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Welcome to the BBM, where all who can do magic tricks are welcome! Journey through the mythical world of Fablehaven, on dangerous quests handed to you by Chaos, your leader, and Ciran and Crimson, your commanding officers. Based off the fanfiction "Time and Time Again" and "Jumping at Shadows." Prior reading is advised but not necessary. CHECK IT OUT!
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Jokes are really, really good. Not inappropriate jokes. That awkward little laugh is not a good thing, it's a sign she's uncomfortable. But if I ever gather courage to speak to a guy that doesn't scare me, I want him to be funny.

Confidence. Okay. I can do that. Coooooonfidence.

Fellow freak five! Freaks for the win!

2/2/2014 #331

So, during the past week, I've finished The Lost Hero, Son of Neptune , Mark of Athena and now, House of Hades. Time to wait for The Blood of Olympus.

2/2/2014 #332

I want Percabeth to have a happy ending so bad! If Rick gives them a sad death scene I swear I am so done with his series. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. But he's a great author. He has the right amount of funny mixed with storyline.

2/2/2014 #333

Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Ella? is that you?

Well, demigods don't have that many happy endings. I want an ending where Percy beats the sh*t out of Jason in capture the flag. Violence is virtue. I'm kidding, who'll think of that? But yeah, happy ending for Percabeth. Yup yup yup. Happy endings good for Ella.

2/2/2014 #334

I DIDN'T THINK OF THE JASON AND PERCY THING YESSSSSSSS. I love Percy so much more than Jason, sorry. I mean, they offered to make Percy a god. They didn't do that with Jason. Gotta mean something.

Maybe I am a harpy. Maybe Excalibur is a Cyclops. You'll never know. Yep.

2/2/2014 #335

Seconds ago. Are you still breathing?

2/2/2014 #336

Oh and , me too! When The roman demigods and Piper and Leo went like Jason's the greatest demigod ever. I was like, oh please, did they offer to make him a god?

2/2/2014 #337


2/2/2014 #338

By the way, I don't know about you but I personally found Leo, Percy and Annabeth chapters more interesting.

2/2/2014 #339

Jason is NOTHING compared to Percy, I mean. He summons ONE lightning bolt and he's tired. Whereas Percy can lift up entire rivers and crap to blast the hell outta his opponents.

2/2/2014 #340

PIPER is always bitching about stuff, especially her daddy. Frank just can't handle it. Jason is freaked about being a leader even though he's a golden boy. Hazel is dead. Leo, Percy, and Annabeth are definitely the most interesting.

2/2/2014 #341

Sea God for the win!

2/2/2014 #342

Leo's chapters never fail to crack me up. That's why I love them. Percy and Anna's are filled with so much action and affection.

Piper is just hands down annoying. Hazel. GURL, YOU GOTTA BE MORE INTERESTING. Jason. Meh, Okay-ish Frank. STOP FREAKING OUT BY FIRE DANG IT.

2/2/2014 #343

I'll admit, I've skimmed through most of HoH just to get to the Annabeth and Percy scenes. Everything else was boring. And then Leo got shipped to Calypso, that was awesome, ship that. I did read the cupid and Nico-is-a-plant though.

2/2/2014 #344

I just imagined a emo corn plant when I read that. Couldn't stop laughing for 30 minutes. I liked how Calypso's feelings for Leo changed. first 5 minutes it was GO AWAY YOU SCRAWNY PIECE OF SH*T. then after that it was like. Huh. I'm getting used to this annoying kid. then after that it was like: Oh here let me help you. then after that it was like : NOTICE ME SENPAI!

2/2/2014 #345

I like that it wasn't true love at first sight. I hate soul mate stories like that, they're shit. I know they're supposed to be romantic, but I like stories where the characters slowly fall in love with one another because I didn't develop my crush on Excalibur over night.

2/2/2014 #346

Well when I first saw Samantha I thought she was beautiful and way out of my league. But then I saw her personality : funny , good hearted by nature. The 2 things I always wanted my life partner to be.

I like the way Leo falls in love with every immortal beautiful woman he can find. I mean, doesn't he find it weird that they are thousands of years older than him?

2/2/2014 #347

On a random note : I was pretty stumped when I read that Nico likes Percy. I mean, I don't mind gays but... that's just weird... a dude who can summon undead minions and cause fissures likes another dude? Why Rick, why?

2/2/2014 #348

I think that it was random and stupid. Gay ships are awesome, so awesome. But that literally came from no where. No hints in other books or anything. He just wanted to promote gay rights, and I'm okay with that. For the sake of my sanity, Nico is bi.

I'll be back in a while, feel free to continue ranting, it's been fun.

2/2/2014 #349

Aight' I'll go wrestle with Hercules.

2/2/2014 #350

Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy does it feel so wrrrrrrooooonnng? My heads in the game, but my hearts in the soooooooooonnnnnng...

2/2/2014 #351

Hey, Supercell.

Say something I'm giving up on you

And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you

Anywhere I would've followed you!

2/2/2014 #352
Shhhh! Im watching the Superbowl. Ok not really.
2/2/2014 #353

The Broncos are just too doomed at this point. Sorry. But Bruno Mars was incredible at the halftime show -- I've always loved his music, but it's good to know that he can actually sing like he records instead of some of Taylor Swift' s embarrassments.

2/2/2014 #354

I like Swift's music.

2/2/2014 #355

She's a great singer, don't get me wrong. I love Taylor. But I hate that she went pop--her most recent live plays have shown us why that's a bad idea. I love her country music so much.

2/2/2014 #356

I prefer her country music, and her curly hair, now.......... not so much. Wish she would go back to making country and having that curly hair. She WAS hot.

2/2/2014 #357
My favorite country singer is Jim Croce.
2/2/2014 #358

Hey Mariana, you ever gonna update your profile? It still says you are working on finishing Jumping at Shadows. I guess now you are focusing on Time is Ticking?

2/3/2014 #359

*groans* Do I have to update it?

2/3/2014 #360
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