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"Okay and do you want to go check out what Melody-chan and Noel-san are up too?" Terri asks as she flexes her wings before closing them again.

1/15/2015 #721

"Yeah that would be awesome so you want too test fly them later with me sis?".

Star says as she watches Terri flex her her wings.


"We really need more people for this song with only two its does not feel right".

Melody replies as she lowers her violin.


Noel nods in agreement as she sits across from Melody.

1/15/2015 #722

"Okay, we can do that later and let's go check what they're up to in the recording studio," Terri replies as quickly puts the files into the box.

1/15/2015 #723

Star nods as she hovers slightly off the ground as she has pent up excitment.

"And maybe I can finally pull off my Aunt Rainbow Dash's ultimate stunt though I don't think there is a spot that wont be harmed if I do manage too pull off a Sonic Rainboom".


Noel looks over the song while debating as she hums the lyrics too the song as she notices the required instruments.

"Melody have you learned too play the guitar I learned the Keytar though from what I see of the song and from the movie it seems suited too those specific instruments".


"Yeah I learned the Guitar though I don't know if Terri-chan has the other instruments".

Melody says softly.

1/15/2015 #724

"Yeah that's true though let's head over to the recording studio," Terri replies as she finishes packing the files away before motioning Star to follow her to the recording studio.

1/15/2015 #725

"Alright then".

Star bounces along acting like Pinkie Pie at the moment though she has not had any sugar coated treats.

1/15/2015 #726

When they got there, Terri knocks the door to the recording studio and waits with Lekai, Star, Phantom, Ciel and Enfer around her.

1/15/2015 #727

"I really wanted too try this song but its not meant for a duo".

Melodies sounds from within the room though she just does not seem too hear them knock.


Star wonders what song they are talking about as she is curious what the two are talking about.

1/15/2015 #728

Noticing that Melody won't answer, Terri tries telapathy, -Melody-chan could you open the door please?-

1/15/2015 #729
Peace flies off to Tai, who has finally removed the effect of the charm.
1/15/2015 #730

-Sorry I was debating with Noel on this song you must of heard Noel she has such an angelic sounding voice no matter then song-.

Melody uses her magic too open the door with a periwinkle aura.


Star wonders what music they are thinking of playing and singing next though she is curious about if she was any good of a singer.


Noel turns and see's the others as her cheeks become red guessing they might have heard her sing and is very scared about what they think.

1/15/2015 #731
"Thanks and that was actually some good singing, Noel-san," Terri compliments Noel as she made sure that her large wings won't get in the way without the help of her illusion charm.
1/15/2015 #732

"You really think so and are not just saying that too make me feel better".

Noel says in a voice that shows that many people in the past have insulted and done things too her too make her doubt her own ability.


"We mean it that was incredible I am sad I didn't get too hear more".

Star says in a at first happy but deppressed voice when she thinks about not hearing anymore.


"Why don't you believe that you have an amazing singing voice when everyone here including me agree that you do".

Melody notices the doubt and fear from Noel.

1/15/2015 #733
"Yeah I agree with them, and also not many people could pull that beautiful voice off at your age," Terri replies as she felt Ciel hopping on to her shoulder.
1/15/2015 #734

"Are you really sure?".

Noel asks nervously.


Star runs over too Noel and hugs her and whispers something in her ear that causes her too hug Star back and have tears of happiness fall from her eyes.


Melody smiles as she see's Noel's tears fall but knows that she knows who her parents are and that she is never alone.

1/15/2015 #735
"I'm sure and it'll get even better with practice," Terri replies as she felt that Enfer was sniffing her wings curiously.
1/15/2015 #736

"So is it true that I am related too you and Star that my parents are well you know".

Noel asks since she has a hard time believing that her parents are royalty.


Star hears something from the crown as she asks out loud since she has not mastered telepathy.

"You sure alright um Noel your mom and dad want too comunicate with you".

Star then places the crown on Noel's head as her eyes widen.


Melody looks over too Terri.

"So your already getting used too your new looks Terri-chan".

1/15/2015 #737
"Yeah and I manage to do a partial activation of the illusion charm to only reveal the wings too," Terri replies as she opens her wings slightly.
1/15/2015 #738

"That is cool so do you play an instrument both me and Noel want too do a song but it has need of someone who can play the drums,bass and a second singer though I have played the song with using my violin so a tambourine does not need too be used".

Melody asks and also says.


Star smiles at Noel as she says.

"Yep me and you are cousins I think since my mom is your father's sister".


