The Life of a Mutant
The life of a mutant is hard and secretive. Now come life a life of one make an OC and be a white coat, Eraser, or a mutant.
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Wolfie the Furret







Mutation Apperance


good or bad





Here is mine

name: Luna(everyone calls her moony except Scientist call her experiment 12847D25ZZ63F)

age: 5

Appearance: Long blonde hair with grey streaks in it, eyes that change bizarre colors, 4'1 really skinny and fragile looking, with several scars

personality: She's very quite because she can barely talk, and shutoff from most. She's always looking for someone to treat her like family.

gender: Female

species: Avian and feline

good or bad: good

history: Been in the school her whole life

Power: she can glow at night and turn into a kitten and later control ice

skills: not many except she can fit into small spaces

10/1/2013 #1
Vanguard of Kings

Name- Romulus

Age- 15

Appearance- He has hair so black it almost looks blue, and large amber eyes. His skin is olive tonned and he's fairly well muscled. Average height, weighs about 150 lbs

Personality- Romulus is incredibly reserved, and often can pass for mute (which he has before). He likes to be around what's happening, but rarely contributes. He's easily curious and very intelligent. Not much with brute strength, but great with strategy and such. Romulus has problems with being the center of attention and usually has his brother be his spokesperson, who never leaves his side if he can help it. Not very loyal, but always pays debts.

Gender- male

Mutation Appearance- He has white ears and his amber eyes are slitted. You may notice his face is a little too slim to be normal, and his nails are curved, sharp, and thick. His canines are longer than average.

Species- arctic fox

Good or bad- good, but wouldn't have to much trouble changing if it suited him, though he'd have to think about it.

History- n/a, he never talks about it. Very reserved.

Power- In dreams he can see the future, but he rarely if ever remembers them. During the day he may have a vision just in time to make a move that could save his life, but they're random. He can also see thermals.

Skills- very agile and fast, intelligent

Name- Remus

Age- 15

Appearance- See Romulus, but with a deep scar across his right cheek.

Personality- Remus has a hard time controlling his temper. He likes to be at the head of things and rarely respects the opinions of anyone but Romulus. Speaking of whom, his brother is the only one Remus is currently loyal too. Remus has a trust problem and believes he's the best at what he does, so very arrogant. He can be downright rude or nasty, but he really does try to reign in his temper.

Gender- male

Mutation Apperance- see Romulus

Species- arctic fox, 1%

Good or bad- good

History- not applicable, doesn't like to talk about it

Power- He can see thermals and also tell when someone is lying. However, it has to be a flat out lie. Someone saying 'I'm fine' when they're upset won't cut it. When they tell a lie, he can tell because they have a faint red aura for a moment or two, but only to his vision

Skills- Very strong and skilled with fighting

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DJ Joshua Davinci
Name: Roach Sanderson //// Gender: Male //// Age: 16 //// Appearance: Fangs, yellow eyes, claws for fingernails and toenails, tail, wolf ears, thread bare clothes, black gray blonde wolf hair, moon medallion, 5'7", muscular //// Personality: Wolf-like //// Species: Dire Wolf //// Status- Good. //// Power: Werewolfism, Communicating with Animals //// Skills: Badass fighter, agile, great listener
10/1/2013 #3
Wolfie the Furret


10/1/2013 #4
Mad To Be Alive

name: Cat

age: 14

Appearance: Auburn hair that is slightly wavy and comes down to her mid back. She has yellow eyes and Chestnut colored wings. She is medium height and extremely fit.

personality: She is happy and hyper, always trying to push her limits and make new friends. She is friendly, but gets mad when you threaten her friends. She is extremely loyal.

gender: Female

Mutation Apperance: She has Chestnut wings and yellow eyes, like a hawk.

species: Hawk

good or bad: Good

history: Grew up in the school, experimented on, and is now terrified of the place

Power: She is extremely good with computers and has amazing vision

skills: Good at fighting, flying, and computers

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Wolfie the Furret


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Jay Strun

((Alpha and Omega!!!! Twin time!!!))

Name: Nadie (Na de a) *insert last name here*

Age: 13

Parents: *insert parents here*

Appearance: Red hair with streaks of purple, shockingly green eyes, slightly tanned, kind eyes, wears a bobby pin with a rose attached to it. Nadie also has red wings. She wears a ring on a chain. Nadie wears Converse high tops (purple with sparkles), black leggings with a purple and black skirt, and a purple tanktop with a wolf on it, complete with a purple and black hoody that has wolf ears on the hood.

