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Lekai happily sketches into her book while Phantom sets her fedora on her lap.
1/19/2015 #931
Enfer simply lies down on a cushion by the bed as she was bored at the moment.
1/19/2015 #932

"I can use dark magic but its uncomfortable with extended use".

Noel replies as she releases the hold on her dark magic.


"So then has she ever had too deal with an opponent that has magic though I know magic in this world is not as abundant as back home".

Aurora asks as she tries too figure out a pattern so that she can at least say she caught her once.


"So where did you learn how too use Dark Magic its not an easy kind too use by any means".

Melody asks curiously.

1/19/2015 #933
"Well you could say I was taught by the Dark Guardian herself," Phantom replies as she was a small part of the original Dark Guardian that merged with Terri's soul along with a little bit of the Light Guardian. ******************** "She did though even without her own magic, she could still use her charms and seals to a certain extent with a different method of activation," Ciel replies as she keeps her distance from Aurora.
1/19/2015 #934

"Well I studied dark magic too counter somethings from Nightmare Moon's time that affected my adopted sister and continued too study it in case of something like Sombra showing up or another dark magic using villain".

Noel replied as she can see's the dark magic as she looks out a window towards the next town and the orphanage and then too the tower.

"I can feel that the orphanage is connected too the goings on at the tower from what I know of Sombra he did experiments on ponies of all ages and species too increase his power".


Melody hugs Noel as she feels a jolt run through her as she see's through Noel's eyes at the tower as the black magic is literally like a miasma and the tendrils reach into into the next town.


"The seals would have too be very strong I have seen or heard from Moma of such instances where a mage has broken through seals with pure magic alone".

Aurora replies as she then tries something as the necklace vanishes and instead the crown appears on her head as she teleports in front of Ciel but because of inexperience she teleports randomly and ends up a couple of feet off the ground.

"Okay I didn't think that would work so I can call on each individual element then".

1/19/2015 #935
"Yeah and with this warrant, we'll be able to legally search the premises of any evidence that physically link them to the previous crimes," Terri notes as she held a paper copy of the warrant that Peace brought to her. "Also we may be able to speak with the Light and Dark Guardians later if we needed to about this situation," Lekai mentions as she looks at both Terri and Phantom. ********************************* "Yeah though which Element would you be if you're able to call on the other Elements?" Ciel asks as she looks back at Aurora.
1/19/2015 #936

"Noel thinks I am Unity which would explain since even if Magic is the one that brings them together they would need another force too unite and keep them together".

Aurora levitates down too the ground as she notices that her wings turned into wings like a bat and her ears are more like a bat.

(If you want a picture of how Bat Ponies looks you can find them by looking for pictures about Bat Ponies).


"Those crystals would be a good place too start you said they where with candles at alot of the crime scenes?".

Noel asks as she hugs Melody back as she feels the downy wings pull her closer too Melody.


Melody nuzzles Noel as she helps convert the dark magic that back too its normal pink hue as she feels Noel relax completly.

1/19/2015 #937

"Well yeah and I still have a couple of the original candles found on the scene," Terri replies as summons a sealed pouch with the candles inside.


"Okay that explains it then and should we continue this chase?" Ciel asks as she sat down.

1/19/2015 . Edited 1/20/2015 #938

"For now I should send back the element I was testing out the Unity theory and it seems true".

Aurora closes her eyes as she gives Star back her element as the Element of Kindness reappears though her wings and ears and tail remain the same.


"Hum these candles the markings just as I thought".

Noel mutters as she can see symbols from the crystal empire on them though they are old from Sombra's time.


"So then there is a bigger connection between the Orphanage and the murders but still more solid proof is needed if we go too the police real concrete evidence".

Melody says as she rubs Noels back who lets out a soft sigh.

1/19/2015 #939

"Okay and it looks like your appearance changed again," Ciel notes as she tilted her head.


"Really so where did these candles orginated from? Also Melody let's pick a day that doesn't seem too suspicious for us to easily search," Terri asks as she glances at Lekai.

1/19/2015 #940

"What do I look like now".

Aurora tries too get a better looks at herself as she hovers off the ground as she turns around though her bat wings keep her floating they remain hard too see.


"Agreed and love if you are going too be involved I should give you a layout of what I remember it can't have changed in half a year".

Melody puts her forhead next too Noel's.


Noel nods as she opens her mind as her and Melody connect as the visual map from Melody gave her a good enough grasp.

"The candles are from the early years of the Crystal Empire during Sombra's rule and seem too be a way too have a fail safe if he where too die back then but now they are a tool too complete his resssurection".

1/19/2015 #941

"You look more like Terri with the bat wings and tuffed ears," Ciel replies as she observe Aurora's appearance.


"Okay and I can probably use these candles to create temporary repellant charms to ward off his presence here for now," Terri mentions as she pulls out a ceremonial wood carving knife and a bag filled with small blocks of wood.

1/19/2015 #942

"Oh my this is confusing I was first earlier what they called a pegacorn and now I am a bat pony but does this mean my true form is a bat pony in my pony form".

