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I've always wanted my own CCS RPG! Here it is! This takes place right after the anime ends and so there are canon characters available. They are all the same age and everything and nothing much has changed except for the fact that Sakura has now changed all the cards, Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon have been revealed, and Eriol has been revealed as the reincarnation of Clow Reed. This is before the second movie though so Eriol, Spinel, and Ruby have not yet gone back to England. Eriol has explained to Sakura why he did what he did and they are all friends again. Even though Sakura has finished her mission with the Cards she still uses them all the time, is still learning about and improving her powers with the help of her friends, including Eriol who sort of acts as her tutor, and her guardians Yue and Kerberos. So, this is where the story begins, or should I say, continues. Here is a list of all the characters that can be played. I will put the username next to the character that they claim. You can have up to four (as long as you are active with them all) and it's first come first serve: (the minor characters will be included just in case and no OCs are allowed.)


*Shaoran Li-

*Eriol/Clow Reed- Aqualover5711

*Tomoyo- Abnormal Girl (love this username btw :P )

*Kero/Kerberos- Aqualover5711


*Yukito (with Yukito and Yue two different users can be them since they have completely seperate minds and personalities. the two users just have to decide when they switch. Oh, and Yukito is now aware of Yue's existence so he knows why he has memory blanks now)-

*Yue- Aqualover5711

~Kaho Mizuki-

~Spinel Sun- Aqualover5711

~Ruby Moon-






Mr. Terada-

Sakura's dad-

Tomoyo's mom-

Sakura's grandpa (he really doesn't need to be claimed for this rp. i just added him on the list to be fair.)-

(Please tell me if I forgot anyone. Characters with * by their names have to be claimed before we can start this RP. Characters with ~ by their name don't have to be claimed but it would be good if someone could be them for helpers in character development of the main characters.)

6/30/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #1
Abnormal Girl

:) May I be Tomoyo, pretty please? I'll offer to nab some more characters if not enough people post on here.

9/6/2010 #2

(omg i almost forgot about this rp! yeah, if you still want her you can have her :D )

11/2/2010 #3

Hey, Can I have Sakura?

8/2/2011 #4

Can I have Sakura or Syaoran?

8/20/2011 #5
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