Gender: Female

Personality: She doesn't trust easily, but when she does it is forever. She has a little girl charm and can be either extremely mature or extremely goofy, or somewhere in between. She loves her parents very much.

Status: Good


Species: Red-winged hawk

Powers: has excellent hearing and eyesight.

Pets: She has an interesting pet; a cream colored wolf named Wolfey (It has never attempted to hurt her or her friends.)

Likes: Wolves, MineCraft Creepers, candy, purple, sparkles, ice cream, her sister, and her sister's pet.

Dislikes: liars, bullies, most kid's shows, Erasers,

11/15/2013 . Edited 11/15/2013 #7
Wolfie the Furret

Name: Madie *insert last name here*

Age: 13

Parents: *insert parents here*

Appearance: Black hair with streaks of silver, shockingly green eyes, slightly tanned skin, kind eyes, wears a bobby pin with a lilly attached to it. . She wears a ring on a chain. Madie wears Converse high tops (silver with sparkles), black leggings with a silver and black skirt, and a silver tanktop with a wolf on it, complete with a silver and black hoody that has wolf ears on the hood.

Gender: Female

Personality: She doesn't trust easily, but when she does it is forever. She has a little girl charm and can be either extremely mature or extremely goofy, or somewhere in between. She loves her parents very much.Unlike her sister she is very shy

Status: Good

Mutant Species: Alaskian Timber Wolf

Powers: has excellent hearing and eyesight And can when she looks at an animal in the eyes and her eyes flash silver it's her friend for life

Pets: She has a red winged hawk named Soar

Likes: hawks, candy, purple, sparkles, and dressing up in private, and wolves

Dislikes: liars, bullies, Erasers

11/15/2013 #8
Wolfie the Furret

Accepted and Accepted

11/15/2013 #9
Lavender Skye

Name: Darcy

Age: 15

Appearance: Darcy has short, choppy hair that's so blonde it almost looks white and has black streaks in it and bangs that hang over her left eye- covering up a large scar across it. She's extremely tall and skinny and has cuts on her arms, which she always wears long sleeves to cover up. She has two different colored eyes- one powder blue and one hazel green. She looks older then she actually is.

Personailty: Darcy is incredibly reserved, preferring to be alone then with others. This doesn't mean that she's particularly shy though. She actually has quite a temper and isn't afraid to stick up for herself or others. She's very sly and cunning and doesn't mind having attention on her- though she doesn't particularly enjoy it. She hardly trusts anybody due to experiences in her past, and has also never loved anybody. She's also very stubborn and doesn't like listening to orders.

Gender: Female

Mutation Appearance: Her nails are curved and sharp, her canines are longer then normal, and her eyes are similar to that of a dog (aside from the color)

Species: Hyena

Good or Bad: Good

History: Refuses to talk about it (code for Skye's too lazy to type it out XP)

Power: Her laugh in mutant form can momentarily cause people to turn deaf

Skills: Fast, sneaky, and manipulative

11/15/2013 . Edited 12/6/2013 #10
Wolfie the Furret

(Accepted make sure to start at the school)

11/15/2013 #11
Mad To Be Alive

Name: Jeremy

Age: 14

Parents: He never knew them, and probably never will

Appearance: He has dark hair with white stripes in it that he keeps cropped short. He has brown eyes, and is tall and well filled for fourteen. He has an easy smile on his face, but his eyes hold his history.

Gender: male

Personality: He tries to trust people until they give him a reason not to, and he always tries to be friendly. He has a small temper though, and occasionally snaps at people. He is also extremely loyal

Status: Good


Species: tiger

Powers: he is fast, and has a cat like grace, but is also ferocious. He also has very good eyesight, and claws and sharp teeth

