Sacred Harmony
Bring forth the light protect the Kingdom of Harmony from the Rifters and become the new generation of Precure.
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"That well help but we should do this later its pretty late and from the black aura they are not ready too complete the reviving spell yet".

Noel says as she can tell by how imbalanced it is.


Star lets out a soft yawn since she is so young compared to everyone else staying up this late and doing so much activity tires her out.

1/5/2015 #391

"Alright and I just got a text from my parents that they won't be back until tomorrow afternoon as well," Terri said as she checks her phone with Phantom looking over her shoulder.

1/5/2015 #392

"Star if you want you can use either my sisters bed or my own for the moment".

Noel leads Star into her sisters bedroom and tucks her in before she comes back out.

"For one so young she holds a mighty burden and if I am not mistaken she is the daughter of Princess Twighlight Sparkle and Princess Sunset Sparkle she does not want too admit too much of anything but I am perfectly fine waiting for answers to my questions". Noel says after she closes her sisters door so that Star can rest.

1/5/2015 #393

Terri asks as Phantom sits down on Enfer in her larger form after Kid excuses himself and leaves for the evening, "What would you like to do now Noel?"

1/5/2015 #394

"There is not much unless you want too meet some of the other stranded Equestrian's most of them are night people despite that we are being targeted by those monsters".

Noel says as she leans back in her chair and looks at Terri and Phantom.

"So you two have known for a short time as well?".

1/5/2015 #395

"Okay and yeah since we actually found this out through looking through one of the cold cases at my house," Terri said as she fiddles with her amethyst studded PreCure ring on her hand.

1/5/2015 . Edited 1/5/2015 #396
Phantom glances at Terri and her fiddling with the ring.
1/5/2015 #397

"I seen here at school but I had this feeling she has been living on her own after she was brought back from the darkness and I suspected she was much younger then she showed".

Noel takes another sip of her drink as she notices Terri fiddle with her ring.

1/5/2015 #398
"Yeah she's younger than she looks since she used an illusion," Terri explains as she felt the magic radiating from the ring.
1/5/2015 #399

"So she is the first Alicorn born through magic since as two mares having a foal without someone to help magic is the only other option since its been ages since the appearrance of the first alicorn's".

Noel says as she knows more about the Alicorns because she is the first to have the same magical strength as her great great grandfather.

"Do you know that for more then 1000 years Princess Celestia and Princess Luna where the only Alicorns after there parents vanished and does she realise that with her using magic in this world that has lost almost all its connection to magic that we two using magic and those cultists well change how this world is".

1/5/2015 #400
"I never knew that but that doesn't sound so good," Terri replies as her ring begins to glow noticeably.
1/5/2015 #401

"For the most part if Sombra is revived the balance of light and dark would be so out of wack that we might cause more trouble those ley lines would be the first to rupture and cause magical disasters".

Noel closes her eyes as she had seen how things would get.

"But King Sombra's revival is imminent and even with those charms he well appear here I didn't want too upset Star but she is our best bet too win against Sombra I am strong yes but in terms of power an Alicorn's power is considered nearly god like".

1/5/2015 #402

"I see though I have heard something about 2 guardians protecting the balance between light and dark as well from my family since our secondary objective was to monitor that balance and the guardians," Terri explains as she felt a sudden jump in magic levels from her ring.

1/5/2015 #403

"The guardians of the balance probably have there hands full there is an overflow of black/death magic I dread too think how bad things well get but for now Star should relax and enjoy the holiday its her birthday today is it not?".

Noel asks noticing its close to Christmas Day as she says a soft prayer.

"Mom, dad its been another year but I hope you and big sis watch over me from heaven". Noel whispers softly.

1/5/2015 #404
"Yeah let's do that since we all need a break once in a while," Terri replies as the magic level finally returns to normal from the ring.
1/6/2015 #405
Phantom pulls out a protection charm and ties it to her belt.
1/6/2015 #406
Ciel and Enfer exchange glances as they knew why the ring began to act like that since that ring was made for transforming as well as manifesting the Light and Dark Guardians physically with the matching ring that Phantom kept hidden under her shirt like a necklace.
1/6/2015 #407

"You two can stay here tonight I don't want either of you two being at risk though Star and you could handle yourselves well even with there protections and hiding magic Star would shatter them and alert the government of the pressence of walking magical bomb and I know they can be really paranoid".

Noel says as she gets up and goes too the front door and locks it and reactivates the high level wards.

1/6/2015 #408
"Thank you for your offer and I'll probably be sleeping on Ciel and Enfer tonight if you don't mind," Terri replies as she looks at the time.
1/6/2015 #409

"Are you sure I have a fold out futon and you can use my bed".

Noel says since they are her guests as she whispers since Star seems to be sleeping peacefully.

1/6/2015 #410
"No it's fine plus I do this often when I'm away from home," Terri politely declines as she felt their tails close to her.
1/6/2015 #411

"Alright if you need anything too drink the kitchen has both water and other drink beverages the bathroom is down the same hall as the bedroom the third door on the left its been one crazy night".

Noel bows before she goes too her room but keeps the door slightly ajar in case they need anything from her tonight.

1/6/2015 #412
"Okay and thanks," Terri replies as she lies on top of them and rest after she brings out a small travelers' essentials kit.
1/6/2015 #413

Star turns over in her sleep as she has a nightmare of the world being enveloped in black miasma like darkness as her breathing becomes paniced as the darkness wraps around her throat as a snake like laugh fills her mind.

"Foolish child I have lived for twice as long as you and you dare to defy me that is a laugh".

1/6/2015 #414

Phantom, as she usually does not sleep at night in her spirit form, felt like trouble was near Star so she quietly enter her room and felt that a dark presence was in there. Then she takes off her protection charm and activates it before lying it beside Star to ward off the dark presence in the room and quietly slips out of there right after to return to Terri.

1/6/2015 . Edited 1/6/2015 #415

Star feels a warm pressence as she wakes up shortly after Phantom puts the protection charm beside her as she looks at it and is confused but lays back down after a short time though now that she woke up like this she finds it hard to fall back asleep as she silently makes her way out into the hallway and finds the bathroom and goes in and sits on the carpet in there after going to the bathroom.

1/6/2015 #416

Phantom simply sits against Enfer after feeling satisfied that the sinister presence was gone as she glances at a sleeping Terri who was cuddling with Ciel's tail.

1/6/2015 #417

Star looks into the mirror in the bathroom as she whispers softly.

"Mommies what am I too do can I really save this world I am so young plus outside of Terri,Kaito Kid and Noel no one else knows the dangers of what is going on".

((I have a plan for how they deal with Sombra but it takes a page from a story I read where people she knows well represent each of the Elements of Harmony)).

1/6/2015 #418

Terri stirs a bit but her ring sends a calming aura that allows Terri to sleep peacefully again.


1/6/2015 #419

(So which of the six would Terri represent its obvious that Star would be magic though Noel would either be Kindness or Generousity not sure which).

Star walks out of the bathroom after she hears soft snoring from the room next door too the room she was staying in and heads out into the living room since she is embarrassed to admit she is scared to stay in the room by herself she settles down on the couch.

1/6/2015 #420
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