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Hi, I'm writing a story with Booth as the main character. I don't need much data about his time in the military cos is a case fic with some romantic parts in it...so he's going to be and FBI guy all the time, I just need some answers. I'm not American so my knowledge in the US Army is close to none as you can imagine, and I really don't want to the get the little data I'm going to use wrong...

At the end of season 5, he goes to say goodbye to Bones to the airport and he says that he left the base without permission, so he's obviously in a base close enough to D.C airport, anyone knows the name of that base? Second, I assume the Rangers have their own base, how is called? where it is?? Could he had gone from the "DC base" to the "ranger base" and from there to Afghanistan (maybe via German) for his deployment? And once we start season 6, he would have had to terminate his contract with the Army, all the retirement papers and such that he would have needed to sign, would he had to go to the "Ranger base"? could he had done the paperwork in the "DC base" and the paperwork go back and for between both bases through Army mail??

Please if someone knows the answers or some of then, you'll be a lot of help :)

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Boxster Girl

Hi Dorothy!

There are several bases in the DC area. (I looked it up.) Ft. Meade in Maryland, Ft. Belvior in Virginia, FT. Detrick also in Maryland, Ft. Lee in Virginia. There are more. I had no idea there were that many.

I don't know where Rangers train. I thought they could be stationed at any base, but that's just a guess.

When military personel leave base without permission it's called AWOL (Away Without Leave).

3/18/2012 #2

Hi, Thanks to everyone for your help but I have already find the answers that I needed.

FaithinBones answered my questions so you can consider this matter closed.

Again thanks to everyone!! :)

3/18/2012 #3
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