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Rider Paladin
Here is where we can discuss Nightwing in fan fiction. It can be fan fiction that has already been published or fan fiction that you have ideas for. My idea follows, taking into account fan complaints about Nightwing's portrayal in his own title and hopefully rectifying them. One night, Dick Grayson is evaluating his accomplishments and comes to the conclusion that he hasn't really accomplished anything in Bludhaven, considering that he was utterly powerless to stem the tide of corruption in the city before its near-destruction at the hands of Chemo. Suspecting that his inadequacy might be due to psychological factors, he goes to visit a therapist associated with the Justice League, realizing that he has developed a subconscious inferiority complex, one that started when Bruce Wayne chose Azrael over him to wear the cape and cowl when he was injured by Bane. Ever since, that complex has restrained him from fighting at his best whenever in situations and places that remind him of Bruce, such as Bludhaven. With this realization firmly in mind, Dick leaves the country for the mountains of the Far East, undergoing a ritual that incarnates his inner demons. By battling and defeating them in the physical world, he will have also conquered them in mind and spirit. Although the battle is long and grueling, he is ultimately triumphant. Reinvigorated, Dick returns to Bludhaven and proceeds to rout everyone who's there simply for their own selfish gain. Even though he sets up shop in New York City, he still keeps an eye on Bludhaven to make sure no one there is starting trouble. He proceeds to take care of his personal life as well, first paying a visit to Bruce and telling him this: "You gave me a home and a purpose, Bruce, and for that I'll always be grateful. You've taught me everything that's worth knowing, but it's time I moved on. As similar as we are, we're also very different from each other and there's no point in me trying to imitate you. That's what I've been doing all this time --- imitating you --- and it's caused me to lose sight of who and what I really am. I can't be the man that you are; I don't even want to be, because I've seen what it's made you and I don't want to turn out like that. There are some things you'll always be better at, but there are also things I'LL always be better at, and you know why? Because I'm not an obsessed loner who thinks no one but me can be trusted. The shadows may be home for us both, but I'll always let some light in every once in a while." Dick is expecting Bruce to be angry, but Bruce actually smiles, saying, "I've been waiting for you to realize that for some time now." Next, Dick calls Koriand'r (Starfire) and Barbara together and confesses to them both that while he'll always love them both, it's long past time that they all moved on. Third, Dick rebuilds his friendships with his peers and "little brother" Tim, helping the latter reform the Titans by supplying him with potential candidates. In the process, the seeds of a new romance are planted, but I'll save that for another story. I'm calling this one "Nightwing Reborn." What do you think?
4/22/2006 #1
I think I'd read this if you fleshed it out and posted it as a fic...
7/17/2006 #2
I know i would so i'll keep an eye out as much as i can spare one
8/20/2006 #3
I think this would make a great fic...
8/22/2006 #4
Rider Paladin
Thanks. I'm glad you all approve of it. In the meantime, I'm willing to take suggestions as to who Nightwing's new girlfriend should be. I've floated my idea to several friends of mine and my closest one prefers Raven. Granted, Raven is physically a teenager while her mind is the same age as Nightwing's, but there was something between them back in New Teen Titans before Starfire convinced Raven that she was simply confused and I think it's a good idea to explore. I've also thought of Donna Troy and Jesse Quick, the former being very close to Nightwing for years and the latter being very similar to him in terms of workaholism. However, if you have any others you'd like to suggest, I'm willing to listen.
8/22/2006 #5
I could go with an OC, as long as she's realized enough not to be a Mary Sue. Otherwise, I like Clancy. As far as Raven goes, I haven't read too many of her appearances, so I don't know the character. Honestly? Pair him off with whoever YOU think works, and write it convincingly. You'll probably sell most of us!
8/23/2006 #6
Personally, I'd like to see him unattached for a while...
8/23/2006 #7
Rider Paladin
Unattached might be a good idea. In fact, I never said I'd definitely pair him in my first story, just that I'd lay the foundation for a pairing.
9/10/2006 #8
Lavender Gaia
I really like this idea. I'd definitely read it if you ever did it. Like someone else said, pair him up with whoever you feel comfortable with and think you can write the best. But, to be completely honest, if you did pair him with Donna, I would love you until the end of time and worship your fic as one of the greatest masterpieces ever.
1/29/2007 #9
'My' Nightwing is essentially the DCAU Nightwing with a costume that's sort of a cross between his comics costume (the blue symbol) and his TT:TAS costume (the belt and boots)... I've not really written him much, but he basically operates out of Bludhaven, and took Bette Kane as his apprentice. Flamebird is sort of his Robin. She has a crush on Dick, but he's oblvious to it. Otherwise, he's pretty much identical to Loren Lester's portrayal.
1/30/2007 #10
Protector of Canon2
Personally, I want to write a Nightwing fic where his life is in serious danger and it [i]is't[/i] obvious whether he'll be alright or not at the end of the first chapter. It seems like every fic I've seen with Nightwing's life in danger ends the same way. The suspence is [i]gone[/i], and I am [i]sick[/i] of it.
11/13/2007 #11
yes this is what we need . i would love to see it
12/8/2007 #12
Protector of Canon2
Hopefully I'll be able to pull off.
12/8/2007 #13

