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My first Monsuno conteeeeest ;D Read for more info x3
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Heeeeello!! xD first contest, huh? I don't even know where to start...anyhow! Okay, okay, so here's the deal: Write a short story (one-shot, whatever you wanna call it) about whatever couple you may like. I accept all pairings (slash, canon, non-canon etc.) so there's no boundries here for creativity! :D I'll look critically on things such as gramatical errors, a little on the plot and how much each story will make me squeal. There'll be three winners and the prices are:

1. Three stories written by me about ANYTHING Monsuno-related, a fan-video about your favourite Monsuno character and three pictures drawn by me about your OC. (If you don't have any, I can draw something else ;3)

2. Two stories written by me about ANYTHING Monsuno-related and two pictures drawn by me.

3. One story written by me about ANYTHING Monsuno-related and a picture drawn by me.

The deadline is the 1st November 0w0. So write, my pretty pretties! xDDD

I insure you; I'm not that bad a drawer. If you check out my dA profile, there's no art of mine that I feel ashamed of. Also, if you've read my stories, you'd know how I write xp. Anyone can enter and just write MCC (Monsuno Couples Contest) in your story summary so I know what story I'll be judging. Reply if you have any questions and such about the contest. Good luck, everyone! :D

9/18/2013 . Edited 9/19/2013 #1
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

When I saw this, I squealed just a little too much lol.

Is it alright to enter a story that I've been writing that's on going? Chaos and Corruption, hasn't been completed yet and that's gonna take a while to be completed though, that a problem?x3

Don't worry if it's a problem, I can create a oneshot maybe, if my brain works. :C

9/19/2013 #2

xD I don't think it's gonna be any problem to you; I just read your newest fic about Dax and Jinja! I loved it! w But I'd really like to just have one fic with one chapter. It's gonna get a little messy if I'm gonna have to look on a series of multi-chaptered, preferably just one chapter ;3

9/19/2013 #3
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

Awh thank you! Understandable, Multi-Chap fics can be a bit chaotic to review and judge. xD

I'll stick with a small one shot, I got a few ideas floating around my head. :3

I'll make sure it sticks to one chapter. :P

9/19/2013 #4

Thank you! :D And remember to write something in the summary so I know what story I'll have to look at! 0w0

9/19/2013 #5
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

I'll post a link once I've posted it. :3 Thanks for making an epic contest and I hope more people join.

9/19/2013 #6

Haha, I made it yesterday, so perhaps they will x3 (Hopefully) Remember to spread the word! Competetion is only sweet if there's a lot to compete against!

9/19/2013 #7
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me, yeah I'll make sure to spread it around. x3

I was thinking of making a Dax/Chase, haven't seen any pairings of that but I find it difficult to write Chase, I don't really know why. xD I don't think he has much of a personality when compared to the others.. .-.

9/19/2013 . Edited 9/19/2013 #8

You and me both, bro -_- Chase's like every other main character in an anime; reckless, likes adventure, over-confident and full of creativity in a battle...sorta. I mean, I don't write him much, but when I do, I just try to go with the flow like in the show x'D

That rhymed!

9/19/2013 #9
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

That did Rhyme. XD

He is a bit typical, brave, adventurous, over-confident and the others are more interesting to write. xD Chase's personality is soo overused in most animals/cartoons that are battle themed. It's like meh, why I try to avoid writing him or leaving him on his own like a loner.

9/19/2013 #10

He's typical and the other's aren't; that's what makes him less interesting to write. You want inspiration to write some Dax x Chase? Ever watched my fanvid; Chase x Dax - We're Never Getting Back Together? It's not as...splitting as it sounds, actually it's kinda 'longing-y'. xD Dunno, but you can always watch it if you'd like.

9/19/2013 #11
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

I haven't. :O That might give me some inspiration, could you link me? You-tube tends to lag on my laptop when searching for things, crappy like that. Beyal and Dax have the most interesting personalities out of the show.

Jinja is interesting as well and Bren, I could rant on for ages of why I love his geeky ways. x3

9/19/2013 #12

Here it is :D I was low on fanart back then when I made it and then I browse tumblr and find some awesome ones later :'D FML.

