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Though it can continue on after the holidays.

12/24/2014 #1
Terri was just walking down the street with Ciel and Enfer resting on her shoulders unnoticed after solving a fairly difficult case on her way back home from school.
12/24/2014 #2

In a small part of town a bunch of older students have surrounded a young girl though to anyone who see's her they would think she is the same age as her tormenters but too the skilled eye its obvious she is 10 not 14 or 15.

"Oh this little brat stood up too us and got us in trouble with the principle yet again guess she did not learn her lesson well then since it seems you live here its time too teach you a lesson".

As the leader speaks a few of the other girls pick up the cowering girl who knows where they are and knows not many people come down here so this group could get away with murdering her as the painful cries are drowned out as the younger girl is beaten up and even cut in some spots as the gang continues the assault.

12/24/2014 #3
Ciel and Enfer perks up and suddenly runs towards the direction of the assault. Terri follows them closely, until she sees the poor girl surrounded. "What are you girls doing here? You do know that's against the law," Terri asks with a hint of disapproval as she pulls out a phone.
12/25/2014 #4

The girls look suprised though the leader gets in one more punch before she stands up and the group then turns and walks away not acknowledging her pressence.

Starlight blinks as she fights back tears though both eyes are swollen her red and yellow mixed hair matted with blood as she had curled up into a ball but that didn't stop the beating it in fact made it worse as her clothes are badly torn as well though a soft whimper escapes her bruised lips.

12/25/2014 #5
"Are you alright?" Terri asks as she pulls out a first aid kit from her bag.
12/25/2014 #6

Starlight looks up at Terri and she nods though winces.

"Yeah though this is not the first time Terra and her group have done this yet no one at the school well stop there bullying and sometime brutal punishments and thanks for the help back there it seems they target me because I speak out against them though that is silly of me".

As she looks at Terri she realises who she is though they never actually interacted its not hard to know who she is.

12/25/2014 #7
"Okay I see and do you want me to help you treat your wounds?" Terri asks as she opens her kit after texting to the police department about what happened vaguely.
12/25/2014 #8

"Yes please and you where coming back from a case Terri?".

Starlight asks as she thinks about some things as she notices that the gang had damaged her school bag and books and in general left her with damaged items as she internally groans over the fact she cannot replace the items.

12/25/2014 #9
"Yeah I was and do you have any questions?" Terri asks as she begins treating her wounds.
12/25/2014 #10

"I am terribly rude by not introducing myself though it was before you came to the school that I was infamous for my name is Starlight Shimmer but you can just call me Star".

Starlight wonders if Terri knew of her tyranny over the school for the last 2 years despite her true age she had made a lot of trouble and hurt many people because of her own situation in life so she did not want anyone else being happy.

12/25/2014 #11

"Okay Star-san and I'm Terri Ace. Also what made you infamous?" Terri asks curiously as she continues to treat her wounds with Ciel and Enfer sitting beside her.

12/25/2014 . Edited 12/25/2014 #12

"It was my single minded desire when I started at the school to take over literally and figuratively because of certain problems that are painful for me to explain".

Reaching into her tattered school bag she brings out an old album.

"I bullied and I intimidated people and generally made there lives miserable so that I would not be the only one miserable in the end three months ago I lost too the one who came to the school after I became a terrible monster".

Starlight looks right at Ciel and Enfer but she shows a picture of her transformed self.

"Its fitting that the girls you stopped where one of the one's I tormented so it would have been fitting if they had finished the job".

12/25/2014 #13
"I understand your situation since I have a friend who basically went the same phase as you before," Terri replies as she glances at the picture while finishing up the treatment of Star's wounds.
12/25/2014 #14

"I am being serious I was offered the power that turned me into something that tried to kill the one who in the end saved me from myself and protected her friends and the school".

Starlight is not sure if Terri actually believes her since she knows most of the students at the school outside of herself and the other girls remembers everything.

"So who are these two". She reaches her hand out to Ciel and Enfer.

12/25/2014 #15
"I see and these are my friends, Ciel and Enfer. They were the ones who first noticed that you were in danger," Terri replies as Ciel and Enfer cuddles on Star's sides affectionately.
12/25/2014 #16

"They are so cute and I thank you for saving me".

Star cuddles with them as she drops her facade of being older as the illusion that she wore fades leaving a younger version of herself instead as she wonders if these three had seen through her disguise.

12/25/2014 #17
"You're welcome and would you like to come with me?" Terri offers as she glances around them while she recieves a text.
12/25/2014 #18

Star shakes her head as she lies to Terri.

"I should head home my parents well be worried and well I don't live far from here maybe I well see you again while at school".

Star puts down Ciel and Enfer and picks up her bag and the damaged jacket before she darts out of the alley and runs south towards where she sleeps though since its winter break she hasn't eatten in days or bathed except when she stayed about a week ago at a homeless shelter.

12/25/2014 #19
"Okay then I'll see you later," Terri replies though she saw through the lie and decides to follow her stealthily. (I got to go to sleep now. I'll see you tomorrow.)
12/25/2014 #20

(Alright see you tomorrow I hope you have an awesome christmas day).

Star veers off down an alley and towards an abandoned warehouse that is no longer in use that is her home.

12/25/2014 #21
Terri manages to keep up undetected with Ciel and Enfer by her side as she wonders about Star's situation.
12/25/2014 #22

Star enters the warehouse through a hidden entrance and she goes about setting things down as she puts down the food from her bag.

"Thankfully she did not get a hold of these because now its too late to scrounge up more without getting caught".

Star says too herself as she peels an orange and eats it but stores the rest away as she gazes at a calander knowing tommorrow she well be 10 years old.

12/25/2014 #23
Terri loses her at the hidden entrance as she thought, "Just as I suspected..." Terri then sets down a tiny tracker in a form of a coin about a few feet away that is unnoticeable by others.
12/25/2014 #24

Star looks at an old locket that contains the last photo of her mom's before there suppossed accident she gets her looks from the woman whose lap she is sitting in but her personality is more like the regal girl behind them smiling.

"Moms I miss you I never found out how you died but I wish you did not leave me but I can't change that but I hope you are watching over me and I want to make you both proud".

12/25/2014 #25
Terri then opens her casebook from a spot where most wouldn't look and notes down her location as well as who she met. On a separate page she notes down what happened earlier so that she could discuss it with the other officers for advice.
12/25/2014 #26

Star puts the locket back in place hiding it under her shirt as she uses the roof access to climb up onto the roof despite the cold weather she loves to star gaze though she knows she gets that from her one mom who was an astrologist as she dangles her legs off the side of the room.

12/25/2014 #27
Terri looks back once before returning to her home with her partners
12/25/2014 #28

Star looks up at the sky as she begins too sing a song that fills the night with vigour as she envision instruments backing her up.

(The song itself is from the 2 part season 4 ending the one sung by the 3 other princesses).

12/25/2014 #29
Terri hears the singing though she realizes that it wasn't far from her balcony when she arrives before either of her parents.
12/25/2014 #30
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