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Bring forth the light protect the Kingdom of Harmony from the Rifters and become the new generation of Precure.
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Then Phantom simply pulls out a pocket watch from her pocket and glances at it.
1/13/2015 #631

Chance flies over and lands on Jacques head.

1/13/2015 #632

"Not at this moment".

Star says as she feels the book glowing and vibrating.


Melody see's the glowing vibrating book wondering what message Star's parents sent.


Noel looks off into the distance almost like she is distracted by something else.

1/13/2015 #633

"Okay then if you need me, I'll be at my office near the living room," Jacque said before he left with Chance roosting on his head.


"Did your moms just sent you something?" Terri asks as she glances at Star.

1/13/2015 #634

"Yes they did I sent a message just a short while ago asking advice for how too deal with Sombra I had thought of the Elements of Harmony but if they leave the Tree for too long our home would be in danger".

Star says in a soft voice.


Melody listens with interest since she knows the risks of the elements of harmony leaving the tree.

"Plus if they where brought too this dimension they would lose there connection too the original bearers and if someone who does not meet the qualities required too use it they would turn into a monster and try too do great evil".


Noel jumps when she hears that wondering if her idea was such a good idea in the first place.

"So even if we have them the danger is ten fold especially if we can't find the other 5 that represent the other one's though I know for sure who the Element of Loyalty would belong too".

Noel says as she looks at Terri.

1/13/2015 #635

"Okay...wait a minute, me?" Terri asks slightly confused as she wonders how did she qualify for an Element.


Phantom smirks as it was rare to see Terri as confused as she looks now.

1/13/2015 #636

"I can sense your strong sense of loyalty towards your friends even ones you just met and won't let them down if you can help it".

Noel says as she looks around the room and says.

"Star represents Magic not just because of who her mothers are but because she helped us all find one another plus her own magical skill and then there is Melody she represents the element of Laughter she bring cheer and happiness with her no matter where she goes".

(Though Noel well be the last too figure out that she represents the element of kindness).


"That is 3 out of the six Elements but still does not help us if we cannot find the other 3 Honest,Kindness and Generousity".

Noel says as she looks distant.


"Can we sit down again I don't feel comfortable standing while I read this".

Star says in a soft voice.

1/13/2015 #637
"Okay and let's head back to the living room then," Terri said as she mentally notes to ask Tai or Jacques about the surprise.
1/13/2015 #638

Star nods as they enter the living room she uses her wings too fly over and sit on the couch she sat on before and places the book in her lap though she looks down at the presents from her moms and aunts and uncles.


"It must be nice too be able too fly even if you don't want too get caught while flying does it not Star?".

Melody asks.


Noel sits on a second couch as she taps her chin.

(Since we are going the way of Equestria girls for them ponying up for the fight with Sombra which form well Terri be of the pony species).

1/13/2015 #639
Terri sits by Star while Phantom and Ciel leans by a nearby wall. (She would be a Thestral if you don't mind.)
1/13/2015 #640

(That is okay we know that Star well be an alicorn though I know that Mion well be a unicorn and Yuki well be a oh wait I well leave that as a surprise though Melody is also a suprise).

Star opens the book as 6 jewelry one being a six star crown and the others being necklaces.

"Moms sent us the Elements saying that if we found the other 5 even if I am the element of magic I would need the element of magic crown too be able too use the power the tree is strong enough too last long enough till we are finished".

Star looks the note over as the element of magic hovers before her while the Element of Loyalty hover over too Terri and then Laughter floats in front of Melody and Element of Kindness too Noel which makes her blink.


Noel looks at her element and blinks not sure if she believes what she is seeing.

"We need too take good care of these but wait until we find the others and only when we need to".


Melody feels giddy that she represents laughter considering next too Cadance she loves Pinkie Pie.

1/13/2015 #641
Terri curiously observes the Element of Loyalty as Phantom hovers over to see. (Okay.)
1/13/2015 #642

(I wont explain how they look since you know them or look at pictures referencing them).

"For now each of you keep them safe until the time they are needed but now I well reply too the message and then I want too see what my mom's and aunts got me".

Star says as she handles the Crown carefully.


Noel takes the element of Kindness into her hands feeling warmth from them.


Melody takes the Element of Laughter feeling a similar warmth.

1/13/2015 #643
"Okay and shall we store them with these charms?" Terri asks as she pulls out several wooden storage charms.
1/13/2015 #644

"It is better that you all bond with your elements because the longer you connect the stronger the connection is for each person".

Star levitates her mom's crown which is now her's even if only temporary.


"So are we supposed too feel a tingling sensation when we touch them if it isn't a burning sensation which is a bad sign".

Melody remembers Sunset Shimmers encounter with the Element of Magic.


Noel grips the Element of Kindness as for a moment Wings different then her actual wing shimmer in place of her old one's.

