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Star finishes singing the song that eventually brought her mom together as she wraps her blanket around her body.

"I know for certain I feel that I well have to find a new home that is almost always the case".

Clasping her hands together Star wishes on a shooting star before she starts the next song this song is haunting in its words.

(Second song is from the anime known as Higurashi the second season opening).

12/25/2014 #31
Terri spots Star on the abandoned building and decides to let Peace, her dove, to fly over and greet her.
12/25/2014 #32

Star finishes the song as she swings her legs as she is looking south and north so she does not know she has an audience.

12/25/2014 #33
Peace coos happily as she lands beside Star.
12/25/2014 #34

Star notices Peace though she is suprised too too see a dove out in this weather as she pick Peace up.

"Hello there what are you doing out in this weather?".

12/25/2014 #35
Peace coos happily again as she indicates the direction of where she flew from.
12/25/2014 #36

"So you came from over in the high end area's but why come see someone like me?".

Star asks as she turns in the direction was looking.

12/25/2014 #37
Peace coos happily after pulls out a note that simply has the message, "Terri was worried."
12/25/2014 #38

"Terri was worried even after I lied back there about my parents its just to coincidental you flew here am I right?".

Star asks softly.

12/25/2014 #39

Peace shook her head in disagreement after she pulls out another note that said, "Terri is a detective, remember? She can tell when someone is lying."

12/25/2014 . Edited 12/25/2014 #40

Star nods as she feels the snow and wind as she gets up.

"So she followed me here and awhile sent you too see me I have lived on my own like this for 6 years and hid my secretfrom everyone".

12/25/2014 #41
Peace nods in agreement as she pulls out yet another note, "Would you like to follow me back to Terri's place?"
12/25/2014 #42

Star looks suprised because the few people before didn't say anything like that though those one's where few and far between.

"Is it really okay for me to go and what does her parents think of this idea?".

12/25/2014 #43
"They won't really mind. Actually they would be pleased to see a guest over since it has been a while since they have any guests. Also they're not home at the moment and busy with work," Peace replies with another note.
12/25/2014 #44

Star nods as she says to Peace.

"I well take Terri up on the offer so which way is it to the house though I need to grab something before we go".

Star climbs in through the skylight and goes down into the main floor as she grabs the other item from her parents a mahogany covered music/jewelry box.

12/25/2014 #45
Peace coos happily in response as she follows Star. "Just follow me to Terri's home," was the next note she pulls out.
12/25/2014 #46

Nodding she puts the music/jewelry box in her well used bag as she says.

"Okay now just lead the way Peace".

Star heads through the hidden entrance as well as the exit and walks down the old stairwell down two flights of stairs.

12/25/2014 #47
Peace coos happily as she guides Star back to the mansion-like home with Terri waiting on the balcony.
12/25/2014 #48

Star looks at the mansion-like home before her as she is trying take it all in when they arrive she looks upwards seeing Terri on the balcony.

12/25/2014 #49
Terri waves at Star and Peace.
12/25/2014 #50

Star smiles as she waves back to Terri as she looks at the mansion-like house in awe.

12/25/2014 #51
Terri takes a secret passage to the front entrance. She opens the door as she greets them inside, "Hello Star-san and hello Peace."
12/25/2014 #52

"Hello Terri-san thank you for the invite".

Star bows though her Japenese is off compared to when she is at school.

12/25/2014 #53
"You're welcome and would you like anything to drink?" Terri asks as she leads them inside.
12/25/2014 #54

"Water is fine for now I don't think I could keep anything else down".

As though to prove her wrong gurguling from her stomach makes itself heard.

12/25/2014 #55
"Okay and would you like anything else?" Terri asks before she goes to the kitchen while Peace sits on her perch by the entrance.
12/25/2014 #56

"Not at the moment".

Star walks into the kitchen as she removes the jacket but too the trained eye she has several scars some old one's a few from within the last month though she looks gaunt she tries to remain strong since she hates showing weakness.

12/25/2014 #57
"Okay and do you have any questions?" Terri asks as she brings out a glass of water for Star.
12/25/2014 #58

"Yeah its about did you know I was using an illusion to hide my actual age when I was going to school I know our paths crossed a few times after the whole fall formal event back then I was hiding my true age and my appearrance because the school would end up alerting the orphanage I was in for about a year or so".

Star takes the cup of water and takes a slow drink from it as she feels her voice coming back.

12/25/2014 #59

"I actually did take notice about that illusion and would you like me to help you in any way?" Terri asks as she felt Ciel hopping on to her shoulder along with Enfer.

12/25/2014 #60
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