping she wouldn't leave too bad of an impression.

8/31/2013 #26
Create For Monty

Kageka heard the obnoxious music be turned down slightly, and she let her glare linger for a few more moments before returning her gaze to her book, and the words on the pages. She was normally a fan of music, but not at all if she was reading. Then, music was just an abomination. Due to the music being quieter now, it was actually quite relaxing. -nature, from with all shall be cursed.

8/31/2013 . Edited 5/21/2014 #27
Frostmeric Wrought Iron Hero

Alexpheez sighed and rubbed his temples, this was giving him a headache. He also caught the occasional glances the gilr next to him was giving his diagrams. Alexpheez removed his headphones and tapped the girl's shoulder why gesturing ay my ears, hoping she would understand that he wanted to talk.

8/31/2013 #28
Kleine Peng

Empire tilted her head slightly, hair falling over one eye. She slipped off her headphones. "...Yes?" She spoke quietly.

8/31/2013 #29
Frostmeric Wrought Iron Hero

Alexpheez held out his journal "I saw you looking at my journal and I want your opinion on something." He showed the section of his journal that pertained to his Dust chambers "I'm trying to figure out how to alter the chambers to combine the effects of two different types of Dust."

8/31/2013 #30
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