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"We just met face too face a short time ago".

Star seems nervous about telling the rest.

"I was on my way home from getting somethings for my parents when some of our classmates jumped me intent on revenge for my tormenting them over the last two years".

Star mixes in partial lies as per usual for most people in case they might try too hurt her.

1/3/2015 #301
"I see and it looks like you and Ame-chan are getting along quite well," Kid notes as he glances around them subtly.
1/3/2015 #302

"Yes we do".

Star wonders how much she said too Kaito that he actually believed as she looks around them.

1/3/2015 #303
"Yeah it is and also have you been to any of my hiests yet?" Kid asks as he relaxes when he confirmed that nobody is really paying attention to them in the air.
1/3/2015 #304

"I have not until about 8 months ago all I have been doing after that incident been trying too heal the damage I caused".

Star lays on a cloud after she confirms she can sit on it.

1/3/2015 #305
"I see and if you get a chance, you should come and I usually give Terri the notice first before anyone else," Kid replies as he felt his dove perching on his top hat.
1/3/2015 #306

"Thanks I well its nice too know magic does exist in this world since for awhile I could not detect any".

Star replies.

1/3/2015 #307
"Yeah and also we both have our fair share of the strange encounters within the past few years especially," Kid notes as he pulls out his card gun. (I need to sleep now. I see you later.)
1/3/2015 #308
Phantom simply hovers in her spectral form behind the others.
1/3/2015 #309

"Though these days I hide what I am because with my magic the government would conceive my magic as a powerful weapon and want to try and utilise it".

Star says as she knows of Area 51 or the suppossed Area 51.

1/3/2015 #310
"I see and would you like to go a special spot with us?" Kid asks as he notices Phantom and smirks.
1/3/2015 #311

"Yes that sounds like alot of fun".

Star says with a smile on her face.

1/3/2015 #312
"Okay then follow me," Kid replies as he motions them to follow him to the top of a cliff that overviews the entire city.
1/3/2015 #313

Star flaps her wings as she moves up farther into the atmosphere for the moment then comes down faster closer to the cliff.

1/3/2015 #314
"How do you like this view?" Kid asks as releases his hang glider at the same time as Terri to land.
1/3/2015 #315

Star lands beside them as she looks out at the view.

"Its pretty stunning even more so when I don't have to concentrate on flying".

1/3/2015 #316
"It is and would you like to hear how we first found this place?" Kid asks as he also looks outward with the others.
1/3/2015 #317

"Yeah I would love too hear how you two found this place from what I can see few people seem to come up this far".

Star says noticing that the area is not disturbed alot by footprints or other signs humans are even around.

1/3/2015 #318
"During one of the hiests a couple of years ago, Terri was pursuing me and we flew over this area. We managed to lose the police after we landed and that was when we found this view," Kid explains as he pulls out a deck.
1/3/2015 #319

"So no one but me you and Terri know of this spot since there are few signs that anyone else has been here".

Star looks out towards the school.

1/3/2015 #320
"Yeah and ever since that time, we would come here from time to time to relax and to discuss about magic and life in general," Terri explains as she readjusts her jacket.
1/3/2015 #321

"Your guys magic has some unique qualities like my home worlds magic as well".

Star says as she folds her wings against her side.

1/3/2015 #322
"Really like what kind of qualifies?" Terri asks curiously as she looks at Star.
1/3/2015 #323

"Its hard to explain its true that my aunts raise the Sun and Moon respectively they have little experience with dimensional manipulation magic at least not on the level of what your great Grandma did for her training room that takes a lot of magical talent to pull off".

Star explains as she taps her chin.

1/3/2015 #324
"Okay and also she wrote down how she actually created that area in one of the journals back at home as well," Terri mentions as Ciel changes into her larger form and Terri sat on her back casually.
1/3/2015 #325

"The magic is definetly of master level of magic or higher its very impressive".

Star says with a soft smile on her face.

1/3/2015 #326
"Yeah and I still couldn't believe that it is still standing after 2 centuries when it was first made," Terri notes as she pulls out a pair of handcuffs.
1/4/2015 #327

"The spell if done correctly and using a permanent spell theoretically that space could out last everyone or everything".

Star explains.

1/4/2015 #328
"That makes a lot more sense now that you mentioned it," Terri replies in acknowledgement as she felt Ciel's tail behind her.
1/4/2015 #329

"Though finding the book that contains instructions on using said spell are a rare find though I know that spell because of finding it while in our home library back in Equestria".

Star says as for a moment she feels magic as she looks in the direction she sensed it using her mage sight.

1/4/2015 #330
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