BBM (Brothers of the Black Moon)
Welcome to the BBM, where all who can do magic tricks are welcome! Journey through the mythical world of Fablehaven, on dangerous quests handed to you by Chaos, your leader, and Ciran and Crimson, your commanding officers. Based off the fanfiction "Time and Time Again" and "Jumping at Shadows." Prior reading is advised but not necessary. CHECK IT OUT!
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Crimson studies you, his red skin glinting in the starlight, his pitch black eyes roaming over your features. "Let's see what you can do," he murmurs, hefting a sword above his head.

Roleplay away! Don't kill anyone's character off for them!

11/6/2013 #1
Jasons heart races! He immediatly ran some evasive manuvures but crimson kept with him. Uh oh thought Jason. He pulled out VOLT and energised it with electricity. (feel free to mke my character fight. your much better than me at action scenes.
11/8/2013 #2

The boy's quick, Crimson will give him that. Darting through the obstacle course like a jack rabbit, Jason ducks and avoids Crimson. Like a game of children's tag, whenever Crimson seems to draw near, Jason will dart tantalizingly out of reach. He ducks beneath a set of bars meant to run across. With a bunch and release of his muscles, Crimson dances over the metal rungs. Quick as a whip, Jason alters his course, the blade in his hand beginning to crackle with energy.

11/8/2013 #3
Jason readies his blade. Suddenly, he stikes, quik as a viper he slashes and blocks and dodges. His knife, filled with raw power, transferres some of that energy to crimsos sword. Jason tries to control crimsobs blade the same way he had controlled the old relic in chaos's interview room, but heavy enchantments protect crimsons weapon.
11/8/2013 #4
(why cant I spell crimsons name right!)
11/8/2013 #5

"You've got gall, boy," growls Crimson. "But you're going to need more than a pair of twinkle toes to beat me, or even impress me." Crimson lifts his sword. His eyes blaze. "Show me what you can do with that weapon other than giving someone a shock, eh?"

11/9/2013 #6
Jason readies his blade. With a flick, he elongates it into a full-blown sword. He steadies his breathing. He launches into an umoradictable sequence of attack patterns. His weapon flashed as he engaged Crimson in the deadly dance of battle.
11/9/2013 #7

Chaos's mouth twists into a smile. He watches from a distance as the pair spars on the training floor, attracting a crowd of cloaked figures already. Ciran seems especially interested in the battle unfolding. With a laugh, Chaos pads forward and towards the bitter battle.

Crimson goes on autopilot. He can feel the boy breaking beneath him. However powerful the kid may be, he's still a kid. Crimson's strength and experience sail greatly above that of the boy's, but Jason fights well. With every step that Jason makes in this deadly dance of swords, Crimson grows a little more respectful of him. But as an audience grows, Crimson feels the need to break it off prematurely.

Crimson twists his enemies sword with his own, sending it in an arch through the air, soaring out of the boy's hands. It buries itself in the dirt twenty feet away, quivering in the earth. Crimson sheathes his own sword, and claps the bemused boy on the shoulder. "You've done well; I know many men twice your size that've gotten only half the leverage you gained against me. I've been at this for a while. No hard feelings?"

11/9/2013 #8
"Yeah, ok" said Jason, breathing hard.
11/9/2013 #9
Nick walks up to the pair. "I'm guessing you're crimson?" he says to the red skinned dragon.
11/9/2013 #10

Crimson's eyes skate lazily over the boy's figure. A smile carves at his red lips, and a black tongue flicks from inside his mouth. "And you would be another recruit. Brilliant. Where are your papers of recommendation? The ones Chaos should've given you? He forgets a lot, so don't feel bad if you don't have them." Crimson blinks. "He forgot them with me. I thought I was going to die from embarrassment. Turns out he just did so to humble me." Crimson smiles again. "But you don't look like the type that needs to be humbled."

11/10/2013 #11
"What? I was supposed to have papers?" Said Nick eyes jumping around the room taking everything in.
11/10/2013 #12

"Yes." Crimson laughs. "Go track down that silly old wolf and demand you get those. I'll warn you, he can be very difficult."

11/10/2013 #13
Nick walks up to Chaos's interview room and bangs on the door. "Chaos! I was supposed to have some papers!"
11/10/2013 #14

A girl with twinkling brown eyes opens the door, her braid hanging over one shoulder as she peeks her head out. "Oh!" she exclaims in a high, bubbly voice. "Hello there!" Opening the door a bit wider, she greets, "Hi! I'm Assez! Your name is...?" She beams at him cheerfully, her eyes skating over his face and down his figure. "Doesn't matter, actually, because from now on, your name is Foxy. Can I help you with something? You said papers, right?" She glances back at the wolf standing impassively at the desk scoldingly. "Did you not give this boy his papers?"