Pets: none

Likes: friends, running, being outside, music

Dislikes: Erasers,

11/15/2013 #12
Wolfie the Furret


11/15/2013 #13
Jay Strun
Name: Daniel Ortiz Jr. Age: Unknown, appears to be 15 Gender: Male Personality: Kind, charming, loyal, brave, fierce to enemies, one big teddy bear to friends, wary of strangers, growls like a wolf when frustrated, angry, or confused. Appearance: cobalt blue eyes w/ the slightest tinge of brown, 5'7", toned muscles, slightly tanned skin, wiry and stringy chin length golden-brown hair w/ streaks of gray, scar on his face, stretching from the top left of his face, across his nose, and to the right hand side of his chin, wolfish grin, wings are the same color as his hair. Clothing: Old brown leather jacket, faded blue jeans, white t-shirt, brown boots, watch, hospital patient band; a ring hangs from around his neck. Weapons: N.A.T.O. Combat Knife, M9 pistol, a sniper rifle, his whole body, his sharp tongue, and his enemies. Hates: Erasers, white coats, being double crossed Likes: wolves, Snickers, Monster, and beef jerky Status: Good Species: Raven Other: he has a pet Raven named Bloodwing.
11/30/2013 #14
Mad To Be Alive
name: Kayla age: 15 Appearance: blonde hair and green eyes. She is average height with a graceful build and sharp teeth personality: kind of quiet at first, but more open once you get to know her. gender: female Mutation Apperance: has sharp teeth and the ability to grow claws species: cat good or bad: good history: no importance Power: graceful and healing skills: none
11/30/2013 #15
Jay Strun
Sorry, Junior has pure blue eyes and black wings so dark they gleam purple. His hair is dark brown.
11/30/2013 #16
Vanguard of Kings

Name: Prosper

Age: 10 (claims 11)

Appearance: Prosper has dirty blonde hair with greyish streaks here and there (used to be black, but it's slowly turning to white prematurely). He has large green eyes and very pale skin. He's on the short side for Avian hybrids, but still taller than an average ten year old. He has a black hoodie that's pretty tattered which he loves, a red t-shirt, and black sweatpants. He usually has his hood up.

Personality: Prosper thinks he's invincible, like most children. He's arrogant, but tends to be pretty shy around people he hasn't known for a bit. He tends to sound older than he is. He's a very innocent kid who doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong from what he's been told by Whitecoats. It makes him dangerous and in danger. He doesn't know who to trust so he works for and helps whoever helps him. He's actually pretty clever and catches on quickly to things, he just has difficulty grasping situations. He's as innocent as a six year old but as involved in things as a soldier, sadly. He doesn't have many school smarts at all, but he's street smart and easily can get out of sticky situations. He thinks he's completely alone and only truly trusts himself. He's confident and may come across as annoying, but he's really just a kid.

Gender: male

Mutation Appearance: He has visibly darkened spots on his skin and hardened nails. His canines are slightly elongated and thicker. He also has very large and dare I say fluffy dove wings, though he doesn't like when you call them so. Like all Avian hybrids, he has a larger metabolism and thinner bone structure.

Species: dove and snow leopard

Good or Bad: Neutral, in all honesty

History: Prosper was given to the School by a mother who couldn't afford any children. The School was interested in creating mostly Avian-Large animal hybrids, so Prosper received 1.7% dove and 1% snow leopard. He was one of the lucky, more successful experiments. Though he wasn't treated much better than other experiments, he was given a sort of favoritism due to his general compliance. He was given a very small dose of wolf when he was eight, but it appeared to not take and he was given nothing afterwards. (It did affect his personality somewhat, and his eyes color turned a tint amber). Following separate, none mutational experiments, his eyesight was successfully heightened, as was his speed.


-Heightened speed in the air, not at Max level but faster than average for sure.


-When he screams, it can deafen those in close hearing range, but it works on him too

Skills: He can bear cold very well. He's also got great eyesight. Can hide pretty well, and dodge, but he's not a fighter.

Other: he's dyslexic as a side effect of experiments

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Jay Strun


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Jay Strun
Name: Yankee Gender: Male Age: 20 Appearance: no one knows what his face looks like, he always keeps his black hoodie with gold trim pulled up. He wears black combat fatigue pants, and black converse. He wears black fingerless gloves, and you can see tattoos o everywhere there is skin. Usually wavy lines as he can summon fire. He is presumed to be bald, and he wears a sword at his side. 5'8". Cold steel gray eyes. Black and gold colored wings. Personality: He is the father of their group. He treats them as his kids. No one messes with them. He was often subdued by whitecoats after going on rampages triggered by seeing his "kids" get injured. He is stern, yet soft and loving. DNA: Unknown. Could be mixed with everything at this point. He has been in the school for 20 years. Powers: Stealth, Fire Summoning, Flying History: He is the 25th subject to a top secret project (hence his name). No one but the most elite know about its purpose. He had a name once, but forgot it. His sword is black and gold colored, and is named 'Nightflame'.
12/6/2013 #19
Jay Strun
*Age: 16
12/6/2013 #20
Lavender Skye

Name: Chyler

Age: 15

Appearance: Chyler is extremely short and petite. She has long, wavy, dirty blonde hair and large chocolate brown eyes. She has a slightly upturned nose with a splash of freckles across them, and has a slight tan.

