BBM (Brothers of the Black Moon)
Welcome to the BBM, where all who can do magic tricks are welcome! Journey through the mythical world of Fablehaven, on dangerous quests handed to you by Chaos, your leader, and Ciran and Crimson, your commanding officers. Based off the fanfiction "Time and Time Again" and "Jumping at Shadows." Prior reading is advised but not necessary. CHECK IT OUT!
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Welcome, roleplayers! You can either play as a villain or a new recruit, occasionally as an old warrior! Anybody is welcome! Simply follow these categories to create a character to roleplay with! Please no Mary Sues (perfect characters). Keep it appropriate, please. Thanks!




Race (Dragon, Great Wolf, so on):



Magical abilities (if any):


Weapons (if any):

Family (if any):

Relationships (if any):



Once you have created your character, please head on over to Chaos's inspection before roleplaying anywhere else. Once you've had a nice little conversation with everybody's sassiest, then feel free to roleplay away!

11/6/2013 #1
Name: Jason Knight Age: 13 Gender: Male Race: One quarter great wolf on his mothers side Appearance: 5' 11'' with light 3 inch long hair. Not tan but not pale. Has deep cobalt eyes. Has an atheletic build, but is not bulky. More lean and fast. Like the wolves in india. Always carries his silver curved knife in its sheath on his right hip. He is left handed. Has a scar on his back going from his left shoulder to his right hip. Personality: Freindly, open, trusting, is a natural leader but knows what its like to be the underdog. He is extremely loyal to his freinds, and is always willing to make knew ones. Magical Abilities: Is stronger, can run faster, and jump higher than any human. He can control electricity, but is vulnrable to magnets without a magic charm in the hilt of his knife. Backstory: He was found as a baby next to the BBM building with a paper tracing his lineage back to a wolf packs Beta, and a note saying he was a child of the wolf. Further inspection showed that his whole family listed on the paper had misteriously died less than a month earlier. He has been hiding out in a safhouse in the Bronx and was just deemed old enough to start warrior training. Weapons: A silver dagger deemed VOLT with an anti magnitism charm in tje hilt. The charm takes the form of a saphire. Family: See backstory Relationships: WILL NEVER BE IN A BOYFREIND GIRLFREIND RELATIONSHIP EVEN THOUGH BECAUSE HE IS LOOSELY BASED OFF ME HE IS INCREDIBLY HANDSOME. Strenghths: Intimidation. Unarmed combat, and pure raw firepower. Weaknesses: Magnets. And he can be too trusting very often
11/8/2013 #2

Sounds good. I'm waiting for you!

11/8/2013 #3
Name: Nick Edwards Age: 14 Gender: Male Race: Human Appearance: 5 foot 10 inches tall, relatively broad shoulders. Hard corded muscle. Brown 2 inch long hair. Light skin, A couple freckles on his nose. Calloused hands. Wide balanced stance. Personality: Nervous of meeting people but joking and funny. He is kind of shy about being in the spotlight. But if given a leader will follow them to the ends of the earth. Magical abilities: Skilled in manipulating shadows and dark energy. Backstory: He was part of a family that were freinds of chartakers of a magical preserve. So his family knew about fairies and trolls and such. When his family learned he was a shadow charmer they kicked him out thinking shadow charmers were all evil. He wandered for a month before being found by BBM recruiters. Weapons: None Family: See backstory Relationships:None Strengths: Dark energy, shadows, dark pulse, ect. Weaknesses: Has recieved no combat training.
11/9/2013 #4

Sounds good to me. He should have an interesting relation with Chaos... hee hee...

11/9/2013 #5

Name: Assez

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Race (Dragon, Great Wolf, so on): Shadow-touched (at a young age, she looked into the eyes of a demon's spirit and survived)

Appearance: She has a slight accent. Assez has pretty brown eyes, bright and alert. Her pink lips are always twisted into a playful smile. Her eyebrows are perked and mischievous, matching her overall impish appearance. Her slick chocolate brown hair is always bound into a long braid over one shoulder. Her caramel brown skin is dappled with a few freckles over cheeks. There's always a black raven either balancing on her shoulder or curled around her neck. The raven's name is Ebony, and the snappy bird is her secret weapon.

