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"Really and did anyone feel that?" Terri asks as she looks around.
1/4/2015 #331

"I did and the magic signature is familiar but my magic sight was what alerted me otherwise my magic sense would not pick it up how about you Kid?".

Star asks Kaito Kid as she concentrates on the magical signature as the claw and crossed swords makes her open her eyes and gasp.

1/4/2015 #332
"I can feel a little bit of it but I'm not as sensitive to magic as Terri is though," Kid replies as Terri nods in confirmation that it was the similar to the one in the files.
1/4/2015 #333

"Its within 5 kilometers too the south if we can I want to save the person".

Star begins to focus her magic as the air feels charged with mana as she channels she zones in for any emotions as she feels an inky black set of emotions from the intended killer and blue mixed with white emotions of fear and knowing of there impending doom when she senses that she spreads out her wings and is about to take too the air.

1/4/2015 #334
"Okay and we should go now to have enough time," Terri replies as she and Kid opens their hang gliders while Terri also brings out a card gun.
1/4/2015 #335

Star nods as she takes to the sky as she uses her magic too hone on the fears of the person in fear of the inky black feeling as she looks from her height she see's in her mage sight a black vapor in the abandoned buisness district a black vapour of sorts wafting from the alley.

"Thank goodness we went out otherwise there would have been another case for the police too deal with on Christmas Day".

Star uses a special spell that allows both Terri and Kaito too see what she is seeing and also share empathy/telepathic link.

-Be careful we don't know how many mages there are going to be but they probably all at least master rank which mean I am going to have too use more then 15 percent of my magical powers-.

1/4/2015 #336
-Okay and would you like a distraction?- Terri asks as she pulls out a small hand-carved charm when they followed her in the air.
1/4/2015 #337

-That would be good hum that inky black emotion it feels like 5 mages-.

Star swoops down as they enter into the derelict buildings area as she determines there magical power rank.

-2 Master rank definetly death magic orientated 2 Journeyman and 1 oh boy they really are serious but why are they using an adept for this time?-.


As the mages chase two people out of the alley the two girls who seem to be siblings the older who is Terri's age stands between the 5 and her sister says to the younger.

"Go Noel they want you so if you stay I know I cannot protect you against these 5 but I well keep them busy".

The elder sibling gives Noel the younger silbling a push which gets the younger girl moving as curly white hair flies in the wind as indigo eyes look ahead and not backwards.

"Okay just please be careful". Noel says as she then runs out of the alley and down one of the main road ways as a short time later a scream from behind her makes Noel to cry knowing what happened from the scream.

1/4/2015 #338
-Okay and this is one of my favorite illusions,- Terri explains as she activates the charm revealing a magical clone of herself in the police uniform and equipment. The clone calls out as it pulls out a handgun while running towards the group, "Freeze! This is the police!"
1/4/2015 #339

-That is strange there where two but the white haired girl had more magic I mean a lot more magic then the one who stayed behind yet they drained her of magic-.

Star comes swooping in and lands between the 5 mages and Noel her wings spread wide as her magical aura flares up around her too the point for non magical people they would feel unbearable heat or something akin to it.

"Leave this girl alone she is under my protection go back or face me the choice is yours". Star calls out to the 5 who hiss when they see her and dissappear into the shadows.


Noel had stopped as she passed by the magical illusion and trips over something and sprawls on the ground in a daze as she breathes heavy from all the runing not just but before as well.

1/4/2015 #340
-At least there's now one less case for the police to deal with,- Terri notes as she made her illusion disperse and revert back into the charm before pulling out a first-aid kit and landing beside Star.
1/4/2015 #341

-Not so that girls sister is dead they drained her and I know of no spells that would work on an empty body with no soul too recall-.

Star folds her wings too her side as she walks over too Noel as Indigo eyes look into blue green eyes as the younger girl is her age and from what she can see Noel is mostly unharmed other then the scrape from the fall.


"WWWho are you guys are you with those monsters who left ssstay back".

Noel is on the verge of tears as she shakes as a sphere of light magic sails right by Star.

1/4/2015 #342
-That's true though I'll probably be taking up this one case then before putting it into the file with the others,- Terri replies telepathically as she calmly said to Noel, "We're not going to hurt you at all and we also have no connection to those monsters." (I'll be going to sleep now, see you later.)
1/4/2015 #343

Star nods as she steps back letting Terri take the lead on this one.


Noel looks between Terri and Star as she asks as she calms down.

"Thank you both for saving me I am still shaken up from what those monsters did too my sister".

(Okay talk to you later).

