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Rider Paladin
Now's as good a time as any to discuss Nightwing. While this thread should be mainly about issues 118-119 of his title, which are the first two One Year Later issues, as well as following issues, it's also a place for us to discuss where Nightwing has been and where he's going. I've noted a lot of discontent among Nightwing fans for the way he is portrayed in his own series. If you feel that kind of discontent when reading an issue of Nightwing, feel free to voice it. If anybody has any ideas for Nightwing in fan fiction, save it for another thread. Fortunately, I'll make it very soon. Discuss.
4/13/2006 #1
I don't like where the current series is going. I mean Dick being a male model? And of course there's a red-head involved... there always has to be red-head in volved. And Jason... don't even get me started with that. What happened to Dick and Babs?
4/20/2006 #2
Rider Paladin
No one knows what happened to Dick and Barbara's engagement. Jones is so far managing to piss off everyone who didn't stop reading Nightwing after Devin Grayson came on and that's mostly because they see him as a continuation of Grayson's crap. Not that that many people have love for Chuck Dixon's run; it was much better than Grayson or Jones, but a notable complaint was that Dick was constantly falling victim to ambushes that someone of his skill and experience should have spotted and that he was considerably dumbed down. However, the Jason Todd thing is interesting. We don't yet know why he decided to start wearing Dick's costume and use his name, but finding out will be very interesting. I don't like the idea of him sleeping with someone he doesn't know very well (if at all). I mean, Dick was very upset that his relation with Huntress had been just a one-night stand, as he doesn't do that sort of thing, and yet we see him picking up some random woman. The only good thing about it, besides Jason, is Clancy. She's cool.
4/22/2006 #3
Wolfman's coming! Wolfman's coming! There's a light at the end of the tunnel, and for once it's not an oncoming freight train! WooHOO!
7/17/2006 #4
Here is my theory. Fans of Batman Want to like Nightwing but the big wigs are too scared to loose their batman following to a lesser known Hero. In all honesty I like batman and i'm sure there are very few out there who dislike him. The problem is that Most people know His basic story. Who his foes are his sidekicks name who he really is. Why he does what he does sooo People are board. I personally can no longer get excited over batman. I loved batman Beyond because it was new and exciteing. I didn't see it as what would really happen to the caracters in current DCverse but as a alternate universe with some new interesting characters to discover and learn about. I think Nightwing would easily and happily fill the comic void in my and many others lives. BUT they need to give him a personality REVIEW. Take it back to where it all went so horribly wrong and write him as he was ment to be written. The Prodigy, the Son of Batman whom he had years and years to train to be perfect. Not to mention his INBORN TALENTS in acrobatics. I see this as a possible fresh start. A perfect way to get new people who know Batman too well for their enjoyment to Get to know an entirely new and Exciteing Hero that is just as worthy of hero worship. Batman is a bit tooo well known and it's High time someone Stepped up and filled the gap.
8/20/2006 #5
Rider Paladin
I think the issue is that Nightwing's title is part of the Batman Universe and as long as that is, he will always be in Batman's shadow. Also, the reason Dan DiDio --- the editor-in-chief of DC --- wanted to kill him off in the first place was that he saw Dick as a redundant character; he's never going to be Batman and he's not Robin anymore, so what use do we have for him? That highlighted a real problem for Nightwing; the others in Batman's vigilante circle have managed to distinguish themselves in some way. Huntress is the unstable one who's prone to killing and brutality unless closely watched. Oracle, formerly Batgirl, is a self-styled goddess of information technology. Tim Drake, the current Robin, is a skillful detective whom Batman claims is even smarter than him. But what has Dick really done to distinguish himself? Yes, he's the best acrobat of the bunch, but his greatest accomplishments have been in the context of his leadership of various incarnations of the Titans, the latest incarnation of the Outsiders, and even a version of the Justice League. And that, I realize, is what distinguishes him. He's at his best when he's leading a team because what makes him shine is his willingness to work with others --- in contrast to many of his compatriots --- and his ability to rally others to his cause, something not even Batman has because the Dark Knight is such a loner. If Nightwing is to survive in a solo title, it must be moved to the DC Universe proper, where he can interact with the rest of the heroic community outside of a team book. He'll be free to battle villains that they'd rarely let Batman fight in his titles. That is how Nightwing's title will be viable.
8/22/2006 #6
Lavender Gaia
One of the reasons that Devin Grayson's run always bothered me is because I can't remember any significant times where he interacted with a lot of DC characters other than those of the Bat Clan. His Titan friends are more or less completely ignored. I don't think she even mentioned the death/resurrection of Donna Troy. He's a much better character with other people to play off--he was created to be someone for Batman to talk to, and later on recreated as Nightwing to lead the Titans and be their leader. I completely agree that his solo title needs more guest stars in it. I know that I've bought Flash comics before just because Nightwing guest starred, and that's a way to get people into it. As far as I know, Green Lanterns title got a boost in sales when Donna Troy was in it, and she and Dick definitely need to connect since she's been dead for the past few years. Arsenal's popularity has gotten higher since the Outsiders, and being Dick's male best friend and a non-meta superhero with very different attributes it could be a lot of fun. If anything, I think they need to pull away from the Bat Clan and showcase just how much Nightwing is respected (and in many cases, loved) throughout the DCU rather than hiding him in the corner like a poor man's Batman.
1/29/2007 #7
Nightwing would do incredably well in that sense. In the fallout of Superman's death, we see exactly what your talking about. Batman hardly makes an appearence, Robin is just overwhelmed. Nightwing? Nightwing is talking with his freinds. All over the place. He's with the JLA. He's with the Titans. He's with the darkstars (? I get that right ? the interspace police agency of DC that's NOT the Green Lanterns) As for him devolping a relationship with Donna Troy, that would be a great idea. However, some would argue that it would be a continuation of him being a lil' batman. Batman has been hinted at romantically involved with Wonder Woman. I say that it would work. It could be a great non-team 'group' book. It could be a serial, maybe even a bi-monthly. Split up the press time between Robin and Wonder-Girl, and Nightwing and Donna. I say that in the introductory issue, they kill Nightwing. Yes. They should kill Dick. Then, we could have Access show up, and kidnap Robin and the Wonder-women. They travel into the Marvel Universe. When they're there, they have to fight the Winter Solder. When Donna (accidentilly) kills him, Dick comes back to Life in the DC Universe. Access brings the other three back to the DC Universe, where he's "killed" by Slade. Slade can be a Villian half the month. His daughter can be Cassie's competition. Issue 25 we could swap Rose for Jubilee. Its not like Marvel is using her anyway, and wolverine could dig Rose.
9/21/2007 #8

I have to agree, Dick was always (as I knew him, in what little I've seen him in) a friendly guy, the human side of the Batclan. Dark and broody he can do, but he inevitably ends every day with some sort of human contact in it. He can't help but be with people, even if he isn't talking, he has to be around them.

Yes, I totally agree, his strength is his ability to be a team player; he isn't a lone wolf, he needs a pack.

I don't get what you are saying in your last paragraph though. Who is Access and how would the Winter Soldier's death cause Dick to come back?

7/23/2008 . Edited 7/23/2008 #9

I don't get what you are saying in your last paragraph though. Who is Access and how would the Winter Soldier's death cause Dick to come back?

Access is a character who can travel between Marvel and DC universes.

Winter Soldier was Bucky Barnes, "Robin" of Captain America, who was captured and brainwashed to become an assassin. (Bucky is currently wearing the mantle of Captain America, just like Dick became Batman).

11/20/2010 #10

Oh, gotcha. Yeah, I know Bucky, I just never heard of Access.

2/15/2011 #11
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