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Peace hops down to beside Star as she coos happily to her while holding a cute little bell under one wing.
1/2/2015 #271

Star looks at the cute little bell under one wing as she smiles softly at Peace.

"Thank you so much little one you cheer me up when I feel sad for the most part".

1/2/2015 #272
Peace happily coos again in response as Terri asks, "What would you like to do now, Star-san?"
1/2/2015 #273

"I don't really know its been awhile since I been around friends in fact you are my first friend period".

Star says with an embarrassed sigh.

1/2/2015 #274
"I see and can you tell me more about your family?" Terri asks as she picks up a coin that she dropped.
1/2/2015 #275

Ciel and Enfer hops off the couch and walks over to Terri and Star and sits by their feet.

1/2/2015 #276

"My moms or one of my aunts or all of the above including my moms older brother since Momma Sunset was an orphan herself".

Star asks as she removes the moist tears from her eyes.

1/2/2015 #277

"I see and later when the wind dies down a bit, would you like to go out for a flight?" Terri asks as she pull out small invitation from Kaito Kid for a night out flying together.

1/2/2015 #278

"I would love to its been ages since I flew while there was actual air to get some lift".

Star says excitedly as her wings seem too also be excited since the training grounds below didn't feel natural without alot of drafts.

1/2/2015 #279

"Okay and I also have someone special that you will be meeting for the first time once we are in the air," Terri mentions as she pulls out the cape that is also a hang glider in disguise from the closet.

1/2/2015 #280

"That is so cool I can't wait but the winds and that out there are pretty bad though up higher might be worse if we are meeting someone they won't mind my true form not the illusion I use that disguises all of this".

Star points to her pony ears and wings.

1/2/2015 #281

"He won't mind it at all since he and I have both encountered stranger things than that during our times at the various hiests and outside of it," Terri explains as she confirms that wind has died down enough for flight-ideal conditions from looking out at the window.

1/2/2015 #282

Star nods as she extends out her wings as she look at the sky conditions and nods.

"That is pretty cool that you have encountered stranger things but be thankful you have not had the unfortunate chance of runing into a centaur".

1/2/2015 #283
"Aye and would you like to go out now?" Terri asks as she checks the time while pulling out a thin looking coat from the closet.
1/2/2015 #284

"Yes it seems the winds have calmed down so its more ideal for night flying".

Star fluffs out her wings as she mutters too herself mostly.

"Ugh it seems that its almost time for preening again".

1/2/2015 #285
"Okay and let's head to the roof then," Terri replies as she puts on the coat, cape, and boots.
1/2/2015 #286

"Alright that is an easier way to gain altitude then from the ground though I am thankful this well be a regular non stress inducing flight the first time I tried to fly on Earth it was very challenging but now I adjusted to how the winds work around here".

Star says as she practices with her wings once they are on the roof feeling pretty warm despite the outside temperature its only really when she flies that she actually has the resistance to the cold.

1/2/2015 #287
"Follow me Star-san!" Terri calls out as she jumps the roof and opens the hang glider at the same time to take off once Ciel and Enfer was on her shoulders and Phantom was following right behind them.
1/2/2015 #288

Star nods as she spreads out her wings as she jumps off the roof letting the air currents get her up into the air as she flies alongside of Terri after getting enough lift.

1/2/2015 #289

"How do you like the view, Star-san?" Terri asks as she checks the back of the invite for the location while they glide in the air.

1/2/2015 #290

"The view is incredible its so much more beautiful from up in the air it makes everything below seem so small".

Star says in a very soft voice.

1/2/2015 #291

"That's good and looks like we're almost at the desitination," Terri notes as she sees Kid in a glider up ahead.

1/2/2015 #292

Star angles her wings so that she flies up and then down and then eventually on all sides of Terri.

"Its been awhile since I have flown this much its very refreshing".

Star has not even seen Kaito yet because she was just having so much fun.

1/2/2015 #293
"That's nice and you might want to watch where you are flying," Terri cautions Star as she waves to Kid.
1/2/2015 #294

"Its been awhile so I guess I went a little overboard".

Star stops her excited flying and levels off flying beside Terri as she looks to where Terri waves seeing Kaito Kid but keeps a steady beat of her wings.

1/2/2015 #295
"This is Kaito Kid, the person that I want you to meet," Terri introduces him once they meet up.
1/2/2015 #296

Star hover in place as she does a bow.

"Now its not so suprising why there is so much police pressence in this town there had been rumors buzzing that you where in town Kaito Kid".

Star says since she had a hard time keeping her living situation from being found out with the extra police pressence.

1/2/2015 #297
"Yeah and what is your name, miss?" Kid asks as he pulls out a white rose and hands it to Star.
1/3/2015 #298

"My name is Starlight Shimmer but just call me Star everyone else calls me that".

Star says as she hold the white rose in her hand as she has a friendly smile on her face.

1/3/2015 #299
"Nice to meet you Star-san and how did you meet up with Ame-chan?" Kid curiously asks as he and Terri each uses a propeller on the back of the glider to keep hovering in one spot
1/3/2015 #300
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