"Mommy, Daddy I miss you and hope too see you soon".

Noel says out loud as she hears a reply back that brings her too happy tears as she says a soft thank you too Star.

1/15/2015 #739
"Well I do play the bass and actually I have stored behind this false wall," Terri explains as she reveals a hidden compartment behind her and brings out her bass.
1/15/2015 #740

"Hum though that still leaves drums and the second singer and guitarist though you should remember this song I believe you went with me too see it Terri-chan".

Melody plays the song recording.

(Welcome too the Show is it).


Star listens too the song as she remembers her moms favourite song was the one written by Fluttershy's human counterpart.


"Its a pretty nice song and very catching".

Noel says softly.

1/15/2015 #741
"Yeah and I remember this one though it was a long time ago since we last heard it together," Terri replies as she sweeps her white bang to one side.
1/15/2015 #742

"I wish I had brought my copy of the actual movie its so crazy I am friends with two princesses".

Melody says as she knows who Noel's mom and dad are as she asks.

"Its Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadance is it not who are her parents?".


Star nods as she watches Noel fidgit but see's her hands glow as she teleports one of her three copies of the movie and it appears in Melodies hands.

"Here I have two others I don't meet many other fans among all the other transplanted Equestrians".

1/15/2015 #743
"Yeah and is there anything else that we need?" Terri asks as Ciel hops down to sniff her wings with Enfer.
1/15/2015 #744

"Well we have a guitar player I learned because some of the song required it and violin does not sound right but the tambourine you remember that right from the movie and a drummer".

Melody replies.

"Do you guys even have all these instruments I was lucky too have my violin but my guitar is at my dorm packed away and I am not skilled with teleportation of myself or objects".

Melody is suprised when Noel comes over too her.


"Next too Star I am probably the one with the next best talent with teleportation though I am not good with actual magical combat".

Noel replies as she extends her hand and Melody touches it as she sends a visual aid of the room and the few boxes and the guitar as she is told too just bring the guitar as her eyes light up a horn seems too flicker in and out as the indigo light teleports the guitar and the few boxes that she has in the room well the boxes too one of the guest rooms and the guitar too her.

1/15/2015 #745
"Yeah we do and they are just tucked in this closet," Terri replies as she indicates the closet besides them. (I'm going to sleep now, see you later.)
1/15/2015 #746

(The seventh element hehe the one that has not appearred I am so bad).

Stirring a 8 year old girl out from one of the boxes as she looks around.

"Where am I how did I get here where is Melody I managed too sneak into the dorm and hide in a box".

The girl has has magneta coloured hair that is waivy and stops at her mid back as cloudy eyes that at one point her eyes where burnt orange as she pulls out a walking stick and finds the door and walks out.


Melody makes a soft gasping noise as she says.

"Noel if I am right a young girl I have been taking care of might have been stowed away in one of the boxes at the time I didn't have the money too get her here but I promised too bring her with me because of her family relationship but because of my age she well go into an orphanage she might have been sleeping on my bed or in the boxes".

Noel walks over and touches hands again as the image of Aurora Sky fills her mind as she then says.

"She was in the boxes I sense she is stumbling around in your house Terri even with the cane she might have some trouble".


Star can sense the scared girl as she senses some magic from her but she can't directly pinpoint her.

1/15/2015 #747
"Okay and let's leave that to Ciel and Enfer," Terri replies as Ciel and Enfer went to look for her with her scent.
1/16/2015 #748
"Also who was she?" Terri asks as Phantom and Lekai went to follow the three.
1/16/2015 #749

"Her name is Aurora Sky I discovered her one night after she had run away from her home or so she thought when in fact she had only gotten a block away she is completly blind from what I gather it came too light months after she was born".

Melody begins too cry softly as she freaks out about losing her even if there situations are different she could not leave her alone not after what she came across that night and stopped the next day.

"There was a case last year about a mother and dad who had three children though they said they only had 1 the other 2 where found dead and preserved in the basement because well no one could get an answer from her parents but the youngest child survived she was blind since a short after birth and her parents didn't treat her well".


Noel nods as she says in an apologetic voice.

"When I connected too you just now I saw everything you saw that day oh god that poor child I can see why she would be afraid too be alone".


Star gasps softly guessing from the strong emotions how bad Aurora had it.


Aurora stumbles along the hallways realising that she is not in the dorm room as she begins too sob softly and move her cane along as she calls out in a very scared voice.

"Hello anyone here Melody anyone please I don't want too be alone".

1/16/2015 #750
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