Personality: Chyler is extremely shy and hates meeting new people. When she does meet new people she hardly talks, and when she does she is usually very quiet, so people have to ask her to speak up. She hates being the center of attention. All Chyler really wants is someone who cares for her, so she takes to trusting people fairly quick. Though it takes a lot for her to actually warm up to someone, she is very sweet and caring. She's pretty jumpy and tends to get scared easily. She is also sensitive, but is good at keeping her emotions in. It's very rare to see her lose her temper.

Gender: Female

Mutation Appearance: She has large, white wings with black specks and bird-like eyes. Her nails resemble bird talons.

Species: Snowy owl

Good or Bad: Good, but can be easily manipulated.

History: Grew up in the School.

Power: Is able to see from all angles and has amazing vision.

Skills: Can fit into small spaces, flying, speed, stealth.

12/6/2013 . Edited 12/7/2013 #21

name: Selina

age: 14

Appearance: Dark brown hair with silver streaks, freckles, dark green eyes. A necklace of a wolf around her neck. Large wolf ears -covers up with a black hoodie- and wolf eyes.

personality: She is nice, but if you do get on her bad side, watch your back ;)

gender: Female

Mutation Apperance: White wolf with dark green eyes, pure white teeth and long claws. Her tail tip is a dark brown and her ear tips are dark brown.

species: Grey wolf

good or bad: Good

history: N/A

Power: She can see, smell, and hear very far away.

skills: Very good fighter.

12/12/2013 #22
Wolfie the Furret
12/12/2013 #23

name: Lily

age: 11

Appearance: Blond hair with deep blue eyes. A bridge of freckles going across her nose to her cheeks. She wears a blue hoodie with black jeans. Black worn out shoes.

personality: Very nice, she thinks everyone is a good person in the inside out.

gender: Girl

Mutation Apperance: Blue cat eyes with very long nails/claws. Very pale and has a very good seance of smell and she can see very far away. Lily can also see in the dark and handle harsh cold weather.

species: Snow leopard

good or bad: Good

history: N/A

Power: Very good smell, she can see in the dark, handle cold weather, and she can see far away.

skills: Being cute ;)

1/2/2014 #24
Name:Alena Age:15 Appearance:5'5, Skinny has one green eye and one yellow catlike eye.Waist length Blonde and black hair.Usually stringy and matted unless she gets to wash it. Slightly tan skin a scar on her forearm and one on her chin that looks like an omega symbol her wings are Silver.Her cat wars one black one white. Personality:Timidly shy except around Daniel .Kind, freindly and a good listener Gender :Female Mutant, Whitecoat, or eraser :Mutant Species:Feline and Avian Good or bad :Good History:(only Daniel Knows) Power: She can give people minor mutations for shorts amount of time.She can turn into a cat and fly and can control fire Skills :Hand to hand combat stealth and disguises. Other:Wears things Daniel likes because she has a secret crush on him. (Btw I still haven't read the series I just wanted to give it a try and Josh helped me.)
1/4/2014 #25
Jay Strun
1/4/2014 #26
Anubis O.o

Name: Kali Forde

Age: 15

Appearance: Kali has knee-length, pink hair, dipped with purple on the ends and held in place by a blue bow. She has big, round blue eyes and long, blond eyelashes, giving away her natural hair color. She looks like a doll, with her round face, and rosy cheeks. She is about 5' 9, and has wide hips and a small waist, giving her an hourglass appearance, and her porcelain skin seems to glow.

Personality: A shy girl, with an odd love for games, Kali is truly one of a kind. Kali doesn't speak unless she needs to, but will do anything for a good game. She is very dependent and she can't stand to be controlled.

Gender: Female

Mutation Appearance: Kali's skin shimmers, the light reflecting off of the diamond in her skin.

good or bad

History: The usual, taken from birth, experimented on, and her morale destroyed, etc.

Power: Kali is only susceptible to anything that could destroy a diamond.

Skills: Kali is an amazing actress. She's a natural.


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Wolfie the Furret


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