Sacred Harmony
Bring forth the light protect the Kingdom of Harmony from the Rifters and become the new generation of Precure.
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"I see and I believe that you will be able to beat it," Phantom said as she sees Peace happily flying over as Terri's parents just entered at the entrance. *********************** Terri nods as Lekai notes, "If this imbalance remains here, there's a chance that the Light and Dark Guardians will manifest in this world to investigate the cause."
1/12/2015 #601

"This is a problem from Equestria I have a feeling that only ponies turned humans and some humans might be the key though how we can do it is up too Star I sensed it early on".

Noel pulls out a book similar to the book speaking about the Elements of Harmony an updated version.

"If some of you know the backstory from the cartoon its pretty much the same as the real deal there are 6 elements of harmony each being an aspect of friendship there is Laughter,Kindness,Generousity,Loyalty,Honesty and Magic though some suspect there was a lost 7 element but no one can confirm or at least no one in this world".


"Thank you though I am too scared too sleep right now just have too figure out how all of us try and stop Sombra and I pray no other villain comes too this world".

Star says with a shudder.


"But those same elements are back in the Tree of Harmony how could they help if they where too leave it Equestria would be at risk unless".

Melody trails off as she remembers the 2 current human world Equestria girls movies.

1/12/2015 #602
"Okay and shall we go check out what the others are doing?" Phantom asks as picks up Enfer in her arms. ******************************* "Okay and is there anyway to track where the Elements of Harmony are?" Lekai asks as she glances at a set of old but usable tracking charms hanging on the wall beside them.
1/12/2015 #603

"Star would know her mom was the original element of magic well Princess Twighlight is but unless your charm can cross dimensions or we find a way to get too Equestria you are right Melody the Elements are with the Tree but they can be summoned if we have a way too contact Stars mothers".

Noel replies as she looks too Terri wondering if she knows.


Star summons the book that connects the two worlds as she opens it she see's a note that makes her smile softly though she begins writing a message indicating the danger and asking for advice as she closes it a magneta light glows as the message is sent.

"I know my moms can't help us directly but maybe they can give us an idea too deal with Sombra".


Melody recalls something as she says too everyone.

"Does anyone know if Star has a way too send messages back home a magical tome or along those lines if so we can create a way for at least one person too go through if not most of us but first we should celebrate christmas Star needs this".

1/12/2015 #604
"Okay and Star-san does have a book that is used for sending messages across the dimensions," Terri confirms as she felt her parents' presences nearby.
1/12/2015 #605

"Though with the magic as wacky as it is soon magic might start manifesting in this world more abundantly and who knows what else but I suspect that if needed and we find the right people that the Elements well heed our plea and allow for us too use them since Melody seems a die hard pegasister".

Noel says knowing about the whole MLP:FIM fandom.


Star's ears twitch as she heard some people enter and suspects its Terri's parents and for the moment her guardians.


Noel nods though nervous about any body else knowing other then Terri about her hobby in fact she started studying magic because of the season 2 ending with Princess Cadance as she too can detect love magic though her influence is not that strong.

1/12/2015 #606
"Okay and I think my parents are here now," Terri notes as she puts away the seal. ***************** "At least we'll be off for the next couple days after this case," Tai notes as she cleans herself up while Jacques nods in agreement.
1/12/2015 #607

"Yeah its good too see them again I wonder if they well still recognise me after all before I left all that time ago I had my natural hair colour still a dark pink with white and yellow streaks but I had dyed it because well I wanted too stand out less".

Melody admits as she runs a hand through her blue hair as she can see the pink white and yellow streaks coming through.

"I am suprised you recognised me with blue hair since I started dying it months after I was gone and didn't mention it in our letters".


Noel wonders about Melody since she can see a resemblance too Cadence with the mixed hair tones but shakes it off.


Star picks up one of the 6 presents from back home and debates on opening it but decides too hold off.

1/12/2015 #608
"It's not that difficult to recognize you from others by the other features. Also shall we go say hi to them?" Terri asks as felt Peace roosting on her head. ****************************** "Hopefully Terri's still in one piece," Jacques notes as he sets down his bags.
1/12/2015 #609

"Red eyes are rare people think I wear contacts but I don't its the one feature I refuse too hide though some call me a vampire though yeah lets go see them".

Melody laughs at that since her eyes seem too shift with her mood from normally red too a shade similar too Cadance's too violet.


Noel is suprised too see the eye color change.

"Its rare too see eye colour change its almost as rare as Hectachromia".


Star hovers off the couch as she puts the book and the gifts down as she looks out from around a corner hovering off the ground.

1/12/2015 #610
"Okay and we might as well come back to this room later if we have a chance to," Terri said as she motions them to follow her. ***************************** "I thought I saw Terri on the news this morning though they might have caught Terri's occasional outings on camera," Tai notes as they step into the main foyer.
1/12/2015 #611

"That sounds like a pretty good idea".

Melody says softly.


