BBM (Brothers of the Black Moon)
Welcome to the BBM, where all who can do magic tricks are welcome! Journey through the mythical world of Fablehaven, on dangerous quests handed to you by Chaos, your leader, and Ciran and Crimson, your commanding officers. Based off the fanfiction "Time and Time Again" and "Jumping at Shadows." Prior reading is advised but not necessary. CHECK IT OUT!
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In my fanfiction that this is based off of, there are giant wolves called Great Wolves roaming around. These Wolves are the ultimate good guys, the keepers of order and peace in the universe, the median between good and bad. You really have to read it to find out most of that backup information that may be referenced, but nothing more than a skim is needed.

The wolf, Chaos, was originally in line to be their King. The Wolf King. In those days, his coat was pure white. But when Chaos found his Soul-Mate, a she wolf named Firefly, he gave up the throne for true love, passing it onto a younger brother, which would lead to disaster. Unaware of the blow he'd just dealt his people, Chaos settled down with Firefly and had three children: Clara, Swift-Song, and Seth.

Chaos very much loved his children. He spent days on end struggling to be the perfect dad, playing with feisty Clara, singing lovely melodies with the blind Swift-Song, and pranking his mate with little Seth. But, in the midst of Chaos's happiness, disaster strikes across the entire Wolfen race.

One night, Chaos's Firefly is offered anything in the world by none other than Chaos himself. Firefly looked up to the stars beginning to appear in the sky and wished for one of her very own. And so Chaos departed, racing into the heavens themselves to get a star for his true love. But, while he was in the heavens, searching for a star, the Wolf King fell and the Wolves lost their very souls. (See Fanfiction for more information on the subject.) When Chaos returned, he found his beloved family slaughtered within their den, lying in pools of blood. He dropped the star he'd worked so very hard to retrieve. His tears fell into its cold blaze. The steam that rose from his tears fell across his body, staining his white fur with irremovable stripes, banding him like a zebra-demon.

In his rage, Chaos tore apart the land. It was many years ago, and the world was in the middle of a bountiful human era. Chaos single-handedly exterminated two-thirds of the human race in his maddened anger, avenging his family and the many other Wolfen societies that'd been torn apart. The star that'd caused the damage was known from then-on as the Evening Star.

When Chaos woke from his deadly rampage, he was appalled at the violence he'd caused. He was sick with his crimes, and took the stripes across his pelt to be signs beckoning towards the suicide of the wolf. For centuries, he wandered the world, his only keep-sake the long, black, wolf-made cloak that his family had gifted him with and the blue opal pendant pinning it around his neck. People begin to murmur about the strange abilities he posses, and Cadeliah (a powerful wolf) names him the King of Shadows, though Chaos does not have a clue what that means at the time. He wanders aimlessly for multiple centuries more.

But then, one day, Chaos stumbles upon a young shadow charmer by the name of Lucifer.

Lucifer was a bright and lively boy, one that taught Chaos how to free his heart again. In return for the sense of lightheartedness Lucifer brought with him, Chaos taught the boy, and was deeply distressed when he did as all shadow charmers do and demised. In his grief, Chaos promised himself to become a better person, and learn from the cheerful shadow charmer.

Searching for Cadeliah, a renowned Scribe, Chaos researched his destiny. He learned about his task as King of Shadows. Chaos was to guard over the forces of darkness. He was their superior, the King of Kings, above the Demon King and the Vampiran Emperor. He was to keep the balance of good and evil among the creatures of the night, to be both their restraining order and their shove from the nest. Chaos took to his job with pleasure, his acid tongue assisting him in every possible situation.

In order to search the world completely and utterly, Chaos recognized that he needed a force of highly trained warriors, an upper class of fighters, peacekeepers among the chaotic. Chaos needed the best of every species. He needed the ones with the bravest hearts and the purest souls. He needed the ones who could laugh but also fight throats. Chaos needed a brotherhood of the best.

And so the Brotherhood of the Black Moon was created.

Welcome to the world. Whether you be dragon, unicorn, Great Wolf, human, or other, you can find a place in the arms of the BBM. Welcome to paradise. Please enjoy your flight.


Crimson is a massive scarlet dragon, rumored to be the brother of Navarog. Mostly impassive and not easily amused, he commands the shadow charmers of the BBM with an iron fist. His ruby scales shrink into reddish skin and black hair with soulless dark eyes. Crimson is mild and mostly pleasant, protecting the innocent powerfully. His sense of right and wrong is firm and just. Crimson is only weakened around children and around Chaos, who he considers to be the closest thing to a father.


Ciran is the female ruler. She's the unicorn equivalent of an imp, with black fur instead of pearly white. Her horn is slick and jagged, like a slice of obsidian. Though she rarely inherits her horse shape, Ciran is significantly more powerful while equine. In her human avatar, Ciran's skin is almost black, the blackest skin of any African. She always wears a circlet of silver spikes around her head, or, when horselike, around one ear.

Ciran originally began as an ordinary unicorn, her life simple and pleasant from her place among the unicorns of the Fairy Queen. She laughed and danced and healed, acting in the way that all unicorns do. But one day, on the dusk that Zzyzx was being closed, something backfired. Dark energy flooded her soul. When Ciran looked down at her hooves, they were a deep ebony. Her horn felt queer and mishapen on his face. Fearing the worst, Ciran raced off. She believed herself to be a monster like Ronodin the Dark Unicorn. She wandered until she met Crimson, who took her under his wing and showed her that not all dark are evil. She is extremely mistrustful of Chaos, and the two engage in lively banter often. She harbors a crush on Crimson, an affection that is not returned.

Any questions, just ask!

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