9/19/2013 #13
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

That is such a cute video! And it was awesomely awesome done, the fanart was adorable though, especially Dax on the motorbike, yum. :P I think I got some idea of what to write now.

9/19/2013 #14

Thank you! xD Always happy to assist!

9/19/2013 #15

Hi Kitty, remember me?

Well, I'm going to compete!

I'm going to use my character: Wisteria Monra. She's a pretty movie star with a pendant of Mosnuno essence, a sword and a Monsuno unicorn! She got the pendant and Fireheart when she was twelve, on the day her dad disappeared. Her mum loves putting her in the spotlight, even though Wisteria loathes it! She never went to school because she was always on the road but Fireheart schooled her. And she can also talk to her Monsuno on a language level. She's got black hair that reaches her waist, tied in two pigatails and violet eyes. Fireheart's core is violet with red tints. Fireheart is a bit of a bully but cares for her controller. Fireheart has is dark purple with a red mane and tail and one glowing blood red, crystal horn.

Wisteria is in my first Monsuno fanfic I'm writing: Wild Flower. I haven't posted it yet but I plan to as soon as I finish writing five chapters (got the long first one done)

Anyway, I'm rambling on... just giving info so that people can help me decide who I should pair her with. :3 (any yes, I'm going to make a separate one-shot)

Any ideas? (No stealies of Wisteria or Fireheart ok everybody? Though you can ask to use them)

9/27/2013 . Edited 9/27/2013 #16
Naniika you want it to be boy x girl or femslash (girl x girl) And do you want your character to be with someone from Coretech or other teams? Like Strike Squad or maybe Six?
9/29/2013 #17
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

After first November, what day is the results going to be announced?

Sorry if I seem inpatient, just a bit excited. :P

Also, I have noticed there isn't many RP forums for monsuno, that makes me sad a bit, if anyone happened to create one, pm me? :3 I really want.. rp monsuno. ;w;

9/29/2013 #18

The day after? xD Unlike others, I don't wait a whole week for a decision that might take five minutes. I'm not that cruel. Cruel, yes. But not that cruel.

And...what is rp?

9/29/2013 #19
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

Yeah, I understand some people might need time but.. a week, is horrible to wait for lol. xD I'm glad it's only a days wait.

rp, is a shortened word for role play, I find it easier to type 'rp' than role play. Cx

9/29/2013 #20

Role Play? xD

Like I could do any. Maybe Beyal...but he's kinda short, ain't he? And how the f*ck am I gonna look like him?? Now I think's rare that they put any brown characters in the show o (thinking lots of racist thoughts)

I don't wanna start thinking about this now...

9/29/2013 #21
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

Yeah roleplay, create OC's, plan a storyline etc. xD Not the best at describing this sort of stuff.

Beyal is very short.. I just noticed that, midget monkfish. xD I think they do put a variety of races in, like with Dax, I forgotten her name, crazy lady.. is she brown or very tanned? The weird woman that says, divine! Or some crap like that. xD

9/29/2013 #22


Don't think I know her xD

9/29/2013 #23
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

I'm a dumbass, she calls Chase lil'suno, Maedia? I can't spell her name. xD

They call her Queen, I am really bad at explaining this. =.=

9/29/2013 #24
I could set up a rp Lucy today. I'll post when it's ready. And I think i've figured out my entry. It involves some arm twisting, some attempted gut ripping and one nice monk. :)
9/29/2013 #25

Ok! It's done! My rpg is here! So you guys can check it out whenever

9/29/2013 #26

Oh! You mean Medea??

9/30/2013 #27

I've finished! It's called: she's hard to tame. I'm so hoping I'm going to win! XD

10/4/2013 #28

Yay! xD I can't wait to read it! And there's three winners, so you have good chances!

10/4/2013 #29
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

I have my laptop back!! It got fixed, praise the lord!

I thought I'd never got my own laptop back again. .-.

And yeah, I meant Medea. XD

10/5/2013 #30
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