1/13/2015 #645
"I see and that makes sense hopefully we can find the other bearers," Terri said as she holds the Element of Loyalty while she also feel its sensations.
1/13/2015 #646

"Just make sure um oh my it seems they are all taking too you quite fast".

Star lets out in a soft stammer pointing to Terri as she see's bat wings for a second.


"So then the Elements are doing something similar too the EG universe giving each bearer a ponified form so your pony form would be a thestral of course mine well be a pegacorn I think".

Noel slides the necklace on as the warmth from the necklace gives her pony ears and a second set of wings not just changing there colour.


Melody puts on her necklace though at first she notices she has pony ears and a tail as she puzzles over what she is until she feels a warm and tingly sensation from her back as insect wings sprout and a jagged horn.

"Okay I thought I would be an earth pony this is different".

1/13/2015 #647
"Well that's cool, also it looks like we could hide these features after we remove the Element again," Terri notes as she slips on the necklace as a set of pony ears, tail and a set of bat wings appear.
1/14/2015 #648

"No way does that mean Changelings came too Earth this earth at least".

Star is suprised that the Element of Laughter is a Changeling but otherwise has no other feelings.

"So the transformation is permanent unlike what was it you called it Melody".


Noel gasps when she see's Terri's bat wings and ears and tail.

"Your a Thestral just like my sister was".


Melody just uses her insect wings and hovers off the ground but lands after a minute too study them.

"Only changelings of noble or royal blood have such wings the normal one's have more beetle like wings but mine are not".

Stretching out her wings she see's that they are a very soft sad of purple and transparent but able too support flight as she wonders about how she could use magic with her horn as she removes the necklace for a moment noticing the changes are permanent.

"EG universe so our change is permanent which means that all pony races of Equestria have representives in this world though I wonder if there are gryphons".

1/14/2015 #649
"Okay and at least I know of some illusion charms that could help us maintain a low profile," Terri replies as she puts away the other charms ands pulls out a different set.
1/14/2015 #650
"Also it looks like it only affects me personally but not Phantom or my other form," Terri notes as she removes the necklace and looks at her ring with the necklace.
1/14/2015 #651

"I think your theory is right Melody though we can confirm it later but for now those charms well do".

Star says as she feels a warmth and a magical connection too Equestria.


Melody nods as she closes her wings as she takes a moment too hover near the ceiling and move about giggling.

"I always wanted too fly and now I can with no strings attached".


Noel just looks sad again but is confused about her wings until her original dissappear and her new one's take there place and appear crystal like as her hair gains a crystal sheen.

"I thought I was just a normal pecacorn I don't know what I am anymore but this feels more natural then before".

1/14/2015 #652
Terri nods as she activates one of the charms on herself.
1/14/2015 #653

A sudden message telepathically fills her mind as she hears both her mom's her aunts and her uncle who is Twighlights brother and his wife Cadance though it also brings a warmth but makes her cry tears but not out of sadness.

-We miss you our dearest daughter may you have a Happy Hearths Warming Day-.

The message is similar for the one from her aunts and now other relatives as everyone else hears the message as two other packages one from Cadance and Shining Armour and the other from the other two princesses who where also in on the message.


"Was those other voices Princess Cadance,Prince Shining Armour and Princess Luna and Princess Celestia".

Noel lets out a soft gasp.


Melody lands as she also hears the message and looks at Star as she says.

"Your a princess Star that is just wow".

1/14/2015 #654
"Wow and at least, we can celebrate the holiday together today," Terri said as she gently slips the necklace into a pouch before into her pocket.
1/14/2015 #655

-Only when our dear Star is wearing it well this work though we sense a second bearer of magic in that world and the lost seventh Element the Element of Hope-.

Both Stars mothers reply.


"The element of Hope was thought vanished both during and after both the time of Discord and King Sombra but it was Sombra that got rid of it and why do I react like I am a Crystal pony they are only earth ponies so how is this possible?".

Noel asks hoping that the others on the end of the connection can hear her.


"Though I can understand why I have changeling blood or at least I think I understand but Crystal Ponies are as Noel says with small exceptions earth ponies".

Melody replies though not sure why she knows more then what the show says.

1/14/2015 #656
"Okay and I still wonder how did I ended up as a Thestral?" Terri asks as she vaguely remembers reading about it in the files.
1/14/2015 #657

-Use the spell it should become clear though with the Element of Magic it should scan the whole world-.

Both her mothers mentally encourage.

Nodding Star then asks.

"I need you guys too form a circle with you four wearing the elements I can use use this first on you guys then later too fully prove the theory and thanks moms and you as well aunts and uncle".


Noel goes over too Star as she wonders what this well do.


Melody moves over as well.

1/14/2015 #658
Enfer hops down from Ciel and walks over to Terri to sniff her if there was any sort of change though she didn't find any which is surprising to her.
1/14/2015 #659
Terri obediently moves over while putting back on the Element of Loyalty.
1/14/2015 #660
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