Personality: Assez is playful and rarely acts like she takes anything seriously. She is flirty and silly, loving anything fun. Though she may act like a little devil, Assez has a secret desire for true love that she'd read about all her life. On the inside, she's not flaky in the slightest. She forms a bond with everyone and anyone, and is the Twinkie of the magical world. She never carries a weapon out of fear of hurting someone permanently, relying completely on her magical abilities.

Magical abilities (if any): She still works at it, but Assez can make things hover and float. She can summon fire and manipulate Ebony, her raven. If she attempts anything big, like scorching someone's soul from their bodies, she collapses with horrible fever.

Backstory: Assez was born in France as a street-rat. Her mother left her abandoned. As a baby, a demon's spirit pulled back her cloth and peered into her eyes. Screaming bloody murder, Assez somehow made the demon leave her innocent soul alone. The demon retreated, and a lonely figure walked up to the wailing child. They say that the cloaked wolf looked into her brown eyes and saw something there. He wiped away her tears with the tip of his nose, and summoned a mighty bird to watch over her forevermore. Chaos has been keeping tabs on Assez, but only recently has recruited her. Despite all her hardship, Assez remains cheerful.

Weapons (if any): Occasionally, Assez carries a shepherd's staff so that Ebony can rest on the crook.

Family (if any): None

Relationships (if any): None, though she yearns for one.

Strengths: Social interactions, reading people, magical theories, imagination

Weaknesses: Violence, agony, reading, and rejection. Though she may act tough at times, Assez is weak, and relies on anything people tell her. She has reacted suicidally to three insults in the past month alone.

11/10/2013 #6
Name: Porter Rockwell Age: 35 Gender: Male Race: Human Shadow charmer Appearance: Tall, Black hair. He has tan skin. He is broad, and has largish muscles. Has green/blue crystal eyes. (not really crystal but the irises look like it.) Caloused hands. Worn looking face. He hs a long dagger scar on his left bicep. Personality: Gruff, tough, and dedicated. Never quits, always finishes what he starts. Protective, but not the classic way. He makes his pupils work hard so they can survive. Magical abilities: Classic shadow charmer stuff. Backstory: Was made a shadow charmer in his teenage years. Worked his way up the ranks of the BBM quickly. Weapons: A large old rifle and two revolvers. Family: Died in a fire. Relationships: None Strengths: His weapon skill, his eagle eyes, and strength. Weaknesses: As he would say, Its not a fear of heighths, only a fear of falling. He also doesn't like complicated magic, it gives him a headache thinking about it. Other: He could be the squad comander or something.
11/23/2013 #7

sounds good!

11/23/2013 #8
I am in a really good mood cause me and my Basketball team won the championship undefeated. I am making our point gaurd into an OC. Off to create I go!
12/14/2013 #9
Name: Eli Sheridan. Age: 14. Gender: Male. Race: Human? Appearance: This is slightly easier than usuall cause I already know what he looks like. He is about 5'6" with blonde hair about 3/4 of an inch long.He has blue gray eyes and has a shoulder width of about 1', maybe slightly more. Has strong, if not extremely large, muscles. Is not chubby, but isn't a twig. His face isn't like Brad Pitt's, but he has a kind of charm which for reasons unknown to me, attracts girls. Personality: Light, easy going, joking, and maybe a little showy. Sometimes if the going gets tough he can crack and more anger than any one else spills out and he works HARD. Magical Abilities: There is some kind of power to him but nobody can pinpoint what it does. (I might need someones help with coming up with a power. any ideas milk? wulf?) Backstory: Lived in xxxxxxxx Alaska. Grew up normal as a basketball player with good grades. Was discovered by the BBM and his parents were convinced to let him go because the person who recruited him told Eli's parents that he was a scout for a big basketball training camp that could get him a scholorship to collage. Weapons: None. Family: His parents. Relationships: None. Strenghths: Basketball, quickness, running, physical work, and joking. Weaknesses: Staying calm under pressure.
12/14/2013 #10

How about the ability to manipulate fire and telekinesis , I don't know , those 2 along with manipulating lightning has been what I wanted to do for a long time.

