BBM (Brothers of the Black Moon)
Welcome to the BBM, where all who can do magic tricks are welcome! Journey through the mythical world of Fablehaven, on dangerous quests handed to you by Chaos, your leader, and Ciran and Crimson, your commanding officers. Based off the fanfiction "Time and Time Again" and "Jumping at Shadows." Prior reading is advised but not necessary. CHECK IT OUT!
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Do you have what it takes to be a BBM warrior? Walk up to Chaos and find out if you are any good! He probably won't bite... hopefully. Tell him your strengths and show him your attitude!

11/6/2013 . Edited 11/7/2013 #1
Chaos! I'm ready to fight for the BBM! I've waited my whole life for this! You've seen the reports on my powers!
11/8/2013 #2

Chaos regards the boy with a raised eyebrow. He leans down, pawing through the paper documents with the tip of his nose. The rough material chaffs the tip. Looking up at the eager boy, Chaos barks, "You're Jason, right? The little biological no-no? Even Cadeliah was interested in you." Chaos straightens and studies the body's figure. Muscled, true, but still lacking a warrior's stance. So, not as strong, but lighter on his feet. Interesting.

Chaos cocks his head. "Now, I'm going to ask some questions. I think they're boring because they are boring. Don't bother lying, because I'll know. Ready to go, kiddo?"

11/8/2013 #3
"Of course" he said, confident in hi rather, electric, abilities.
11/8/2013 #4

Chaos grunts, shuffling through the papers. "So, I hear that you were born, what, thirteen years ago? How much training have you received, if any? Spill all you know about this twisted world we live in, as well. I'd rather hear too much than too little. Smart boy like you should be destined for... hmm, maybe not greatness, but something close. Goodness? Hmm. I'd hate for your learning to be stumped by passing yourself off as an idiot."

11/8/2013 #5
"I have recieved extensive training in unarmed combat and I have learned to increase my voltage to that enough to rival that of an entire electric storm. I know of all major worldwide threats based in the eastern quadrant. I have even deafeated a manticore singlehandedly. And chaos, if you insult my lineage one more time I will use loghtningto set your tail on fire." He said this all in one calm voice.
11/8/2013 #6

Chaos cackles with glee, but, mentally, his mind is taking notes, assessing everything the boy says or does. His thoughts are rough and disjointed, tumbling in his brain like a rollercoaster. "You're one of the fiery ones, I see! Ah, no pun intended. Okay, you got me, pun intended. But I like my tail not scorched, thank you very much. The manticore feat is admittedly impressive. Your knowledge of the world's threats is almost a little unnerving." Chaos's eyes narrow. "Even I do not know all of the threats, boy. But I assume you meant all the known ones, and, who knows, maybe a few that aren't known. Next question is your fighting style. How do you fight? To what extent have you experimented with powers? Don't be shy, Sparky."

11/8/2013 #7
"How do I fight?" said jason with a raised eyebrow. "Like this" Jason shot an ark of electicity out of his hand and to a sword on display. All of this energy flowed into the sword. Even to the point where he tapped into the energy in its atoms. In this way, he controlled the sword making it raise up, point to a nearby orb of glass that chaos was rather fond of, and shot out a bolt of lightning. shattering the decoration. And leaving the acrid smell of smoke in the air.
11/8/2013 #8

Chaos scrunches his eyebrows together, and he sniffles. Chaos falls to his knees in front of the regal ornament's fragments, a single feigned tear sliding down his muzzle. "I loved that," mourns Chaos. "That was from Atlantis. Do you know how hard it is to get goods shipped out of Atlantis? Fish people aren't friendly!"

Testily, Chaos stands. "Must you be so destructive? Anyway, we learned you can zap stuff. Brilliant. But what are your physical limits? Are you swift, and, if so, how swift? Are you brawny? Do you stand alone or fight shoulder-by-shoulder? What is your fighting style?"

11/8/2013 #9
"You want my fighting style? Imagine a cobra, poised to strike. Add in a falcon in a kill spiral, mixed with some wolf, from my mothers side. Take this and combine it with the umpredictability of a lightning storm. Thats my fighting style."
11/8/2013 #10

Chaos smiles, unwillingly adding a tint of kindness to his expression. "See, I told you! Smart boy." Chaos pretends to scribble something down. "One last thing. Who do you get along with? We all have that one person we just can't BEAR, and that one person that you really get along with with. Who do you usually mingle with?"

11/8/2013 #11
This was a harder question. Jason thought of his buds back in the bronx. They weren't star atheletes, nor were they top of the class, but they could hold their own in a fight. He then thought about who he hated, one thought came to mind, Robert A. Lingon. The school bully. More than once he had almost electricuted him for the things he did to people. He had settled for a punch in the face. Not too hard... jus enough that he'd be out for a few. He told all of this to chaos.
11/8/2013 #12

"Good." Chaos smiles, beaming at Jason. "You've passed my inspection. I've given Crimson my recommendations. You'll be heading off to there next, so he can assign you with a bunk and a squadron and such. So on, so on. Meet him by the training course. It's impossible to miss. Really. I'm not sure how people can just skip past it. Look for the fire-breathing cherubs, and he'll be in that relative area. Congrats, boy. You've earned yourself a place among the BBM."

Leaning around the boy, Chaos barks, "NEXT!"

(Continue to the first roleplay, congrats! Feel free to make more than one character, meeting Chaos won't always take this long. Chaos gets bored at times. And, if you want at times, you can jump straight to the roleplay if necessary, and then come back to do this later.)

