Sacred Harmony
Bring forth the light protect the Kingdom of Harmony from the Rifters and become the new generation of Precure.
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Closing her eyes she draws on her magic though a rainbow of light well an aura surrounds each of the girls as after a few moments her eyes open showing pure white Irises as the light fades and enters Stars body after which she collapses and seems very exhausted.


"What in tarnation happened I felt this warmth but then gone so what did the spell do?".

Noel utters softly.


Melody agrees as she felt the light wash over her.

1/14/2015 #661
"I'm not too sure though it have something to do with the Elements of Harmony," Terri notes as she kneels down to Star to check on her.
1/14/2015 #662
(Class is starting soon, I'll check back in about an hour and a half.)
1/14/2015 #663

"It is a very ancient spell one created by your grandfather well however many greats that he is down the line it allows too see if any pony blood exists in your families background".

Star hugs Terri when she kneels down.

"Your family has both Thestral blood that leads back too Equestria one of your ancestors was a member of Luna's Royal guard".


Noel wonders about her origins since everything she has heard indicates she was a pegacorn but the crystal like appearrance she has taken puts that in doubt.


Melody seems a bit anxious too hear why she is a changeling but waits for the happy moment too be done too know for sure.

1/14/2015 #664
"Well that makes sense and that explains why I tend to work better in the evenings," Terri replies as she hugs back.
1/14/2015 #665
(Class will start again in a few minutes, I'll check back in an hour and a half.)
1/14/2015 #666

"But there is more too it then that I could sense just a slight tingling a unique seed within you my aunts and mothers well the princesses explained that seed shows the potential for Ascension and something that some ponies and apparently humans too can possess but also that seed and your ancestory it means your family is close too being royalty back home".

Star holds back about the last thing because of not sure if Terri would accept her as a sister.


When Star gazes at Noel the younger girl has a warm and kind feeling as she says.

"Now you Noel are one of the few and very rare pegacorn crystal ponies not only that do you really know much about your family".

Noel looks suprised as she thought that Star would not notice as she says softly.

"How did you know the one's I called my family where not my real ones even though I don't know my real mom and dad".


Melody looks at Noel seeing through the haze a bright white seed like what is within Terri and seeing something but lets Princess Cadance and Star explain.

1/14/2015 #667
"That's cool and well it looks like I still have more to learn about my family," Terri replies with some surprise.
1/14/2015 #668

"Only your early ancestors would have had all the details but with each generation the knowledge would be obscured and facts messed with for each telling".

Noel replies as she looks at Star.

"Plus tell me or should I ask my mom and dad the ones from Equestria".


Star seems a little suprised but she says.

"You seem too realise or speculate who your related too you where born in the Crystal Empire but because of a magical freak accident you and the others got brought here and where seperated from your mom and dad".


Melody listens as Star explains too Noel her origins.

1/14/2015 #669
"Okay and I'll probably go back to the library and check the records again," Terri replies as she felt the spike in magic from the floor above but dismisses it since she knew what it was. (Class is almost starting again, I'll check back in an hour and a half.)
1/14/2015 #670

(Okay see you then but I well be back after 1 because of arrangements I had today).

"Mind if I come with you opening the presents can wait".

Star does not want too be away from Terri though she also wants too talk without the others there.


Melody wonders but says a simple reply.

"Its okay we can entertain ourselves and Terri do you guys still have that recording room with equipment that I used too practice in?".


Noel just looks out the window still deep in thought.

1/14/2015 #671
"Okay and we still have that recording room," Terri replies as she glances at Phantom.
1/14/2015 #672

"Thanks is it still on the second floor towards the Planetarium that is in this town".

Melody recalls where she thinks it is.


Star stands by Terri after releasing the hug.


Noel looks over at them as her eyes light up when she hears about a recording studio.

