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Peace hops down from her perch by the entrance and flies over to another perch on the shelf. (Happy Boxing Day!)
12/26/2014 #61

"There is not much anypony no wait I mean anybody can do for me I am both an orphan and well I guess since you can tell I can do illusion's you must be from a family of magicians or one of those people who are magic senstives".

Star takes another sip from her cup as her off hand glows with a green light as the cup is lifted with telekenisis.

((Passed out last night after a couple of hours when I got home from my sisters supper)).

12/26/2014 #62
"I see and what would you like to do now?" Terri asks as she felt a peregrine falcon landing on her head.
12/26/2014 #63

"There is not much for me to do now I always have spent this holiday on my own and quite ironically for me tomorrow was the day I was born".

Star shrugs off her own birthday because she always spent it alone even after her reforming after the fall incident because most if not all the students would treat her the same if not worse then Terra did.

"So I knew of peace but who is that handsome peregrine falcon must be one of your parents birds".

12/26/2014 #64
"Okay and this happens to be Dad's peregrine falcon, Chance," Terri replies as she glances up at Chance.
12/26/2014 #65
Another dove flies in with a message on its leg and lands on the perch by the entrance while cooing.
12/26/2014 #66

"I had heard a lot of your exploits on the news when I could though is Kaito Kid still around though its theoretically impossible for this to be the original but with how no one indicates otherwise".

Star notices the second dove and the message.

"It seems you have another note probably from your parents".

12/26/2014 #67
"You've noticed that too, eh? According to Kid during a couple of our encounters, he's actually the successor of the original," Terri explains as she takes and glances at the note on the leg before writing a confirmation to her mom about returning home late from work with her dad.
12/26/2014 #68

"Yeah though the magic you both use is different from the magic I inherited from my family like that levitation spell draws magic from my core not a horn like my mothers".

Star says absent minded not realising she just told one of her biggest secrets as she uses another spell to open the music boxes true compartment.

12/26/2014 #69
"What's inside your box?" Terri asks as Ciel hops down and sits besides Star while she sents the messanger dove with her reply.
12/26/2014 #70

"This is only something that can be opened with magic to everyone else its just a jewelry as well as a music box but when its exposed to magic it can be opened and well its better if I just show you".

Star puts the hidden box down where all over its surface are magical protection seals which she easily breaks without fully destroying them and inside is a journal that the front cover has a set of stars one big and two small and each one is the colour purple and has a white outline while the back side which she shows has a fiery yin and ying sun on it.

"If anyone knew a magical being of my strength though my magic at the moment is not as strong as back home my moms in that world raised the sun and the moon respectively though I don't know now if they are alive or not".

12/26/2014 #71
"Oh I see and would you like to come overto my room?" Terri asks as she felt that Chance flew off her head.
12/26/2014 #72

"Yes then it would be easier since the book is not the only thing inside that box though some of it is just stuff from down memory lane".

Star puts the book in the box as she picks up both items as she wonders if what she well reveal next cause trouble if anyone else hears it.

12/26/2014 #73
"Okay then follow me," Terri replies before she leads them to her room with the balcony.
12/26/2014 #74

Star follows along as she see's the size of Terri's house.

"This reminds me of back home in Eques though my families house was literally crystal".

Star leaves out the other facts that her parents where royalty or that the house was a crystal castle.

12/26/2014 #75
"Really and here we are," Terri replies as they enter her bedroom which is like a large college dorm room with her own bathroom, mini kitchen and desk.
12/26/2014 #76

Peace flies over to her perch on the bacony.

12/26/2014 #77

"If you have never heard of Eques its not in this world".

Shadow enters the room and is impressed by what she see's as she puts down the two items as she uses telekenisis to lift the next item out though the mirror seems to big for the container it came in.

"The mirror was the connection but like its counterpart back in Eques the main mirror cannot be opened every three years".

12/27/2014 #78
"I see and is it like a portal used to travel between the worlds?" Terri asks as she pulls out a deck of playing cards.
12/27/2014 #79

"Yes it is but with my limited magic I cannot open the portal myself so I can't find out about my parents or all my friends back home".

Star puts down the mirror in a corner as she fights off crying.

"Plus what would my parents think of me for turning a whole school against one another plus bullying and intimidating them to get what I want and now having horrible thoughts of ending it".

Star does at that point break down as the image in the mirror show her true reflection a orange/yellow coat with wings and a horn with all the other features of human Starlight but in pony form.

12/27/2014 #80
"I see and if we try fixing the problem then your parents may see you as a responsible peraon since you basically know that you made a mistake and you are owning up to that mistake by finding a solution," Terri explains as Ciel nuzzles against her comfortably.
12/27/2014 #81

"Yes I have been doing that but its no suprise a large portion of the student body either has the same reaction as Terra though she was not the worst case of bullying and manipulation I did she just was the first to actually do something".

Star picks up Ciel and nuzzles her back.

"The book I brought out also acts as a way of communication I have not figured out how it works entirely but I have been to nervous to reply to the message my moms sent".

12/27/2014 #82

"I see and maybe you should try to talk to your moms about it if nothing seems to be done. They might have something useful to say," Terri suggests as she removes her blazer revealing that she has a small tear with some dried blood surrounding it on the sleeve of her dress shirt after Enfer hops down and joins Ciel.

12/27/2014 #83

"I well try".

After that Star picks up the book as she opens to the third page the message makes her whipe away her tears as she is suprised to see a message from only earlier today.

"Too our loving daughter we miss you but the situation back here in Equestria is bad for now when you get this message we are currently at war with the dragons so it wont be safe for you to return just yet but we will come for you when its all over your loving mothers Princess Twighlight Sparkle and Princess Sunset Shimmer".

12/27/2014 #84

"So what just happened, Star-san?" Terri asks as she retrieves her T-shirt and windbreakers from her dresser.

12/27/2014 #85

"My moms sent me a message within the last day I didn't check it until now but it seems there is trouble back home and its too risky back there".

Star then shows Terri the message as she had noticed the scar.

"I still don't get how the book works over the dimensional divide between our worlds but if I was stronger magic wise I could use its power to cross the breach though that is how my mom's got together my mom Twighlight had gotten the magic of a similar book to cross to another world sadly it was not this one but my other mom she had fallen into because of how many people disliked her she was tossed into the portal but something was wrong with the connection and really that is all I know".

12/27/2014 #86
"I see and so now you just have to wait it out then until that war resolves," Terri notes before she uses a quick change technique with a smoke cover to change into her T-shirt and windbreakers.
12/27/2014 #87

"I know that it is better if I stay here I worry for my moms though they are some of the strongest of alicorns though they say I possess that same magical strength".

Star writes a reply that says that she misses them and that hopes the war is over soon for she wants to see them again.

12/27/2014 #88
"I see and would you like to change into something cleaner?" Terri offers as she pulls out another T-shirt and some sweatpants.
12/27/2014 #89

"Yes please it took me awhile to get used to wearing clothes when I first came here from my home as a pony we always went around naked and the temperature and climate where nicer most of the time".

Star nods as she accepts the T-shirt and sweatpants as she asks.

"Though I am more used to the whole wearing clothes where is a bathroom I can change into these at this place is so huge".

12/27/2014 #90
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