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Nightwing had his own series in New DC Universe.

There were a fre changes after the reboot.

-) His suit is in red/black instead of blue/black colors.

-) Barbara Gordon is not longer crippled and assumed the mantle of Batgirl again.

-) He inherited Haley circus (the same circus he grew up).

How do you feel about the changes?

2/11/2012 #1

I like them all except the red/black part. the blue/black costume was soo cool!!!!! :( but Babs is back which is great and I think the inheritance is cool

2/22/2012 #2

I'm not completely thrilled by everything the new 52 is doing (still working out my feelings of the Batman Inc story arc) but I have liked the changes with Nightwing thus far. The circus inheritance isn't a real big deal with me because of how well it works in tandem with Dick's back history and connection with it, especially following the Death of a Family arc where it played a large part in Joker's plans.

4/9/2013 #3

I like the old costume

I liked Babs better as Oracle (come on how many superheroes can you name that are in wheel chairs)

And the circus is cool

8/22/2013 #4

The Nightwing series is great. I wasn't sold on the red/black right away, but now with the slight changes Brett Booth made when he took over for a few issues I love it. The circus bit was neat, but not awesome. Babs being Batgirl again just seems right to me, she was certainly valuable as Oracle, but I like her better as Batgirl!

1/27/2014 #5

Titally agree with you :)

2/8/2014 #6
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