1/14/2015 #673
"Yeah and it's still in the same place," Terri replies as she also asks, "Noel-san, would you like to follow Melody-chan to the recording station?"
1/14/2015 #674
Ciel then reverts back to her small fox form before following Enfer.
1/14/2015 #675

"If Melody does not mind I am curious since I have not heard a live viewing of when she plays".

Noel says in a soft voice.


"I don't mind its always nice too have an audience even if its only practice".

Melody says as she gives Noel a hug as she sends Terri a private telepathic message.

-I well see if I can get her too open up her emotional state is very fragile and she might do something and you need too see if Star well explain too you who her parents are I have my suspicions from when all of Stars relatives spoke-.

1/14/2015 #676
-Okay I'll try to do that,- Terri replies telepathically before she asks Star as she stands up, "What would you like to do now, Star-san?"
1/14/2015 #677

"Can we go back too your families library you said you wanted too go there and even with the connection back too Equestria I feel more comfortable with your company".

Star whispers softly as she feels embarrassed too admit she feels lonely and scared.


Melody and Noel soon leave the living room and go too the recording room as she grabs her Violin though she wishes she had her keytar which is a combo of a piano and guitar.

1/14/2015 #678
"Okay then let's head back to the library," Terri replies before leading Star and the others to the library.
1/14/2015 #679
Once they entered the library, Terri heads over to the shelf filled with archived records from her ancestors.
1/14/2015 #680

Ciel and Enfer hops onto a nearby chair and sits there quietly.

1/14/2015 #681

Phantom then walks to the shelf where Terri is and begins to help her look for the files.

1/14/2015 #682

Star follows Terri too the archived records as she tries too think of what too say and how too ask it as she fidgets.


Melody goes too the recording room and has a big smile on her face seeing it hasn't changed other then updated equipment not much else changed.

"So Noel do you play any kind of music or stuff like that?".


Noel looks at her feet as she is not sure what people would think of her voice.

"I have been known for my singing though I think everyone was being nice so I don't know if I sound any good or really bad".

1/14/2015 #683

"Do you know which Trestrals came to this dimension?" Terri asks as she felt a small magic spark and winces a bit when she moves her finger over a certain file on the shelf and pulls it out carefully.

1/14/2015 #684

Meanwhile with Tai...

The spike in magic came from her as she was just reorganizing her bags but accidentally triggers one of the charms that changed her appearance to Kaito Kid and it doesn't wear off until the charm is deactivated with a seal. Currently Tai is looking for the deactivation seal before looking for Terri to help her create one.

1/14/2015 #685

"I don't know my magic only gave me enough too indicate your family is connected too Princess Luna and your family before coming here where practically royalty amongst the Thestrals".

Star says as she hovers up too take a look as she thinks on how too approach what she was wanting too ask.


Melody brings out her violin and begins too play her version of a song from one of her favourite anime as in the background behind her the song starts playing as she plays in sync.

(Just for note its from my favourite anime outside of Precure and others its called a A Certain Scientific Railgun the theme from the first half of season 1).


Noel gasps hearing a song she is familiar with since she also despite her Equestrian Origins loves Japanese anime as she begins too sing as the combination of the two are in almost perfect sync and compliment each other.

1/14/2015 #686
"I see and I think I found the file on the event," Terri replies as she brings the notes to the table.
1/14/2015 #687

"Is that what that reaction when you touched that file was about?".

Star gulps as she receives private encouragement through the crown as she tries too build up courage.


Melody plays through the song as she enjoys having a duet of both instrument and singing as it ends she smiles seeing a happy smile on her face.


Noel finishes the song in sync with Melody but her eyes remain closed as a smile graces her face.

1/14/2015 #688
"Yeah and this is the only set that has caused that type of reaction, so far," Terri explains as she opens the file and begins to examine the content.
1/14/2015 #689

Star looks at the file as she senses a strong enchantment from the pages.

"That is the seal of Lunar Guards almost all of which are thestrals well back in those days they where but the date feels off well it could be the difference in time between our worlds".

1/14/2015 #690
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