1/4/2015 #344
"You are welcome and how did you get tangled with them anyway?" Terri asks calmly as she pulls out her casebook.
1/4/2015 #345

"Me and Suzanna that is my sister we had been chased for our magical strength for a few days by those monsters though I am the stronger of the 2 of us we are well now I am the last of one of the few known legendary magicians though your companion might know him better Starswirl the Bearded".

Noel says as her eyes land on Star who she can tell reacts to that name but the reaction is barely noticeable.


Star takes a soft intake of air as she wonders how a human could be related to the strongest unicorn mage if she came from this world.

-No wonder they came after her and why she has such high magic strength even a mage with small training cant throw a magic sphere as well as she did-. Star relays to Terri as she then makes note to explain who Starswirl the Bearded is too Terri.

1/4/2015 #346
"Okay and would you like me to treat your scrape?" Terri asks as she notes down in her casebook before opening the first-aid kit.
1/4/2015 #347
Phantom and Kid observes their interaction from behind.
1/4/2015 #348

"Yes please".

Noel looks at Terri and then too Star as she asks.

"Are you from Equestria miss?".


Star's ears twitch when she hears Noel mention home.

"First you know of Star Swirl and claim your one of his descendants but how can that be Star Swirl was suppossed to have died back home 1000 years or more ago".

1/4/2015 #349
"Okay and what is your name, miss?" Terri asks as she treats the scrape thoroughly and cleanly as possible.
1/4/2015 #350

"My name is Noel Swirl and you are Terri I recognise you from being at one of your events with Kaito Kid".

Noel says as she offers her hand as she tries too avoid looking towards the alley she ran out of.


Star uses her mage sight too examine the scene as she frowns.

"They did a sloppy job but its the same people who have been gathering mana for resurrecting some pony or person".

1/4/2015 #351
"Nice to meet you Swirl-san and also Star-san, did they leave anything else behind?" Terri asks as she shakes her hand after she finished treating the scrape.
1/4/2015 #352

"Just call me Noel I can explain all of Star's questions back at me and my sisters apartment".

Noel says as she looks between the two.


"They did a terrible job with this one for one they didn't expect there victims to be able to fight back because one of there number died though there is not much trace well nothing that would be detectable by the police forensics but if they did find something it would be very confusing".

Star says as she notices a black handled dagger that emanates death magic.

"There is this though we should not touch it physically with all the enchantments on it designed for anyone but one of there own to use it would kill them".

1/4/2015 #353
"Okay Noel and also Star-san we might as well find a way to remove the dagger from here before it hurts anyone else," Terri notes as she pulls out a few potent negation seals for the enchantments from her pocket as well as a storage seal.
1/4/2015 #354

Star uses telekenisis to bring it to Terri as she feels the negative energy from the knife.

"This is getting way too dangerous with this many mages at the rate they are getting mana it won't be much longer before whoever they are trying too revive is brought back".


Noel stands up and brushes off her clothes as she steels herself as she walks over to where her sister is as she fights back bile as she see's the second half of the dragon's heart amulet as her hand glows the amulet floats over to herself as she brings both halves back together as she feels that her magic is back in balance.

"Thank you sister for protecting me but now I need my full magic if anyone here in this world is too remain safe so please stay safe in heaven".

1/4/2015 #355
"I see and this should be enough to handle it safely by most," Terri replies as she motions Phantom to help her with the attachment of the first couple of negation seals and storing it into the other seal. "Also we also need to do something about that body as well," Terri notes as she pulls out a cellphone after storing the knife.
1/4/2015 #356

"I can deal with it you talking about that monsters it would be wrong to get rid of my sisters body its evidence for the police though they might find some peculiarities between humans and my families anatomy".

Noel says as she forms a small ball of fire in her cupped hands.


"There is some faint magical traces around her but I can dispel most without any bad after effects".

Star says as she spreads her wings and a well of mana springs up around her as she goes around the area touching certain spots as black energy seems too hiss as the light touches it.

1/4/2015 #357
"Okay and we might want to leave soon before we attract any unwanted attention," Terri suggest as she surveys the current situation around them while Kid ensures that they were not being focused on after switching into a disguise to look like Terri.
1/4/2015 #358

"Do you guys mind coming back too my place I can teleport us there".

Noel says as she disposes of the monsters body but levitates a black journal over to Terri.


Star finishes the cleansing as she says with an exhausted sigh.

"For the moment if your place is closer we should head there until I can recharge my mana reserves again its been ages since I have channeled this much magic more then once in a day".

1/4/2015 #359
"Okay and do you mind if Kid also tags along?" Terri asks as she takes the black journal and stores it into a separate seal.
1/4/2015 #360
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