12/15/2013 #11
Jason already has lightning. So you mean pyrokinesis and telekinesis?
12/15/2013 #12

Yeah, sound great!

12/15/2013 #13
I don't like giving characters telekinesis, to me it is just too powerful. So pyrokinesis it is! And he won't know he has it.
12/15/2013 #14
Phoenix Glow

Name: Luna

Age: 16

Gender: female

Race (Dragon, Great Wolf, so on): Dragonling and secret black blood witch.

Appearance: Black hair and duo colour eyes. Her right eye changes colour while her left eye is a silver colour. Her hair is till her waist and her right ear has a pricing on it.

Personality: aloof and distant to people she don't know, likes to create trouble and stuff.

Magical abilities (if any): All types of elements.

Backstory: Her parents are unknown but she always carries a bottle with black liquid around her neck.

Weapons (if any): Scythe and strings.

Family (if any): Elena the witch of Earth (mother)


Her dragon family.

Relationships (if any): Her dragon parents and Ceberus her familiar.

Strengths: Can catch anything related to her power.

Weaknesses: Her right eye is slightly blind.

Name: Elena

Age. Looks like an adult but is Hundred of years old.

Gender: female

Race (Dragon, Great Wolf, so on). black Blood Witch

Appearance: has brown hair until her shoulder and green eyes. Her hands are covered with black markings.

Personality: Dangerous and Sadist, can be motherly sometimes....

Magical abilities (if any): Anything related to earth,

Backstory: After giving birth to Luna who she gave a bottle of her black blood to keep her hidden. She wanders here and there and waits for a time she could show herself.

Weapons (if any): Trident,

Family (if any): Her daughter Luna and her Ex-familiar Cerberus.

Relationships (if any): None.

Strengths: Can hide easily.

Weaknesses: can be distracted easily.


Age: unknown but looks like a teenager.

Gender: male

Race (Dragon, Great Wolf, so on): black blood familiar

Appearance: Has three tails and wings on his back. His fur and feathers are black and his eyes are golden-red. His human form has short black hair and golden eyes.

Personality: Can be annoying sometimes and like to follow Luna around.

Magical abilities (if any): Illusions.

Backstory: From the first black witch until now, he was a familiar to them. He was always watching over Luna.

Weapons (if any): twin Katana

Family (if any): none

Relationships (if any): Anna, Elena and Luna are his masters.

Strengths: Can do illusions to fool the mind

Weaknesses: He gets too proud sometimes.

3/11/2014 #15
Name: Tom Age:17 Gender:Male Race: Human Appearance : Athletic, has dark skin and always wears a silver necklace. 150lbs and 5.9ft Personality: Talk only when needed, likes to make jokes and tries his hardest for everything. Also very smart. Magical Abilities: Can hold breath for longer than usual people. Backstory: His parents were shot and killed. Later he found a fence not unlike those encasing preserves. He climbed it and drank some milk, he was thirsty. He soon found out about magical creature and accedentally became a shadow charmer by getting caught in a battle with a demon. Weapon: Has a sword with a black hilt and some daggers with the same hilts, but smaller. Has no family or relationships. Strengths: Going going undercover he likes that. Weaknesses: Someone who can outsmart him
12/14/2016 #16
Little Blaze

Name Chris Black,

Age 14

gender male

Race, dragon trainer (the equivalent of fairy kind to dragons beyond dragon brother)

apperance, mixed tall red T-shirt under blue jacket, blue jeans

personality cautious intelligent caring just

magical abilities, dragon eye grants the power of a dragon in human form, enhanced abilities, can control fire.

backstory when he was born his parents were killed by dragons but after he became a dragon tamer with no remaining family and being shunned by all humans he wanted revenge so he sought out the all mighty Chaos.

weapons, Sword ( magic can use fire with his powers )

Family killed.

relationships : friends with dragon that found him Jeagan.

Strengths enhanced power, speed , and thinks tactic

weakensees hates most people at first, and ignores advice sometimes

4/17/2017 #17
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