Star makes a soft squeak but vanishes back into the room and lands on the couch.


Noel follows after Terri and Melody as she feels a slight headache from her attempt at getting through the spell defense last night.

1/12/2015 #612
"I bet Terri has something interesting to tell us," Tai notes as she detects the other's presences. *************** "Don't worry about holding up your illusion, Star-san. They're are accustomed to the unnatural since they knew about me, Enfer and Ciel," Phantom explains as she watches Star.
1/12/2015 #613

"I have gotten so used too hiding what I am its hard not too continue too do so".

Star admits though she dispels the illusion as her wings fold too her sides as she lands softly beside Phantom and Enfer.


Melody feels happy too see both of Terri's parents again since she had always felt like part of the family and they treated as part of it since she did come back for holidays.

"So how is Kaito Kid doing still healthy and all that stuff though I did see him briefly last night".


Noel feels odd since everyone else seems too fit in even Star though she makes sure too mask that part of her emotions too prevent anything from being shown.

1/12/2015 #614
"Okay and let's go say hi to them, Star-san," Phantom said as she stands up with Enfer in her arms still. ****************** "He's doing fine for the most part," Terri replies as her parents walk up to them.
1/12/2015 #615

Star nods as she stands up after using her wings too keep herself balanced before they fold back too her side.

"Okay though hopefully I can stop having those nightmares/visions one of the few times I lose control of my magic unless I am upset when I am awake".


"That is good its been awhile since I saw you guys my last trip home was during summer break though I was also doing Precure duties as well back then".

Melody replies knowing how busy she was back then.


Noel listens but remains quiet remaining too the side even though she was invited she felt out of place.

1/12/2015 #616
Phantom nods as she sees Terri's parents. **************** Terri nods as Tai said, "Hello Melody-chan, how are you?" (Class is starting soon, I'll check back in a 1 and a half hours.)
1/12/2015 #617

(Okay talk too you then or a little later I am going to play some GTA 5).

Melody smiles softly as she gives Tai a hug.

"I am good and now I am back in town too stay as well though it does not come as a suprise you recognise me with my dyed hair".


Star follows Phantom and Enfer out too where Terri's parents are.


Noel just smiles faintly at the scene glad too see that some people are happy.

1/12/2015 #618
"That's good and this the person that we're going to be the guardians for?" Tai asks as she notices Star.
1/12/2015 #619

Star looks at the ground as she seems nervous still having a hard time believing that her mom's managed too get someone too watch over her.

"My name is Starlight Shimmer its nice too meet you both".


Noel notices Stars nervousness knowing full well how that feels when she and her sister where seperated and she was for awhile in an orphanage then ran away hid on the streets till her sister found her.


Melody smiles softly too assure Star who seems really nervous.

1/12/2015 #620
"Nice to meet you, Shimmer-san, I'm Tai Ace, and this is my husband, Jacques," Tai happily introduces themselves as she notices Lekai.
1/12/2015 #621
Enfer looks like a plush when she's napping in Phantom's arms.
1/12/2015 #622
Terri glances at Tai as she notices a foreign-looking card sticking out of her pocket.
1/12/2015 #623
Ciel waves her fluffy tail gently as she glances around while she is still mostly in her human form.
1/12/2015 #624

"Please just call me Star when I hear Shimmer I look around for one of my moms".

Star says softly.


Noel watches the scene glad too be seeing that someone is going too be okay though she senses the lingering dark magic that keeps haunting Star.

-Those nightmares she is having Phantom they are not just nightmares its Sombra trying too weaken her so he can tap into the next Element of Magic I can confirm that she is going to be the element of Magic we will need the Elements if he gets too her I don't know what too do-.


Melody smiles glad too be back among family after a year or more.

1/12/2015 #625
"Okay and Star-san, do you have any questions for us?" Tai asks as she felt Peace landing on her head. ******************** -Okay and also we could try to prevent that with the protection charms that we made,- Phantom replies telepathically as she pulls out another protection charm.
1/12/2015 #626

-Equestrian magic is what is happening around the tower the charms might halt it temporarily but with all the mana they have drained in 90 years Sombra I suspect is already here in this world but only as a spectre but one that wont vanish-.

Noel indicates the few tendrils of black magic that are faded but still lightly there as she secretly uses a cleansing spell as the black tendrils shatter and vanish.


"Not at this time thank you again for looking out for me".

Star says in a soft whisper.


Melody's eyes arc up when she feels the cleansing magic wash over Star removing the last bit of dark taint.

1/12/2015 #627
Phantom nods in acknowledgement as Tai said, "Okay then if any of you need me, I'll be in my room on the next floor." Tai then vanishes in a cloud of smoke. Once the cloud disperses, Jacques asks, "Do any of you need anything?"
1/13/2015 #628
Enfer wakes up before she hops out of Phantom's arms and looking up to Ciel.
1/13/2015 #629
Enfer then hops on to Ciel's head in her regular small fox form.
1/13/2015 #630
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