11/10/2013 #15
No he didn't said Nick glaring at chaos.
11/10/2013 #16

"Right." Assez skips back over to Chaos's desk, nimbly plucking a stack bound together by a paper clip. Dancing back to the door, Assez smiles kindly and holds it out. "This is yours, Foxy. Go get 'em." Winking flirtatiously, Assez closes the door on Foxy's face. Grinning to herself, she focuses back on Chaos.

11/10/2013 #17
Nick wondered who the girl was. The last person he had seen smile that much was in a mental hospital.
11/10/2013 #18
Nick jogs back to crimson and hands him the paper. "Here"
11/10/2013 #19

Crimson grabs at the papers, giving them a simple glance-over. A smile quirks at the edges of his lips. Crimson looks up at the eager boy, his amusement twisting into a grin. "This paper says your name is Nicki Manauje. I assume he meant the pop singer when he wrote this down. Chaos never did pay any attention in school." Crimson claps a hand on the shoulder of both Jason and Nick. "How about a tour of the grounds?"

11/15/2013 #20
Sure says Jason, sheathing VOLT. Nick looks at all of the facilities. His grand statement was, drumroll please! "Uhhhhh…"
11/15/2013 #21
"So, where's the food?" says Jason. "I havn't eaten for almost two hours." Jason was in that stage where he ate alot and didn't know where the heck it went.
11/18/2013 #22
(Are you still doing this forum?)
11/19/2013 #23

Crimson's eyes twinkle almost indiscernably. "Perhaps I should escort you to the kitchens first. Right this way."

Crimson doesn't check to see if the two follow him or not, ghosting forward with a billow of his cloak. BBM warriors nod their heads in respect as he passes. Ciran gives him a testy glare, her black hair falling in her face. Crimson ignores them all, even Chaos's silent jeers. Decsending down a flight of stairs carved into the damp stone, Crimson listens to the sound of the boy's feet glancing off the rock. Without looking back, Crimson marches down the hallway. The alcoves in the brunt stone are filled with sparkling gems depicting dark scenes and jeweled legacies. He can feel their eyes pause on the one of a great dragon with sapphire scales dwarfing one clad in scarlet.

Mouth-watering aromas fill the air, and Crimson's attention quickly slides away from the boys. Smiling thinly, he pivots into a neat side room, the smells of food only greatening. Holding his hands up, Chaos announces, "Eat up, boys! Welcome to the Devil's Kitchen!"

11/20/2013 #24
Nick's mouth waters. "Holy crap thats alot of food!" The boy beside him exclaims. Nick silently agreed.
11/20/2013 #25

Piles of plates line the counters surrounding the massive kitchen hall. Roughly the size of a football field, the dining room simmers with the scents of thousands of different foods. Each category forms a continent of entrees and deserts, each drink has its own ocean. Cheerful firebirds watch from above, swooping in with a starburst of flame to scoop up dirty utensils and used napkins. People mingle, each dressed in a dark, dark grey cloak. Only Crimson's is black as hell itself. They slap the delectable options down onto platters, refilling their exotic drinks as often as they please.

Cakes form a table, piled high with icing and toppings. Simmering soups and jiggling gelatins, frostbit ice cream and steaming pork, saucy meatballs and salty scallops, all stacked on level after level of plates and dishes and glasses and goblets.

Crimson spreads his arms wide, stepping into the kitchen and breathing deeply. "Welcome home, boys."

11/23/2013 #26
Nick sees something that makes his mouth water. "Is that, Bacon!"Nick imediately sprints towards the said food with Jason not far behind.
11/23/2013 #27

"Bacon." Crimson nods in approval. "Much better than lobster. I like today's youth."

(Meet me in the chatbox.)

11/23/2013 #28
Nick and Jason gorged themselves on the humongos pile of Bacon. (I think Bacon's awesomeness deserves a capital B)
11/23/2013 #29

Assez peeks over her plate. On her shoulder, Ebony shifts his weight, one of his oily feathers brushing her ear. Her cheeks flame with heat. Quickly, she scoops a heavy plop of gravy onto her plate. She peers over the edge again. Chaos had told her to seek out Crimson's advice. But, phew, he's gor-geous. She shuffles forward, accidentally bumping shoulders with one of the boys he'd arrived with. She flashes him a nervous smile.

11/23/2013 #30
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