11/8/2013 #13
"Hello?" said Nick nervously as hr walked into the inerview room. He saw shattered glass on the floor and saw a burnt spot on a display table. He hoped that wasn't the aftermath of chaos, "Testing"another possible trainee.
11/9/2013 #14

"Nick!" cries Chaos welcomingly, taking in this one's nervous appearance. "Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick! Nickie Nick! Nick of Nickopolas! Welcome, Nick! Tell me, boy, why do you want to join the BBM?"

11/9/2013 #15
Nick looked at the giant wolf warily. He seemed a bit, well, eccentric.... "Well, I just wanted to..." Nick couldn't find the words to finish his sentance.
11/9/2013 #16

"Don't be shy." Chaos's voice is.mottled with kindness, something that surprises him slightly. "You won't find an inkling of criticism from me. Why did you come to us, my boy? Why do you want to stay?"

11/9/2013 #17
" Am I evil?" Nick blurts out suddenly. Because shadows are dark and Im a shadow charmer andpeople think of shadows of evil and..." Nick rambles on. Then he awnsers chaos's question. "If I'm not evil, I'm here to stop evil.
11/9/2013 #18

"There is a fundamental difference in being evil and being dark. Think of the Nighten energies in this way: the night sky is filled with shadows and darkness. The world is draped in quiet and evil, wink wink. But in the midst of all those shadows, there are the stars. The stars are from the night and of the night, and yet they are beloved by all for their scintillating personalities that burn through the darkness of their fellows."

The boy blinks.

Smiling kindly, Chaos asks, "Is it true that you have no combat training whatsoever? In other words, can you throw a punch if things get ugly?"

11/9/2013 #19
I can knock a few heads around but I don't have any experience with unarmed combat disiplines.
11/9/2013 #20

"Interesting." Chaos scribbles something down on a note, his eyes trained on the paper. Dipping his claws in fresh ink to scribble on the paper, Chaos asks, "So, boy, who do you interact well with? There's no-nos and the cat's meow for everybody."

11/9/2013 #21
Nick replied, "I get along with most people, aslong as they don't think they are better than everyone else and think that they're the center of the universe."
11/9/2013 #22
Nick finally felt comforatable enough dealing with the striped wolf to crack a joke. "Is it the BBM's mission to accumalate a big enough pile of pizza boxesto rival everest? Because it looks that way."
11/9/2013 #23

Chaos throws his head up with a roar of laughter. "I like you, boy. I'd kill things with you at my shoulder. Lots of things. Go find Crimson, kiddo. He's with our newest recruit, a rather pompous fellow. He's a bit like Thor except without the Rapunzel hair. Go try your luck, and add a few pizza boxes to Everest, eh?"

Chaos leans around Nick. "Next!"

11/9/2013 #24

Assez smiles bashfully at Chaos. The glossy raven perched on her shoulder glares at Chaos with black beady eyes. Slowly, she entered, her nervousness tied back in a sly smile playing across her lips. Chaos nods encouragingly, and her smile broadens. Slowly, she sinks down into the chair, her eyes darting around curiously at the odd doodads in the room. Chaos has everything from George Washington's wig to a petrified chimera claw to an imitation of the Soul Bearer crest.

"Hi," she greets as cheerfully as possible, trying not to mind the fact that her teacher is a massive striped wolf. "I'm Assez."

Chaos studies her with his penetrating violet eyes. His expression -- if what wolves have are even expressions -- is blank and frigid. The inky stripes that coil over his perfect white fur give him a godlike appearance, one unhindered by the regal squaring of his ears and the poised posture he reclines into the couchlike bed.

"Welcome, Assez," he purrs. With the tip of his black nose, Choas fishes a paper from the stack. "I just need to ask you a few questions before we fins you a dorm. Is that alright?"

11/12/2013 #25

"Okay." Assez shifts in the uncomfortable chair. The hefty raven on her shoulder squeaks in protest, pulling at a strand of her hair. "About what?"

Chaos regards her intently, those violently violet irises pouring through her thoughts. "Why do you want to be a member of the BBM?"

Assez shrugs in embarrassment. "Well, I know this is mostly for boys and such, but I was hoping for a little bit more of a life. Out on the streets, a girl is prey. It's dangerous. More dangerous than anything an instructor could whip up. Because an instructor cares if you make it out alive. Those men... they don't."

Chaos nods in sympathy. "I guess I won't have to worry about you getting to physical with any of the boys; if you ever need backup in an awkward situation, call my name. Next question: how do you fight?"

11/15/2013 #26
Porter Rockwell walks into Chaos's interview room. "I was told I was here for a job interview? For handling the new recruitsand keeping them out of trouble?" Porter spins his Colt Dragoon Revolver somewhat worringly, if you happrnd to be a new recruit. (He is already BBM but Chaos is interviewing him for his new position)
11/23/2013 #27

Chaos glares frostily at the man, and is met with a frosty glare in return. "Why don't you take a seat," he orders in his most threatening voice, "so I can ask you a few questions, eh?"

11/23/2013 #28
Ok sir. Porter sits. He is still spinning the Dragoon pistol.
11/23/2013 #29

Chaos studies Porter. He clears his throat. "You have done a magnificent job throughout your training, little one. You have shown remarkable courage on every account, and continue to inspire loyalty in those around you. You understand what it means to be a BBM warrior. And that is why I plan on promoting you to the rank Admiral. Pretty name, don't you think?"

11/23/2013 #30
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