Aurora's tuffed ears twitch back and forth as she land again and examines one of her wings.


Melody nods as she feels a slight shiver from Noel as she had moved her wings a bit as she summons a light blue sweater and help Noel put it on after adjusting for her wings and then rewraps her wings around the younger girl who nuzzles her and sighs content with the position.

1/19/2015 #943

"That is a good question though the princesses might know why your appearance changed," Ciel suggests as she sniffs Aurora a bit curiously.


"Okay and is there anythings that we might need to do then?" Terri asks as she slips the candles into the bag of wood blocks.

1/19/2015 #944

Phantom pulls out her deck of cards and begins to shuffle them in various ways.

1/19/2015 #945

"I agree but for now I need too get used too my new senses its weird too have my sight back again after so long though if this change is only while I wear an Element though how come its lasted this long?".

Aurora asks herself as she fluffs out her wings.


"Not at the moment the moon phases affect how much magic those cultists can drain though its always enough too kill the intended target for some reason".

Noel says as she knows that the moon is not near being full as she feels so warm with how she is positioned.


"Star misses her parents despite how her parents talked through me and you acting as her sister helps but she feels alone I can feel her emotions from here".

Melody replies softly.

1/19/2015 #946

"That's also a really good question and shall we head back up?" Ciel asks as she stands up again.


"Okay and yeah that's true. Also I can probably help her establish a connection to see them face to face on another source later," Terri said as she notices that Phantom is becoming a little restless.

1/19/2015 #947

"Yeah I can't wait too suprise my mom's with the changes".

Aurora giggles softly.


"That well help her not feel so lonely but with you around she should be okay for awhile".

Melody replies as she makes sure Noel is comfortable.

1/19/2015 #948

"Okay and do you want me to carry you this time?" Ciel asks as she switches to her larger form and lays down.


"Okay and the method I'll be using will take some time and energy to set up the temporary connection," Terri replies as she glances at her own mirror after closing the file for the day.

1/19/2015 #949

Yeah that sounds fun I am a bit tired after all that running around I thought I would be a lot more tired but that was a whole lot of fun".

Aurora says as she lets out a small yawn.


"If you need help we are more then willing too help in any way we can".

Melody and Noel reply at the same time.

1/19/2015 #950

"Okay then, climb on and I'll bring you back up to the bedroom," Ciel replies as she stretches her tail a bit.


"Okay thank you and for this one in particular, I'll have to borrow Star's book as way to identify the location of the recipient, as well as using the dimensional charms that I need to find later with the mirror as a medium," Terri explains as she pulls out Lekai's old journal that Lekai used to use to record the procedures for the various dimensional methods that she has created and performed.

1/19/2015 . Edited 1/20/2015 #951

Aurora nods as she climbs onto Ciels back as another small escapes her lips as she holds on.


"Its like how Twighlight opened the portal from the second EG movie using the book Celestia had for keeping in contact with her student".

Melody remembers how it was done in the movie.


"Yeah pretty neat the same method is going too be used too contact Equestria".

Noel says with a chuckle.

1/19/2015 #952

Ciel walks with a casual pace using another path to get back out of the training area and walks to Terri's room while checking that Aurora is comfortable.


"Yeah and like I said, it'll take a while to set up a good connection unlike in the movie but it'll be worth it for Star-san," Terri replies as she flips to the page with the method and set up.

1/19/2015 . Edited 1/20/2015 #953
Phantom puts away her cards before stretching a bit from leaning on the wall for a long time.
1/19/2015 #954
Lekai smiles slightly knowing that her journal is still used as well as knowing that Terri has inherited her dimensional magic though Terri does not actually know that she actually posess it.
1/19/2015 #955
Jacques finishes the paperwork needed for Star to be Terri's sister legally as well as for him and Tai to be Star's guardians and slips it into a large envelope.
1/19/2015 #956

Aurora seems almost like she is nodding off in the warmth that comes from Ciel.


"Yeah we have not figured out how long she has lived alone in this world even with that mirror that allows a connection back home but with it out of service she has little too no way too reach home even if just too talk".

Noel feels sad for Star since just like the other princess she misses her family back home now that she knows her real mom and dad even if through communicating through magic in the crown.


"Don't worry love it is hard not too miss family but you have us we are part of your family because you trust us and we will protect you".

1/19/2015 #957
When they arrived at Terri's room, Ciel lies down beside Enfer with Aurora on her back. **************** "Well I sort of did, and she has lived alone for about 6 years in secret," Terri answers as she sets the bag of wooden blocks and Ceremonial knife on her desk.
1/20/2015 #958
Peace flies off and rest on the perch in the living room.
1/20/2015 #959

Aurora has dozed off as she snuggles into Ciels fur.


"Six years by herself no wonder she misses her moms that much though some of the time she acts like it does not matter but deep down I sense she is happy now that she has a sibling".

Melody answers as she can tell that Noel misses her family both her adopted family and her parents from Equestria.

1/20/2015 #960
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