I know you probably already wrote this, but I think a romance abound to fail will be a welcome change to all the seemingly perfect romances that only foot-in-mouth syndrome or circumstance seem to kill. He can't get everything together at once, the first time. Let him try a few people on first, CCs and OCs, before finding the one that he can have a real long-term relationship with.

I know it isn't Nightwing, but it's still Dick. He is Robin, leader of the Teen Titans in my most recent fic. It's a crossover, but he is one of nine major characters, each done in first person POV. If anyone is interested, it's here:

7/24/2008 . Edited 7/24/2008 #14

Okay, I'm finally attempting a Nightwing fanfic, even though I don't know much about his history. It's really just a small blurb that explains his part in this huge conspiracy Im trying build up. It's enormous and I really don't know where it's even going yet, but you get to see Nightwing's bad side, after this fic shows his sad side. I am horrible to my characters. Anyone wanna help me make sure I haven't completely destroyed the character?

9/2/2008 #15

Look while I'm all up for a character destruction piece I can't let's you do that...unless you know more about him. But I do have to say I was trying to Re-do my Titan-hunt storyline, which Combine elements of the judas contract storyline and the Titan-hunt one. I was going to take your advice and start the fan-fic with Dick leaving the titans to get to know himself better.

By the way... I was talking about the Teen Titans animated show. Don't worry I know Dick grayson

9/3/2008 #16
Protector of Canon2

You really shouldn't write a Nightwing story without knowing about the character. My advice? Check out some good Nightwing fanfiction to get a feel for his character. Then go to, where they have pages summarizing the history of everyone who's ever been a Titan. Once you've done that, find a beta who knows the character really well.

By the way, what exactly do you mean by "Nightwing's bad side"?

9/3/2008 #17

He meant to show his Jason Todd side. You know: not following orders, being reckless etc etc

9/3/2008 #18

Pretty much, yes, Mr. Boy Wonder. He's going to be a sort of hunter on a crusade, trying to avenge his family's murders, but in a way that can be justified. He catches these 'dangerous people' then turns them over to people who will be doing god knows what to them. And most of them are actually dangerous, but it can get tough to tell the difference between them because they are shapeshifters and some get a kick out of pretending to be another shapeshifter when they commit a crime.

And what part of this is supposed to be a 'character destruction' peice? Are you saying I'm ruining Nightwing, or are you just saying what I said about causing significant psychological trauma?

9/3/2008 #19
Protector of Canon2


9/3/2008 #20

Try pairing him with Clancy. She's always a good runner up to Babs.

12/25/2008 #21

If you are talking to me, that isn't going to happen; I don't even know who Clancy is, and isn't that a guy's name?

I don't know much about Nightwing canon, just a very narrow window in a recent canon and a lot of random snippits that give me a pretty good idea of his characterization.

12/25/2008 #22

No, Bridget Clancy( is Dick's Landlady. He bought the building (unknown to her) when it was about to taken from her. She also had a major crush on him.

12/26/2008 . Edited 12/26/2008 #23

Oooh Yeahhhhh! I remember her! She was a girl that found Dick when he resurfaced in NYC when Jason was running around in a Nightwing knockoff! I read exactly three issues in that run, but I remember now. I don't know the char well enough to even have an opinion on her, let alone write her.

If I happen to read more on her and like her, maybe I'll do something with her, but I don't do shipping anyway. Thanks though.

12/27/2008 #24

Actually, I was talking to Rider Paladin when I mentioned Clancy. He said something earlier about anybody else Dick might be paired with.

12/27/2008 #25

Oops, sorry. It's been so long, and you never answered that question.

12/27/2008 #26

Yeah, I know. I didn't find this forum untill yesterday. I actually was replying to him(or her, I guess), but FF doesn't really tell you who's replying to whom. Anyways, sorry for the confusion.

12/27/2008 #27

Np. Who knows, maybe this'll remind them this place still exists?

12/27/2008 #28

Ha. Yeah, right.

12/28/2008 #29


It was a nice thought, right?

12/28/2008 #30
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