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Welcome to the BBM, where all who can do magic tricks are welcome! Journey through the mythical world of Fablehaven, on dangerous quests handed to you by Chaos, your leader, and Ciran and Crimson, your commanding officers. Based off the fanfiction "Time and Time Again" and "Jumping at Shadows." Prior reading is advised but not necessary. CHECK IT OUT!
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"Sorry." Chaos looks unabashed, whereas Assez seems stricken. The wolf shakes his head. "Well, do you want to hear it, or what?"

12/1/2013 #91
Jake dissmisses it as old wolf ramblings. "Yes we want to hear it."
12/1/2013 #92
Nick leans foreward.
12/4/2013 #93
Jason checks his cell phone. "How do you get full bars out here?"
12/5/2013 #94

Chaos grins. "We have very good technology here; in fact, I find myself hacking NASA and the CIA daily. How else do we create video games? Not lame video games, mind you. Awesome video games. You're not looking at a screen; everything is all around you, actually happened, just artistic and stuff. Video game graphics. Halo happening around you. My personal favorite is Last of Us. But you won't be stealing video games." Chaos grins. "It's going to be so much more glorious than that."

12/5/2013 #95
"What?" asks Nick, totally engrosed in what Chaos was telling them.
12/5/2013 #96

"What is there to what about?" wonders Chaos. He shakes his head in pity. "Three dimensional video games, complete with surround sound. What, did you think I was some sort of stickler for the old ways? The old ways sucked, bring on the Black Ops."

12/5/2013 #97
Jason looks at Chaos. "I believe Nick was acctually asking what this supposed secret is." Nick starts to protest but is stopped by an elbow in the ribs from Jason.
12/5/2013 #98

Chaos seems offended by this. "I was in the middle of an invigorating conversations about video games, Jason! Why do you have to ruin it? Why do you have to ruin everything?" He huffs indignantly.

Assez coughs. "Not that I don't find your boy stuff fascinating or anything, but I want to hear, too."

Chaos inspect Assez keenly. "Sarcasm. There was definite sarcasm in her voice. But I suppose even I, master of drama, can draw things out for just a smidgen too long. See, Porter and I got into the slightest of disagreements last night. He's a dog person, I'm a cat person; no laughing about irony, please. But we were destined to disagree, and so disagree we did. What I need you kids to do is steal his boot."

12/5/2013 #99
Nick hides a laugh in a cough. "Jason asks, who is Porter exactly?"
12/5/2013 #100

"One of your commanding officers." Chaos's voice is as cheerful as his twinkling purple eyes. "He'll despise you, of course. But why wouldn't you? It's a perfect boot-thieving experience. Plus, Halo games. We'll go play them afterwards."

Assez scratches at her ear, considering. "Well, I never have stolen a boot before."

12/5/2013 #101
"Weeeeelllll" Jason looks embaressed. "I did steal my principal's boot once."
12/5/2013 #102

Respect shines in Assez eyes. She points her fingers at Jason. "This guy, I like him." She turns to Chaos. "Is there anyway we can mass produce them?"

12/5/2013 #103
Jason looks surprised. "Huh?"
12/5/2013 #104
Niick shakes his head. "From the little time I have spent with him I can tell you this. You do NOT want to mass produce Jason"
12/14/2013 #105
(crickets chirp)
12/17/2013 #106

"Depends on what I'm mass-producing," chuckles Chaos, wiggling his eyebrows alluringly. Suddenly, he breaks the facade, looking down and folding his ears over, guffawing with chuckles. "Sorry, I couldn't any longer. Nope, nope, nope. Although, Assez, he doesn't have my stamp of approval. Bleh. Look at that honker."

Assez bites her lip, politely looking up at the ceiling to contain laughter.

1/26/2014 #107

"So." Assez rubs her hands together, eyeing Chaos. "I can steal this, and I can do it alone. I suppose these two hotties can be a distraction. Where do I find his quarters, when does Porter leave his room most often, what do the boots look like, and do you have any shiny objects?" Assez strokes Ebony's feathers. "He works better if there's shiny objects nearby."

"I can find you shiny objects." Chaos nods. "Yep. They definitely aren't stolen from the US Treasury, though. Definitely not. No way. But you can't do this alone. It has to be" -- Chaos grins psychotically and crosses his eyes -- "done as a team to create team bonds!"

Assez makes a sound of confusion.

"I'm checking to see if you make a good team," explains Chaos. "We need little fight teams to go out and fetch McDonalds. If you're up to it, of course."

1/26/2014 #108

(I'm just going to keep writing Chaos until you join.)

"Also," continues Chaos, "I need to figure out what group you're in. Calvacs, Hurin, Jumok, or Uriel. It affects greatly where you're placed and your level of respect that's given. I'm almost certain that Jason is Hurin, but I can't be sure. Assez, you seem to be either Jumok or Uriel. Nick, you've done absolutely nothing worthy of my mentioning, so step it up. We need to gauge your placement."

"Look," Assez deadpans. She shoots a quick apologetic glance at the guys. "I flirt with guys. I laugh with guys. Guys are cool. But I don't work with guys. They don't have any appreciation for stealth, and stealth is the name of the game. They'd rather run into battle with an honorable death than listen to reason or use a couple brain cells."

"Daaaaaammmmn," gasps Chaos. He turns to Jason and Nick. "How you gonna respond to dat?"

1/26/2014 #109
Nick widened hiseyes in surprise. Jason on the other hand, took it as a challenge. He raised an eyebrow. "No stealth?"
1/26/2014 #110

"Your bodies are too big and clunky for that sort of work." Assez cocks an eyebrow. "Girls are leaner and smaller. Faster. Mind you, I'd be screwed if I was faced in flat out combat. But I'm better at stealth, yes."

1/26/2014 #111
(Sorry, I need to go correct a bunch of people who are publicly flaming my religon on this site)
1/26/2014 #112

(Those bitches! Go take care of it!)

1/26/2014 #113

Jason raised an eyebrow, "hmmmm, we'll see about that". Nick looked between the two.

3/27/2014 #114

Assez smiles at them despite her inner discontent. "Okay, well, big-shot, what's the plan? You know that if the victim catches you, you'll be sentenced to whatever punishment they have around here --"

"In other words, you'll be at my mercy." Chaos grins with all his teeth, baring pink gums. "I don't have mercy."

"-- so give me something good, Muscles," she concludes with a breezy smile.

3/27/2014 #115
That Guy49
"Normally I would say we move under the cover of darkness, but shadows seem to ally themselves with pretty much everyone here, so maybe we should try something unconventional, unheard of." Jason's eye twinkled, "Lets try something impossible." (Hello! I have Supercell in my head, poured his(my?) brain up my nostril, long story. Anyway! Hello!)
4/25/2014 #116
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