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"Do you want to go and help me get your room set up now?" Terri asks as she felt Ciel hopping on to her shoulder.
1/9/2015 #541

Melody hums something as a small pink light shines briefly over Star before Melody stands up.

"Yeah though its been awhile since I stayed here it was beefore and for 2 years after until I went too the academy".


Noel looks a bit distant as her indigo eyes seem distant.

1/9/2015 #542
"Okay and Noel-san would you like to come and help us as well?" Terri asks as she looks over to Noel.
1/9/2015 #543
Phantom and Enfer both sat by Star on the other couch while Enfer lays on Phantom's side.
1/9/2015 #544
Ciel hops down and stands by Terri as her ears perk up happily.
1/9/2015 #545

Noel nods as she gets up and goes over too Terri and Melody.

"I doubt I could nap like Star can so its better too be active". Noel says in a soft whisper.


Star start sucking on her thumb a habit she has had since she was a baby though as a foal it was a hoof not a thumb.


Melodies eyes soften when she see's how cute Star is behaving.

1/9/2015 #546
"Okay and let's head over to the guest bedroom on the next floor," Terri replies quietly as she motions them to follow her.
1/9/2015 #547

Noel follows Terri as she gets the feeling Melody has a question for Terri and her.


Melody walks beside Terri as she thinks over the question from her mind about the two girls who seem to be more then what they appear to be.

1/9/2015 #548
"Okay here we are and this room is ready to move in though we just need to bring out the pillows, covers and bed sheets from this closet," Terri explains as she points to the closet by them when they enter.
1/9/2015 #549

"Okay that is simple enough".

Melody walks over and is about to open the door when an indigo ligth on the handle opens it as she looks over her shoulder.

"So how is Noel and Star able to turn into pony anthro's Terri and don't sugar coat it please because I know what I saw last night".


Noel looks embarrassed letting Terri explain instead.

1/9/2015 #550
"Ah well to simply put it, both Noel-san and Star-san aren't originally from this dimension and are actually different species of ponies from that dimension and they both took on a human form with magic when they crossed dimensions," Terri explains as she pulls out a bag with the stuff for the bed.
1/9/2015 #551

"Next you well tell me its called Equestria and ruled by multiple princesses two of which that can raise the sun and the moon".

Melody giggles though she was only joking knowing that Terri was serious though her smile fades.


"How in the world did you know that Melody-san though this world has a show that follows the same line as our world but the way you described it though".

Noel looks at Melody out of curiousity since she saw through the fake laugh.

1/9/2015 #552
"Yeah actually that is exactly where it is, Melody-chan," Terri replies as she unzips the cloth bag while Ciel took on her human form to help them.
1/9/2015 #553

"So then there is differences between the show and the real deal otherwise how do the directors know about such details of that world".

Melody helps with straightening the sheets from the bag.


Noel helps as well as she lowers the illusion so her wings can be free from the restraints.

1/9/2015 #554
"Yeah but it might be a coincidence that the director's decision and the real deal are almost identical," Terri notes as she and Ciel helps with the bed.
1/9/2015 #555

"Almost too much of a coincidence but lets chalk it up too just being that so are you a pegasus no that would be impossible pegasus only use magic for flying but that leaves only alicorn or Pegacorn as they are called to which everyone thought that was what Princess Cadance was".

Melody is not embarrassed to admitting she loves MLP: FIM and its a shock to find out everything is almost all accurrate.


"I am a pegasus/unicorn hybrid though my sister was a Thestral/Unicorn hybrid though she didn't have a horn or cast magic but she still had innate magic".

Noel says though her voice breaks up at mentioning her now dead sister.

1/9/2015 #556
"You okay Noel-san?" Ciel asks as her tail waves curiously.
1/9/2015 #557

"I was just thinking about last night I should have done more I should have stayed behind and had her go".

Noel collapses as everything collapses around her as last night finally hit her like a train wreck.


Melody winces as she feels all the bottled up emotions from Noel about too burst like a damaged dam.

(Well Melody would be like Noel a pegasus/unicorn hybrid anthro form, Mion she would be a pegasus since this seems more EG universe style).

1/9/2015 #558
"There, there Noel, don't be sad. Your sister wants you to be happy," Ciel said comfortably as she kneels by Noel.
1/9/2015 #559

"It is just that she was the last member of my family alive I feel scared now that I am alone".

Noel does something unexpected as she hugs Ciel and hides her face from view as tears continue too fall.

1/9/2015 #560
Ciel uses her fluffy tail to comfort her as she said soothingly, "You're not alone Noel, you also have us."
1/9/2015 #561
Peace flies into the room and lands on Ciel's head.
1/9/2015 #562

"Thank you oh thank you I have not been alone since that time I got seperated from my sister by the foster care system and we where apart for 4 months until we got that apartment".

Noel hugs Ciel as she lets out some more tears.

1/9/2015 #563

"You're welcome and let's finish this up and we can do something fun together, okay?" Ciel asks as Peace hops down to the floor and cooing happily.

1/9/2015 . Edited 1/9/2015 #564
Terri glances at the time after she glances at the text from her parents that they're almost there.
1/9/2015 #565

Noel nods as she dries her eyes and helps with the rest of the set up as she whispers softly to Ciel.

"Thank you".

1/9/2015 #566

"You're welcome and I actually found something cool in the library that you might like to see as well as the others," Ciel mentions as she pulls out an old key from her tail.

1/9/2015 . Edited 1/9/2015 #567
Phantom glances over at Star while she scratches Enfer behind the ear.
1/10/2015 #568

Star sucks on her thumb as her wings splay out over top of the couch and the other on the ground as she seems to be sleeping alright but it also appears she is missing her mothers.


Melody looks at the bed and that once everything is in place as she nods too herself.


"That sounds like a lot of fun wonder what we will find?".

1/10/2015 #569
"Okay, follow me," Ciel said as she motions everyone else to follow her to a secret door at the back of the library.
1/10/2015 #570
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